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  1. There are medications to help neuropathy. Maybe you can Google them and then consult with a dr. for advice.
  2. Might Google it if you know the location village at lakeside.
  3. If not foot Dr. neurologist treat peripheral neurological disorders.
  4. Bummer. Sorry you had this bad experience.
  5. Wow. That’s a bargain. 8 visits a month for about 137 pesos a visit. About 6.90 US for 1-2 hours. Can’t beat that. Glad you have him.
  6. My previous gardener spent about 30 minutes mow blow and go for 320.
  7. He has all the equipment he owns. He charges me 350 and in my yard at least 2 hours. Probably depends on what you need and how big your yard is. At the first visit he brought another man and they worked 4 hours cleaning out mess and charged 700. Cheap for the hard work they did. Hauled off a truck load of stuff.
  8. Gustavo. 332-037-1464. My neighbor just hired him to clean up their messy yard. If you call Spanish will need to be spoken. Or send him a WhatsApp using the Google translator and take a picture of the message translated to Spanish and send it to him. He is great. Tell him Sandy recommended him.
  9. He does not speak English but I am encouraging him to attend ESL free classes. If you can use translation on your phone no problem. Our previous gardener was mow blow and go. No gardening. Our new gardener has initiative and can see what needs to be done. He has transformed our yard from a failing area to thriving green. Let me know if you want his contact info. His name is Gustavo. He works Ajijic Chapala Brisis and Chapala hacienda area.
  10. Sorry I can’t read all the info in Spanish. I think LCS has an English class at the Wilkes center. Is that still available ?
  11. Is there a free adult English school for Mexicans. I know materials will need to be purchased but is the instruction free.
  12. I never had a password with my RFC?? Good luck but if you have correct RFC You can do the complete process at Bellons. It is not easy and all in Spanish.
  13. Dr. Candy has attended several overseas seminars related to implants. I have not had an implant but dental work and a recent root canal by a specialist who was excellent.
  14. If you don’t have a correct RFC you have to go to SAT to get it. On many things a RFC has just been put in to take up the space like. BACK000XXX111. This is not real and not an authentic government assigned RFC.
  15. That is true. But I believe the application for the Constancia having RFC the total protocol needs to be completed and sent to SAT. After a few days SAT sends an approval and requests you to submit a password. You submit a password and get a confirmation then you can change anything in the future on the Constancia if your information changes here like residence. Phone number. Or whatever has been changed that was submitted on the original Constancia. It also protects anyone else hacking from changing anything on it without your password.
  16. If you have RFC Bellon insurance will get your Constancia using the long protocol which you can get a password email request from SAT. 500 pesos. Requires picture via pc and signature on pc. We’ll worth the 500. They are there with you 1-1 to do the process.
  17. Dr. Candy cleans teeth with ultrasound. I have used her many times. Good job.
  18. Found a beautiful one at nursery behind SuperLake.
  19. You use regular soil. Dirt. ?
  20. Will check it out. Just plant in regular dirt soil and keep in shade. ? Guidance please.
  21. Looking for nurseries that sell them.
  22. I guess if a person is in the Walmart check out line and asked for water they too would respond the same and not get water.
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