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  1. I just spoke with Ivan at Maskaras Farmacia. He can order ostomy supplies usually takes about 48 hours. He doesn’t have a lot of requests for this type product so a picture or model type of ostomy he would need. 376-765-5827.
  2. There is a medical supply store on west side of San Antonio hospital parking lot. You could check with them.
  3. I was in Spencers office and a couple were selling their house. There was conversation about taxes but I wasn’t in on that. Perhaps check with Spencer. There may be taxes due in México when selling a house. ???
  4. Where on revolucion? North or south? And where is Ilox?
  5. Los Tres Butchery has good ground hamburger beef.
  6. Yeah. I think you have to be totally vaccinated but not sure.
  7. Walmart has salted butter in a yellow wrapper but not President brand.
  8. Traffic is patience. But so is LA traffic. Hours.
  9. Does Pancho have velveeta cheese. If so what weight and price if you know.
  10. There is a beetle that kills palm trees. Perhaps that is the problem.
  11. Veronica Ortiz. Property Services Integra. Management. Rentals. 376-766-4397. Cell. 331-017-5482. Calle Marcos Castellanos #32 Ajijic. perfect English.
  12. Quality Care ENT. The office is located on the east side of San Antonio Hospital. Not inside the hospital. 332-785-0259. If no answer keep trying as they are probably on the phone.
  13. Buy local if you don’t need imported.
  14. I have only seen 1 gallon distilled water a few years ago. Labeled sin mineralas
  15. No. They are used for something else. Pineapple and cool whip for the pie.
  16. Bought anchovies. Canned crushed pineapple and cool whip today for our banana split pie at GG. 😋
  17. We support GG. Ponchos and SuperLake. We buy from all to help their investment to provide hard to find products here. Support them all for the economy here at lakeside. They all serve purpose and products from NOB.
  18. Many places to shop now. We support them all.
  19. They are always kind and polite when I shop there. I have to correct my candy post above. They have heath bar candy.
  20. Wish Dairy Queen. Love those blizzards. 😋🍦
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