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  1. I found it. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/ My chrome translate it. Choose Vehicle Debts. Plate number (license) Serial number (VIN) Consultant It will bring up if you have a fine. I don't have any so I don't know what it will say if you do but it should give you the date and the fine amount (hopefully)
  2. I have it. It is so long website I’m going to try it to see if it still works. If so I’ll post it.
  3. Dr. Peralta is at Quality Care. Their land line is working now. 376-766-1870.
  4. Yes. I recall that was the lady’s name. . Maybe he would like her contact if you have.
  5. I don’t recall this being the source to find certificates but worth a try. The person in the Reporter was a lady’s name.
  6. The WhatsApp I posted above worked for me. a while back there was a lady mentioned in the Reporter that knew how to jump through the hoops to help get certificates. Maybe someone has her info. I don’t have it.
  7. Does AeroMexico accept the Epsilon test?
  8. Anybody measure how much rain? I’m putting my rain gauge out today.
  9. Where to buy at lakeside?
  10. I don’t think so as the Walmart results did not have a QR code. I was shown a copy of a test result and the page was pretty sparse compared to Walmarts result. I am travel to a country that requires test be done by certified lab health facility or hospital. Since Epsilon results could not be scanned or verified I decided to go elsewhere where a QR code is on the results. I did not see a Chopo sign anywhere and did not see it on the results. The price is 200 pesos.
  11. If your test requires a QR code Epsilon does not have one on their report. Just depends on what requirements for where you are fly.
  12. Yes you get what you pay for. Everyone has to decide how long treatment and how long to success as far as possible.
  13. Is this for citizen renewal or permanente ? I thought permanente didn’t need renewal and why would citizenship need renewal. Please clarify what needs to be renewed every 10 years??
  14. The auto repair place just west of Waffle House mountain side. Excellent. Speaks English.
  15. Best to have a container of water sitting by you at home and sip on it every 15 minutes. Water is important for hydration and intestinal function 😊
  16. Thanks. Before covid Mx city would accept stamp done in Guadalajara but that has been a long time ago.
  17. It is warm but opening up in the morning and closing up around 12-1 helps with fans. We have mini split a/c in the bedrooms. 3 hours on timer keeps the room cool all night. We also have solar panels so don’t have to be concerned about electric bill. We usually only need the a/c during April and May. Could also be in June this year.
  18. If boarding in Guadalajara and leaving Mx through Mx city airport can you get INM stamped in Guadalajara or have to do it in Mx city airport?
  19. Wow. Didn’t know that about Jorge but he practiced in the US several years. He will do his rehab plan according to how the person is progressing. He will rehab you at your ability and discharge you when you have reach max help from him. Then a home exercise recovery plan in writing.
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