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  1. Thanks but not sure who this smart watch could call and doubt my friend could learn how to use this technology.
  2. Hmmm. Need it now for a friend that needs this.
  3. Is there an emergency service device that a senior can wear and press for help if they have fallen or needed other assistance?
  4. Best way to tell a venous coral is the black nose. king coral have a red nose Beware of the black nose.
  5. I guess you know nitro tablets are only stable for 3 months after opening so 100 is a lot to buy.
  6. Ask for discount. Check Guadalara Farmacia Ajijic or Chapala.
  7. We got ours through the WhatsApp procedure above. When we put in our CURP we got them and printed them.
  8. The product we wanted is not available from Amazon Mx. they are easy to order from but will get what we want from ML eventually!!
  9. How do you buy compra when it says you have 5 minutes? There is no option to say ok or compra. So the sale cannot be completed.
  10. Yes I read enough Spanish but after I put in the Mx cc it goes to a Santander page with their account information but no place to pay to Santander account. It is a page with information but no option to pay the account. I have a Mx friend that is going to help us and they are familiar with the hoops to jump through after we have 5 minutes to pay. 👍
  11. We got all the information in and a Mx credit card and got to the page where we had only 5 minutes to buy but there was no option to buy or get a confirmation. When we said buy a Santander page came up with their banking information but no place to say buy or pay the account. Hard.
  12. When ordering they request a shipping address and when we start to put in the address it says Opps somethings wrong. It won’t let us put in an address. Tried several times. Any suggestions on how to get ML to accept an address??
  13. Try the medical supply on the west campus of San Antonio hospital or the medical supply place at the top of the hill going west lakeside where the vinos America store is.
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