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  1. Dra. Candy has whitened my teeth but could only bring it up so white because of my enamel. You can repeat the procedure again later to help whiten more. I don’t know what force was used by rafterbr above but they put an appliance in your mouth to hold it open when the whitening blue light is in progress. No breaking of teeth ???
  2. Dra. Candy. Cleaning and whitening special every month. Depends on the enamel on your teeth how much whitening can achieve.
  3. Handy mail will accept packages and notify you by email only if the package is sent directly to Handy mail address here. They do not accept packages if sent through Laredo Texas address. Ishop accepts packages sent through Laredo.
  4. Have you contacted niños incapacitatos for help with the boy with leg cancer.
  5. I would stay. Distant family too busy. Last time in US everyone angry and agitated. Kind culture here.
  6. Need a lawn contractor to take care of a resident lawn. Recommendations please. Do not want a private gardener.
  7. It has to volcanic. Not wood. Can they make a volcanic?
  8. I have a small seasoned mortar but could not get a seasoned pestle with it. Where can I find a seasoned pestle?
  9. Need sole repaired. I know there a shoe shop mountain side going west from Ajijic but no parking available I have not been able to park anywhere and get to him. Is there a shoe repair place near north Colon street.
  10. Dr. Daniel Briseño is in Guadalajara and also comes to Quality Care here each week.
  11. I also used the original CURP with the Mx flag for my vaccines. I don’t know when this new form came but I have it.
  12. Heard thunder last evening. Ajijic radar showed activity west on the lake.
  13. I did not know a new CURP form was required now until a friend recently bought a car here and the CURP form with the Mexican flag is no longer used. They also had to give the new CURP form to the drivers license renewal place. Glad I found out as we have to renew ours coming up.
  14. Go to www.gob.mx/CURP/ put in your CURP number and it will bring up your CURP information and click send pdf. Open the pdf and the new CURP form will be there to save and print.
  15. Being experienced with diabetes research and a complication of kidney disease everyone needs to follow their own research and management of the problem.
  16. Did the testing tent move to a different location or just close.
  17. As a medical professional and teaching many disease related diets a dietician is the way to go here.
  18. sm1mex


    Last time 3 people had ribs. 2 people couldn’t cut between the ribs with a knife and had to be sent back. 1 persons ribs were edible.
  19. Where is it located. Guadalajara reporter didn’t give location ??
  20. I would hope MRI at each hospital would do all parts of the body.
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