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  1. Roche CoaguChek XS Meter for checking the INR value (International Normalized Ratio) from a drop of capillary whole blood - simple, precise and reliable. Item only used a few times. 500 pesos. 376-766-4389 or 333-116-0996.
  2. The price depends of course upon the size of the window/door and whether you want the shutter electrically operated or opened/closed by hand. As a guide (prices may have risen since 2017 when we were installed) a window size 150 x 140cms and hand operated was 6000 pesos; a window 180 x 140cms electrically operated was 20,300 pesos. We had 2 electrically operated installed and the remainder are hand operated, including a shutter for the front entrance door. The 'hand operation' is just a self-retractable strap, very easy to use. The sense of security at night and when we are away has been well-worth the cost, plus the fringe benefits of a large reduction in the outside noise (cohotes, dogs, etc.)
  3. Carlos at comfortsolutions is the man. Fitted roller shutters to all our doors and windows. Speaks good English (and even better Spanish). 331-228-5377.
  4. I really wanted to know if Gloria was still working and if so, where?
  5. Thank you Eric, I await your further response.
  6. Can anyone tell me what happened to Gloria, the hygienist who worked with the late Dr. Don? Be grateful for any information.
  7. Was at El Sombrero last night and had the grilled fish and chips. The fish pieces were absolutely disgusting - dry, over-cooked and burnt on the bottom. I left the fish after trying to eat a piece and pointed out to the waiter how bad it was. They did ask me if I wanted anything else, but after the terrible fish I was not inclined to try anything else from the kitchen. Of course they hit me with the full bill for the meal upon leaving, not even the courtesy to offer a reduction. A restaurant to avoid in my opinion.
  8. I also highly recommend Gualberto Real and have used them 3 times for different jobs, They come to your home address and can usually fix the appliance in-situ without having to take it back to their workshop. They are located on the lateral road directly opposite the 'old' Maskaras Clinic. There is quite often one of the kids in the workshop (if it is open) whilst the guys are out on a repair job.
  9. The round solar rings are not worth the money that they cost. We found that they lasted 2 years if you were very lucky and that any holes that developed were practically impossible to repair. Both the side ring and the inflatable center of the solar rings were susceptible to developing holes and subsequently filling with water. Square solar pool heaters ('rings') were easily locally manufactured and at a low cost for our complex pool and have proved to be far better than any we have seen commercially available. PM for further details. I will post a photo tomorrow (Thursday).
  10. I would not use Dr Gonzalaes for any knee problem. PM me for details on the top man in Guadalajara.
  11. I live close to you in SA and have had no power problems.
  12. They have just built a new row of 5x5 storage units, about 20-25 of them and only a couple are occupied as of now. The rental price depends on how long you want a unit for - if you want a year and pay in advance then you get a month free. And HoneyBee, don't believe for a minute that items in your storage unit are secure, the locks on my unit were cut off and several items stolen and we have proof that the crime was committed by an employee although we don't know by which one. After this robbery, the management installed CCTV cameras around the site but that is no help if employees are involved. The management did make retribution for my losses - I will grant them that - but I would still not leave passports etc in a storage lockup.
  13. They are erecting new wooden poles down Calle San Jose in San Antoniop Tlaycapan, the strange thing is that they are directly alongside existing wooden poles which look in good condition. The existing poles carry the telephone and cable TV wires only so what are the new poles for?. Just saw a pick-up delivering more wooden poles to the street and the pick-up had "Infinitum Fiber Optic" painted on the side of the doors. Cause for excitement or not?
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