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  1. I guess police called can enforce it according to law.
  2. Yes left at 8:30 arrived about 10:30. Many cars in line. They did not put our car number on the windshield I could see. They put no appointment on the windshield but my friend said no mention of that today. We didn’t know about making an appointment. No problem an no problem with alphabet. Not everyone in the car fits into the daily alphabet but it didn’t matter. As long as they had the shots everyone got one but you do need the print of the 4 pages when you registered for them to take and give you the bottom half they had registered in the pc.
  3. So sorry. Hope much better tomorrow. We left at 8:30 Tuesday. Many cars in long lines. Took a long wait to get up to the triage tent. When we were finished there were longer lines waiting around 11.
  4. Passport. They had our first apellido as our middle name not last name. Passport proved our real last name.
  5. We left at 8:30. Behind over 100 cars. When we left several hundred cars in line. But we just stayed in line and got our shots. Took a while but glad it was drive through.
  6. We left at 8:30. Arrived Behind over 100 cars ahead of us. When we left about 1 1/2 hours later several hundred cars in line. Glad it was a drive through.
  7. Directions are to go to the same site you got the first shot. If you go to a different site. Who knows??
  8. As you scroll down the first link listed above the drive through university is Cutlajomulco. It gives the same address as the last university drive through for the first jab.
  9. The university is the first one listed upper left at Santa Fe km 3.5 # 595. That is the street address for the universidad of Politecnica Tlajomulco.
  10. In addition, the Secretary of Health, Fernando Petersen, informed that tomorrow the vaccination with a second dose of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer-BioNTech will start in the municipalities of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga and El Salto. Saw this on the El Informador. Anyone else can confirm this or have more information of alphabetical or not?
  11. Fred were you supposed to go by alphabet or just show up and line up.
  12. Our curp starts with the real last name not our middle name. So Betty Lou Smith. My curp would start with SXXX#########. Not LXXX######. So which last name do we use. Lou or Smith??
  13. México puts gringos last name as the persons middle name. Like John Doe smith. They consider doe as the last name so if a person went on to S day for Smith were they turned away?
  14. No. Tlajomulco. We haven’t been notified yet but hope it’s not alphabetical as we have 2 different alphabetical names. We will see.
  15. I am L and my passenger is B. We need to get the shots on the same day so not have to go back a second day. Will this work?
  16. Has anyone gone this week to get their 2nd Pfizer shot with people in the same car with different alphabet starting last names? Any problems.
  17. I think even vaccinated people still have to have the antigen test within 72 hours of flying to enter the US.
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