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  1. Recommend titanium hip. Can have MRI in the future with titanium but stainless steel I don’t think so or other metals.
  2. Also where is the San Antonio plaza you are referring to.
  3. San Antonio Hospital is also digital but will give you your film if asked.
  4. In the olden days films had silver in them so they would be recycled for the silver. Don’t know about today.
  5. The above opened. The one in the Reporter didn’t. Maybe not complete website address
  6. Yes I have tried twice to access it and website not found. I don’t need a test but just checking out the online appointment site. Not there.
  7. The online registration website can’t be found. 🤨
  8. Haven’t. Only San Antonio Hospital. Good experience.
  9. No covid hospitals here. SAH has an ER. They will refer you to a hospital in Guadalajara. However beds are hard to find.
  10. Cristina Farmacia or try Steren.
  11. Our contractor who built our house paid IMSS for his employees. Not us.
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