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  1. No upper La floresta. .
  2. Excellent for us in 2007. I guess client load is increasing from NOB.
  3. Maybe the big hardware store east of Ajijic Guadalajara Farmacia lake side …
  4. Hmmm. I didn’t know they were gone.
  5. Try the medical store on west side of San Antonio hospital front parking lot.
  6. I got them at Guadalajara Farmacia and the background was gray looking and pictures not good. Had repeats at Genesis. Excellent and I waited for them.
  7. Perhaps seek Ribera hospital Drs. To help you with facturas.
  8. I never have problems from facturas from Quality Care. Ask the Dr. at the time of your visit to contact their factura person to send it to you. It is sent immediately when the Dr. request it. No problema.
  9. Ishop will send for you and add the postage to be canceled in the US. I think 🤞
  10. Last time I tried handy mail none. Maybe LCS.
  11. Maskaras Farmacia just west of the old maskaras clinic Riberas has eye products in tablet form.
  12. I don’t know if they are bobos as they used to fly around and around in a circle going no where. What I have had are these bobo type bugs that stick on screens and do nothing. They have been here for months. Disappear for a couple of days then they return on the screens. They are do nothing bugs. Just sit on the screens. ??
  13. Medical store on west side of San Antonio hospital parking lot has oxygen.
  14. You can see pictures on the Guadalajara Ajijic section asking for home for dog.
  15. General Ajijic Guadalajara posted about 2 medium pups left in a field. Check out the Guadalajara Ajijic post. If anyone can help these pups contact the poster.
  16. Refer this to the Furry friend section. Perhaps they can help.
  17. Arn’t there no kill shelters here?
  18. He was a great speaker and very knowledgeable. He will be missed.
  19. You can check with Lidia. Lidia's store is Lake Med Centre... the store number is 376-766-2088 Her cell phone number is 333-156-9080 and that is the best way to get hold of her. She will either get you what you need or will know where to get it. She's knowledgeable and very caring. Best of luck!
  20. See medical supplies post below. Lots of suggestions.
  21. I know a US attorney that lives here I have used but he doesn’t do any Mexican legal. He is not a Tax attorney but maybe he could give you a referral. PM me and I will give you the info. He previously advertised in the Reporter in the ad section on the next to the last pages.
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