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  1. That’s why I’m looking for somebody that’s had some good luck with a provider here at Lakeside.
  2. I used Dr. Pinto the first time but they came back and they weren’t right so they had to be resent in. The next time I used Dr. Camacho and my sunglasses came back with a flaw in the color and also I had to look out of the bottom of the lens to be clear with the right eye and the top of the left lens to be clear with the left eye so they weren’t right. The doctor did not make the glasses but whoever the provider was they didn’t come back correct.
  3. I have a new prescription for glasses and need to take my old glasses to an optical place to get the new prescription put in. Recommendations please
  4. Yes Shaw will give the Canada stations and news.
  5. You are right. We don’t get TVO and knowledge but we get so many more other channels. Many more than Shaw. We kept losing so many Shaw channels we gave up. Dish works for us.
  6. Our Shaw list kept dropping programs so we went to Dish and love it. We get everything.
  7. The printer has fairly new ink cartridges in it.
  8. HP Photosmart 2570 All in One printer to donate. It is old but it still works fine. it uses HP 98 black and HP 95 tri color ink cartridges. I have the user guide manual you can no longer get the cartridges here at Lakeside but you could order them. Anyone interested please PM me with your contact information so we can arrange to meet.
  9. I think I remember seeing some pull knobs at the hardware store just east of Handy Mail. I’m not sure if they were pull knobs or locks but you could walk by there and see.
  10. Dr. Candy has a specialist that comes out from Guadalajara.
  11. Does anybody have a website to go to to find out how much your property taxes are for 2020?
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