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  1. I am wanting to help our gardener's son attend the University of Guadalajara. Can anyone give a ballpark figure for the cost of a semester?
  2. Anyone able to give me an estimated cost for a car ride to PV?
  3. Now that Segura Popular and IMSS have merged how does one access Popular services? Use the old forms? Go to the old offices? Any guidance appreciated.
  4. Now that the Ilox office in Ajijic is closed, does anyone know how one pays the bill? They don't have our credit card on file.
  5. Lakeside’s fiber art group, TANGLED THREADS, will hold their 9th Annual Fiber Art Show and Sale on Friday, February 28th, from 10am-3pm at the South Campus of the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic. Award winning and internationally recognized artists will be participating in this all original and unique show.
  6. Where does one go to get water from the home tested?
  7. Bringing our 18 year old Granddaughter to the spa and looking for information. I have heard that certain days are better than others. Is this still true?
  8. I have a young Mexican friend who is interested in becoming a CNA. Can anyone direct me to where this might be available locally?
  9. Sorry.... my bad. Time for the show is 10-3.
  10. Tangled Threads Fiber Collective Fiber Art Show Friday, March 8 10-4 Lake Chapala Society South Campus
  11. Where are some good shops to buy large quantities of wrapped candies for pinatas? Any other suggestions for filling pinatas?
  12. Living in the Raquet Club, where is the closest and best place to buy new tires?
  13. Where can I find the small demijohns and a rocker for it? Anyone know?
  14. Looking at a house to rent on Camino al Rincon in West Ajijic. Anyone have an opinion on the neighborhood?
  15. Forgot to call LCS before they closed on Friday - anyone know if the exchange rate for passport renewal has been set for this month?
  16. Where is the best place in Ajijic, if possible, for a US passport photo?
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