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  1. Watched it happen from Black Coffee. Water tanker apparently lost brakes, hit at least three cars, flipping one. Pregnant woman taken by ambulance, her husband in another. Awful.
  2. Looking for recommendations for renting tables and chairs. I need them to be delivered.
  3. Twice in the past I have had to cancel reservations on AeroMexico and have gotten refunded the full amount both times with no problem.
  4. Anyone know where to find those small, pull behind shopping carts that have three little wheels that flip around?
  5. There are some at Chula Vista golf course.
  6. Interesting. She just walked in on Friday, got the key and went down to her place. I have an appointment next week - wonder who will be there!
  7. She's still there. I saw her yesterday.
  8. Thank you all. This has been very helpful.
  9. We're flying to Paris via Mexico - want to avoid the hassel going through the States. Aeromexico and Air France.
  10. Can anyone please tell me which is Terminal 1 and which is Terminal 2? And is there immigration at both? We are flying to Europe from Terminal 1.
  11. We've flown Aeromexico several times and have had good experiences. Mexico City airport is daunting for the first time but just keep asking where terminal 1 is - there is a free train.
  12. Adobe Walls on 16 de Sep is my favorite. Love the ambiance and the hospitality.
  13. Thank you so much. My friend has bags of fabric to donate.
  14. Looking for a contact person for the women's prison doll program. Phone or email.
  15. We began our life here six years ago with a small rental in Ajijic on a pretty quiet street near the center of the village. We have since moved to La Floresta just to the east of the village and love it. We have no car and walk everywhere - from here it is easy to get to all of Ajijic as well as San Antonio. I would recommend visiting for a few months in a centrally located rental and feeling your way around. Spend some time at the Lake Chapala Society (LCS) where you can find people to answer any questions.
  16. Looking for a replacement service for Lakeside Express.
  17. Floridude - We've had an account with Multiva for over five years and have never had any sort of problem. We also have an account at Bancomer. Multiva takes three weeks to process a check for deposit from the US, so we often deposit into Bancomer and four days later write a Bancomer check to deposit into Multiva. A bit complicated, but works for us. I really like the people who work at Multiva - same ones for over five years which says a lot. I also like the the ATM which is away from traffic and more private than Bancomer.
  18. My cut from Maria Teresa was hip and sassy. Unfortunately, I'm not.
  19. A friend saw someone at Dr. Leon's, though that was over a year ago.
  20. Anyone know where to buy free range chicken? Or chicken with no chemicals added?
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