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  1. Why would they even know what you are doing?
  2. Seguro Popular and Centro de Salud have been blended together and that's where I signed up
  3. You have 30 days after entry so don't mess around. I would date it when you do it.
  4. You will get paid from Google so you are not working in Mexico. I've had AdSense on my blogs for 6+ years and only declare income to the US
  5. Everyone here switched back because the CFE office is 12 KM away
  6. When you get your permit get it for new construction ...... not the whole house like I did
  7. Dash mount it so it's not seen. Same distraction as a CEL
  8. Mabey http://rasa-informa.com/incendio-afecta-sierra-de-manantlan-en-jalisco/
  9. I cut mine down. Grows like a weed. I planted a bunch around our plaza. Lots here in Melaque
  10. I feel for you .... it's not hot yet
  11. Will the donor age limit come into play ?
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