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  1. LAN 1 on constantly. LAN 2 on or blinking. LAN 2 off when pc asleep. LAN 2 is cable to the pc.
  2. Sometimes Lan 2 is on steady, sometimes it blinks and sometimes it is off. Yes the internet connection is from the telephone jack. Also when the computer goes to sleep, the Lan 2 light, which goes to the computer, goes off. Does that sound right? when the pc is asleep the Lan 2 light goes off? I changed the cable so I know it is not a faulty cable.
  3. Right Foccacias was closed just for his son's school graduation celebration. He was open the next day.
  4. My Infinitum modem at the back of the modem Lan 1 cable is to the internet connection and Lan 2 cable is connected to the computer. The Lan 1 light stays lit but the Lan 2 light on the back of the modem may stay lit, or blink or go off. Is this Lan 2 cable from the modem to the computer supposed to stay lit all of the time? If so perhaps I need a new modem. this one is quite old.
  5. We prepay our cell phone ahead so we won't have to worry about it when we travel. Can you pay at Anna's mentioned above?
  6. We used to feed the nectar bats with our bird feeder. However they poop all over the walls of the house and it is like cement so we had to stop feeding them at night. They are very valuable for pollination of flowers and crops. Bees and bats are our main pollinators.
  7. If you have Mexican insurance, they require a factura. If you ask for one a provider must give you a factura. It is the law.
  8. Back to what are the ticket hours for purchase in Ajijic por favor.
  9. Charter club has great day trips. They are great. www.charterclubtours.com Carlos and Rosie are owners. Fluent in English.
  10. What time does the Ajijic ticket open.
  11. What hours is the ticket office in Ajijic open to buy a ticket.
  12. Friend looking for transportation from bus station to other areas. Is Uber readily available?
  13. What bus station does it go to in Guadalajara. Tonala or centro.
  14. Is there a directo bus from Ajijic to Guadalajara not stopping in Chapala.
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