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  1. It's possible to ship all. Talk to Veronica at Strom-White moving for details whitemovers@gmail.com Concerning the car and the piano. If you consider them special then by all means bring them. However you may find it more economic to sell your car and buy one here. Concerning your piano that might not be true. It will cost about $2-3/lb. to ship it. If you love it then ship it. There is a very good piano company in Guadjalajara (Castallon Pianos) that can maintain it for you. Alternately, they could sell you a new or used one. As for the clock, move it. There is a good watchmaker in C
  2. I notice no stories about Seymi. The OP didn't state where he/she is moving to/from. We too used Strom-White as did many of our friends. Great service and no BS. Each move is unique and can have problems. What matters most is how the mover resolves the problems. Strom-White, none finer.
  3. RV Gringo already explained clearly what "registration" is in the USA. In Mexico the Factura or reciept of purchase is proof of ownership, equivalent to the Title in the USA.
  4. Do you still have the rickety card table free to a good home? I am interested. Thanks!

  5. Those low numbers are exit speed limits, not the hwy.
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