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  1. Edited: Violation of board policy regarding rental ads. Only rental ads allowed here are out of area resort rentals, like beach rentals. This board is owned and operated by Coldwell Banker Chapala Realty who also lease and manage local rentals. Sorry but competing local rentals cannot be posted here. Please see rental property advertising policy of this board pinned above.
  2. I'm glad to read that someone else was equally disappointed in the whole thing. Yes, I know I'm in Mexico, and I love it here. That's not the point. The point is that this event was promoted as an afternoon of entertainment, food and beverage, and that your admission price was paying for all this. It didn't. It only paid for the entertainment. Absolutely nothing was offered as complementary refreshments, it was all extra. After owning several successful businesses in the states, it blew us away that a business owner was so careless of his customers that he wasn't even interested in living up to his own advertising. And don't tell me that that's Mexico. The successful businesses here know that you keep your customers happy by providing a good product or service and by honoring your advertised specials. These people do well by the tapatios who go there, and that's fine. It's just not a place I will ever return to. There are plenty of good restaurants lakeside which enjoy having gringos as customers and make us feel welcome, and I'm happy to dine at them.
  3. This restaurant has been here for a long time... don't know how long, but longer than we've been here (2 years). I don't know who the owners are, they are Mexican, speak excellent English, and are very well dressed, probably very well off. The restaurant is in Raquet Club, on the street going east towards the spa/restaurants at Monte Coxala, there are signs. It is definitely a Mexican restaurant, with none of the specialty items that usually appeal to gringos. It has a beautiful view, up on a point looking out over the lake, could be a marvelous experience, if the owners cared about attracting gringo customers. They attract lots of wealthy tapatios, especially on the weekends.
  4. Went out to the "Freedom & Brotherhood" (in honor of brotherhood between Canada, U.S. and Mexico) celebration at Las Caballerizas (Raquet club) today, started at 1:00p.m., expecting to have a good time, some good food and some good entertaiment. Well, wrong on all 3 accounts. The tickets and posters read "Hispanic and Folkloric Music, American and Mexican snacks and drinks, 200 pesos per person." Assuming that the entry fee included all these items, only to get there and find that, yes, there was music, but all food and drinks were not included, you pay for whatever you want, and this place is not cheap. We talked to the owners, complained, they said that the publicity did not say that all this was "included" in the price. Well, the music was provided, why not the other things they are promising you? In addition, there were other patrons coming in, who had not paid for tickets, but were welcomed to come in, "enjoy" the same entertainment as those of us who had bought tickets in advance, and dine off the same menu we were invited to use. The Tall Boys were supposed to be performing, in addition to mariachi music and folkloric music, and they were all set up and ready to go, expecting to start around 1:00-1:30 and play a set for an hour and a half. By 3:00 all we'd had was some not great mariachi music. Friends who stayed later than we did said the rest of the afternoon's entertainment consisted of a beer-drinking contest between an American, a Canadian and a Mexican, and some other not too great silliness. By later afternoon, the Tall Boys still were not on, and it was time to leave for other evening events. These people who own this place are great promoters, but it appears that all they want is your money. They don't understand that you don't promise things you're not going to deliver when you are asking people to pay an admission fee in advance. They wanted the maximum in advance sales, and once they had you, they wanted your pesos for any food and drinks as well. Not even free chips and salsa, no free drinks to thank you for coming, nothing at all, and lousy entertainment to boot. They were simply after all the money they could squeeze out of their customers. They seem to have a real problem with gringos, as well, as none of the waitstaff speak even Spanglish, and you can watch the difference in service levels between the gringo patrons and the Mexican patrons. Unfortunately there were well-off gringos there, who, when told that, no, there was no free food and drinks, anted up without complaint, and paid 300-500 pesos for a meal for two. We could have, and have paid that at other restaurants, but not when the restaurant owners and staff have made it obvious that they don't care if you're there, and are not interested in giving you a pleasant experience. All in all, a very disappointing day. We will never go back to that restaurant again.
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