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  1. Why would they even know what you are doing?
  2. Seguro Popular and Centro de Salud have been blended together and that's where I signed up
  3. You have 30 days after entry so don't mess around. I would date it when you do it.
  4. You will get paid from Google so you are not working in Mexico. I've had AdSense on my blogs for 6+ years and only declare income to the US
  5. Everyone here switched back because the CFE office is 12 KM away
  6. When you get your permit get it for new construction ...... not the whole house like I did
  7. plaster of Paris → yeso blanco plaster of Paris → yeso Any ferreteria
  8. Yeso Refractario is for high heat .... just Yeso is for patching
  9. What old bus station in Ajijic? I only the one in Chapala. Old bus station bus .... not a station in Ajijic. Gotta read a little closer
  10. You can also catch the old bus station bus in Ajijic. About a 15 block walk to Guad Centro. New station is in Tonala. Get off the bus about half way to Centro and walk http://www.autobusesycamioneras.com/central-camionera-de-guadalajara.html
  11. A skilled maestro albaniel did my outdoor bathroom floor. It's a skim coat mix that we added color to. Large areas trickier
  12. There used to be a Mazinfo.com message board but not sure it exists now. Here's the Yahoo group https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/MazInfo/info
  13. The film For Greater Glory presents a distorted version of the Cristero [Christ’s Army] War (1926-1929), a civil war between peasant guerrillas defending the Catholic Church and the Mexican state. It is currently being shown in theaters across the US. The film, directed by Dean Wright, hijacks a complex social conflict and turns it into a David and Goliath story of good guys versus bad. In so doing, it whitewashes the historically reactionary role of the Catholic Church in Mexico. One cannot imagine how such an approach would convince or educate any viewer, including those not at all familiar with the history of this conflict. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2012/06/cris-j11.html
  14. Bank transfers will most likely have a fee on each end independent of the amount .... not really cheap
  15. Hyway 70 starts a block north of Home Depot From Ameca to Vallarta is mostly down hill
  16. On the Vallarta and San Sebastian side after a storm in 2007 There is no recently opened highway unless you mean after storm repairs http://sparks-mexico.com/Assorted/jalisco/Mascota/index.html
  17. I've never see the Mascota route in bad shape except after a heavy storm when they clean up slides on the Vallarta side. I've never seen heavy traffic. And I hate that Compostela to Vallarta 2 lane death trap more than either highway 70 or 80
  18. My (Canadian) neighbor doesn't like Tinacos on the roof so he has a standard well pump (1HP I think) out of his cistern. He also didn't want to spring for a well so he can run dry. 2 problems are we don't always have street water or electricity. Last time we had no street water he climbed up to my Tinaco with a hose and drained it for himself. His excuse was I have 2 Tinacos, a cistern and a well and am set for water ..... duh !!!!! Submersible pumps are nice, quiet but may like the ON/OFF less than an above ground. Size I don't remember but was about 1500 pesos and 500 more for a proper submersible cable installed correctly ............ maybe $2500 on that sub-pump?? but it works like a charm
  19. Neither Temporal or Permanente ...... what's with the \\\\\\
  20. I think you mean immigration, not a consulate and immigration is in Chapala. If you don't currently have a resident visa you need to start the process at a consulate in your home country.
  21. 2 ibuprofen and 2 shots of tequila and a bad movie on TV. The magnesium sounds worth a try tho
  22. Pre-pay .... never heard of anyone able to pay online
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