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  1. What Mexico did in 1994 was stop controlling the value of the Peso and let it float on the open market. It was a very responsible thing to do.
  2. Atlas

    Early Bird Cafe

    I like the burgers at El Sarape and The Score.
  3. The Amiga credits are in Pesos not minutes. The whole list of charges is shown on a chalkboard in the Telcel store next to the Crown Casino. After you have your Amiga for one year you can register for a "Amistad" plan which reduces your call charges significantly. You can also register 3 numbers that you can call for 5 minutes @ no-charge and up to 10 that you can call for a reduced price. Telcel does not operate their own stores, each is independently operated. In general, a "Telcel" store has people that are more knowledgeable than those at other outlets such as OXXO.
  4. Ask at the border where the nearest Telcel store is located. OXXO stores have phones but I don't know if you can simply buy the chip from them.
  5. It's possible to ship all. Talk to Veronica at Strom-White moving for details whitemovers@gmail.com Concerning the car and the piano. If you consider them special then by all means bring them. However you may find it more economic to sell your car and buy one here. Concerning your piano that might not be true. It will cost about $2-3/lb. to ship it. If you love it then ship it. There is a very good piano company in Guadjalajara (Castallon Pianos) that can maintain it for you. Alternately, they could sell you a new or used one. As for the clock, move it. There is a good watchmaker in Chapala who can care for it.
  6. Must have talked to a foreign butcher. Any (real) butcher knows Filet Mignon, cut from the tenderloin.
  7. Sear it in a skillet over high heat. Maybe 30-45 sec. a side. It should be pink inside. Cook it much longer and it turns to leather.
  8. Wow! I have never found Oscar to have and attitude or be surly. Just the opposite, he's always delightful. He's done special orders for me and even custom cutting on locally raised venison. All in all a good guy.
  9. True enough. If the OP wants references he can PM those who've posted that they have solar systems.
  10. Two posts above endorse eSun. I and many others endorse e2 Energias. eSun's reputation is self-generated. He's been in business here for less than 4 years but his ads say 14. Do your own due diligence. There's a lot of disinformation going around.
  11. I was there yesterday and had a smiliar experience. Bravo! The great taste of their espresso pulled me back.
  12. The technologies are neither good nor bad; they're all very simple and proven. I wanted components manufactured in North America from well established reputable companies. I wanted the lowest cost per watt. This is not a technology decision, it's an economic decision. I wanted a detailed proposal itemizing every component and all work to be done followed by a legal factura. Our system has been saving us a bundle for 15 months.
  13. I ordered a double Espresso at a new Starbucks in my town NOB. The Barista was new and looked me with a puzzled expression, "you want just a double shot?" she exclaimed. I said, "Yes. By the way, do you what thats called in Europe?" She shook her head no. "Coffee," I said.
  14. Likewise, I want my coffee strong. We use the French roast from Cafe Grano, either Chiapas or Oaxaca, both excellent. Black Coffee has the best Espresso around. it's the most expensive @ 22 Pesos but worth it to me.
  15. I thought this thread was about Sonora Meats not the tianguis. We had Rib Eyes last night from Sonora Meats, they were terrific. I have not been disappointed with anything I've bought there.
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