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  1. I have lived here in Mexico for 12 years .... I have the Mexican health insurance Seguro Popular....it covers hospital, surgery, cancer, diabetes and all medications...it is FREE for over 60 years of age. There are services here at the lake who will pick you up and go through the sign-up process. ...or you can do it on your own...pretty simple. Pre existing conditions are covered no problem.
  2. I have lived here at the lake for almost 12 years now....I made ONE trip back to the USA...just returned lat September...I am so glad to be home in Mexico and vow not to return to the USA again. I so respect the values of the Mexican people as friends and family come first...NOT your job title or your financial status (although there are some Ex-pats who hold onto those values)...I want to be with happy, positive people...no drama... But since returning to Mexico after my visit NOB, I found that 5 friends had died and some had returned to Canada or USA...so there went my Mexican Train group a
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