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  1. ibarra is about right for the price. I had eyelid surgery years ago and a lot of my eye brows thinned, so I have had permanent eyebrows for years. But they do fade and touch up is needed. She will draw your eyebrows with a pen the way you want them, rounded or more arched so you can see the shape you want. Then she will tattoo the pattern she has drawn. It is important after the healing to wear sun block on your eyebrows so they will not fade as fast from the sun. They will look dark at first, but the color will soften to natural.
  2. Dermika, Dra. Monica Luquin. She is an Ophthalmologist and permanent makeup Dr. She does an excellent job. Since she is an M.D., she can inject Novocaine and no pain. It takes about an hour or so to do the eyebrows.
  3. Not sure what you are asking but I have Met Life insurance with Bellon for years. Wonderful agent. Insurance premium will depend on what policy you choose and what deductible you choose. If you need his contact information: Office phone 766-5151, Email for Andre Bellon: andre@bellon.com.mx
  4. Is duty always charged on the Amazon U.S. items and if so what percentage is charged duty on the item.?
  5. Bernardette is very good but very noisy on the bottom floor by the court yard. The security does not enforce the visitors rules and there are kids running every where. Good care, very noisy. Last time I was in Hospital Mexico Americano, the care had really gone down hill and the nurses made a lot of mistakes. My physician said they had lost their accreditation certificate. This was about a year + ago. I don't know about the other 2 mentioned above.
  6. Yes, she is going to have 4 dental areas in her new office and there will be plenty of parking around to the east side of Centro Laguna Plaza. She has NOT moved yet, but in a couple of months when she gets the new office ready. Until then she is still just west of Mom's restaurant in the breezeway. I referred a person to her today that has significant problems and she is going to fix the person for sure. She diagnosed the problem right away and is on course to resolution of the problem.
  7. We used Jose Alfredo Cabrera in Chapala. We bought 2 one ton mini splits for the bedrooms about 4 years ago. He ran the wire to our fuse box and did the installation. I would recommend him. He speaks broken English but you can get by with him if you don't speak any Spanish. The a/c compressor units are mounted on our roof. His email is jacj007@me.com cell 331 292 3394 / 333 952 3878 (I don't know if the second number is another cell or his house.
  8. She was sent to South Korea sponsored by a company last year for further implant training, class room and on hands training. She is also being sponsored to return to Italy this summer for updates and new techniques on implant training. I think she is fully qualified.
  9. Incredibly happy. She did 6 front veneers and they are perfect. Have also had other dental done.
  10. Bezerk. Yes, I and my relative have used her for eyebrows and eye liner. The novacaine injections do sting but then the area is numb and you have no pain. Dra. Luquin has permanent make up done by herself and it is exquisite. Go for it. Much cheaper than the U.S. You will look normal and not like Tammy Fay Baker.
  11. Dra. Monica Luquin, M.D. At Dermika, Ajijic. Excellent work and uses novacaine.
  12. Sounds like a handy man in addition to a painter.
  13. johnajchaWhat other different work did he help you around the house with? Electric, plumbing...........?
  14. My insurance agent that recommended Andre the painter is Andre Bellon of Bellon Insurance. (No relation between the 2 Andre's !)
  15. My insurance agent has recommended Andre Numez for house painting. He said Andre was a very nice man and very reasonable. Andre's card says "excellent references-speaks English." His cell is (045) 331 789 9621. I have not tried him but surely would with my agents recommendation.
  16. Dr. Leon, 300 pesos. You can just walk in and the nurse will give it to you.
  17. Dermika just west of the Bugamvilia plaza. Recommend Dra. Monica Ramos.
  18. Thanks Rony: I know of the bilingual office worker and also the dental assistant positions and I am trying to help them also. It's great to see there are job opportunities here.
  19. You may want to check with the Endocrinologist that comes to Integrity Medical Center where the Pemex is on the libramiento.
  20. We have used H2Ole for years. They are the best.
  21. We went to the La Graneria today and they have everything, cereals, nuts, herbs, bread flour, yeast, honey, spices, many things you don't just find around and they are reasonable. The only store I know that has walnuts. It is located just west of Gossips on the careterra lake side across from the Ajijic Hospital Clinic. Check it out.
  22. How does this work?

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