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  1. Used medical and hospitals here several times. Excellent.
  2. Jackie is not out of business. He is usually out on appointments. When I need salt from him I whatsapp him and he answers right away. Either call or WhatsApp his cell 333 394 4413.
  3. sm1mex

    Peter Mariscos

    It is the new building just built on the southside.
  4. sm1mex

    Peter Mariscos

    West of Ajijic before the school . On lake side. Big building with Marisco peter sign on front of front of orange pink building.
  5. sm1mex

    Peter Mariscos

    We had a group lunch there today and everything great. We will return. Several tables with customers.
  6. Last time we were there most all of the people at tables were smoking. Dogs getting tangled up in there leashes and smelling other dogs business and a water bowl on the floor for a dog was sat on top of another table when the owner left. Ignored by waiter and finally ordered and it took 50 minutes wait to get a cold sandwich. We went for clam chowder at 12:30 and it wasn’t ready yet. Done with it.
  7. I also have the same problem not being able to log in quite often. Just have to retry every so often and hope !!
  8. sm1mex

    Pimento cheese

    Where to buy ready-made pimento cheese at Lakeside?
  9. Daylight savings ends Mexico October 27 to turn your clocks back one hour Saturday before retiring. U.S. will fall back Nov. 3 so t.v. will be messed up for one week.
  10. Going west from Ajijic just about the top of the hill on the lake side. Also a small liquor store in that little strip of stores.
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