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  1. I had Denise at Spencer’s complete the passport renewal paperwork and paid on line with our credit card. 110 US. Charge for the service 500 pesos well worth it as it was totally correct and she had us double check the application. I looked at the application on line but could not find a place to pay online with a credit card. I took the application and payment receipt to Ishop. They addressed the fed ex envelope on the pc and also a return addressed fed ex envelope. They put the application paperwork including the return paid fed ex envelope in the outgoing envelope to consulate in Guadalajara. 3-4 weeks Ishop called me i had a fed ex envelope. It was my new passport. Charge for fed ex to and from Guadalajara about 630 pesos. 

  2. I researched the Hangar Inn on the same side of the highway as the airport. It really looked nice. Going towards Guadalajara there is a return ramp to bring you back to the airport side. It is just after the Hangar Inn going in so you can use the return to get back to the hotel. Our family visiting didn’t stay there as they changed their flight to an incoming day flight so we picked them up. I’m not sure if they have a shuttle but imagine they do. Perhaps someone can comment on this hotel more. 

  3. The pictures posted above were blank for me. The info I have on the 30 LED rechargeable light for 8 hours has Handi Works on the side of it. Model LAME—30-HW. Totally rechargeable with cord electric when you need it the next time. We bought it at the Walmart light bulb section on the bottom shelf. I’m sure it’s not in the same place. Maybe you could check with the new hardware store just east of Ajijic Guadalajara to see if they have something if Walmart doesn’t have a rechargeable light. Mine is very bright. Lights up the whole room. If you want me to send you pictures pm me  your email. I sent to another person via email. I think they tried to post the pictures but the frames came up blank for me. 

  4. I have seen equipment at that sporting store but a long time ago. Maybe they could help order one for you. It’s worth a try. If no luck then maybe Amazon Mx Mercado Libre or Costco. Good luck. You could look in the classified section on this board maybe for sale or on the current Ojo classifies in the back. Many things for sale time to time. You could also place an ad looking for the elliptical and hopefully someone would have one to sell. 

  5. Felipe Morales. Riberas. 376 106 2188. Honest. English speaking. He’ll tell you yes or no. I took a car to him and he said no way. Oil leak. Brake pads. Belts and hoses. He said no way. He was honest. Said if I bought the car I would have it in his shop often. Take the car to him for check out if seller allows. Would be a good thing if the seller came with you for check out. Then both know if anything needs to be done to the car for satisfactory performance. 

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  6. We bought 2 chargeable emergency lights a year or so ago. Walmart  on the bottom shelf where they sell light bulbs. They are very bright. It has a lower bright setting or higher bright but not much difference. I used mine last night. We were without power all night. It has several lights in a bar. It is recommended when not in use for months plug in every 3 months just to keep it charged. I think light lasts about 6 hours or more. Very bright. If you pm me your email I will send you a photo. I don’t know how to put a picture on here. These lights light up the whole room. The best. Don’t know if Walmart has them now but could send you picture and model and maybe you could order them in Mx. they are a life saver when no power. No candles no flashlight batteries when they are dead when you try to use them. 

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