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  1. stantheman

    Power outage in San Antonio

    I live close to you in SA and have had no power problems.
  2. I would not recommend Dr Rafael Rodriguez Blanco.
  3. stantheman

    Storage Units

    They have just built a new row of 5x5 storage units, about 20-25 of them and only a couple are occupied as of now. The rental price depends on how long you want a unit for - if you want a year and pay in advance then you get a month free. And HoneyBee, don't believe for a minute that items in your storage unit are secure, the locks on my unit were cut off and several items stolen and we have proof that the crime was committed by an employee although we don't know by which one. After this robbery, the management installed CCTV cameras around the site but that is no help if employees are involved. The management did make retribution for my losses - I will grant them that - but I would still not leave passports etc in a storage lockup.
  4. They are erecting new wooden poles down Calle San Jose in San Antoniop Tlaycapan, the strange thing is that they are directly alongside existing wooden poles which look in good condition. The existing poles carry the telephone and cable TV wires only so what are the new poles for?. Just saw a pick-up delivering more wooden poles to the street and the pick-up had "Infinitum Fiber Optic" painted on the side of the doors. Cause for excitement or not?
  5. stantheman

    Patio Sun Sails

    I highly recommend Carlos at www.comfortsolutionsmx.com. He has done work for us and several of our friends and everyone has been delighted with his service. Have a look at the web site and if you are interested then give Carlos a call on 331 228 5377 - he speaks excellent English and is most helpful. Mention 'Stan' to him if you talk.
  6. Diversiones Beboys in Chapala at Venustiano Carranza #8 has the vehicle that you are looking for. Call Oswald 331-465-1292 he speaks English.
  7. stantheman

    bus from Guadalajara to Phoenix

    Dennis Clark has not contacted me even though I sent him contact details in a PM. Does anyone know him and can advise him to look at his PMs?
  8. stantheman

    bus from Guadalajara to Phoenix

    Sent you a PM.
  9. stantheman

    Vehicle foto infraccion

    jrod. May I ask whereabouts in Guadalajara you went to sort out the problem?
  10. There were some differences in the required details when I renewed my car tax in Chapala this week. The procedure is still the same - a queue of people and the sitting on the chairs when you get inside the building - but the information that I had to give when my turn came at the counter was not what has occurred before. Previously, you just handed over your old car tax document and then they issued you a new one. This year they wanted to see a passport or resident card, they wanted to know my curp number, email address, telephone number, cross streets where I lived and, would you believe, the color of our house (Caracteristicas del Domicillo). Then they printed out and gave me a 'CEDULA DE IDENTIFICATION FISCAL' paper with all these details on it. Strange!!??!! The cost this year of renewing is $522.00 (less $52.00 if you renew early) and $40.00 contribution to the Cruz Roja.. They open at 08:30 am. on Av. Degollado.
  11. stantheman

    Seeking a hip surgeon

    I would not recommend Dr. Gonzalez.
  12. stantheman


    Went into SL today for my usual bottles of Lipton Citrus Green Tea to find that it has just gone up from $7.50 to $9.50 a bottle - a price increase of over 26%; that's quite a jump in price! Maybe not associated with the absence of Pancho, but there again who knows?
  13. stantheman

    Chapala Tianguis... Where to Park?

    Very easy to park at Soriana and just walk across at the lights.
  14. stantheman

    solar pool heater and cover

    Even the 'so-called-good' solar rings from the US only seem to last 2 or 3 years at the most and for the price they do not represent good value. You can make your own 'solar rings' - although in this case they are square - just go to YouTube and see how easily it is done and at a low cost.
  15. stantheman

    Moving / Shipping Costs

    Further to my previous comments, I also went with Lake Chapala Moving (Winston) who gave me the volume costs but didn't mention that weight also came into the equation and so when the lorry was being loaded, everything was weighed as it went on board and we ended up having to pay an additional and unexpected $1000 for the extra weight that was over the allowance. I was not a happy hector.