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  1. Also surgery at SAT hospitals by specialists coming here. Quality Care one. Excellent care and covid free hospital and all sanitation protocols followed.
  2. Mail sent from Handy mail you need to be a HM box customer and yes they check the mail to make sure big checks are not being sent across the border.
  3. People come. People go. Life is choices.
  4. Google how to dial the country from a landline. It will give you the outgoing code for Mexico and the country code for the country that you’re calling.
  5. Isn’t this NOB. Masks are mandatory here by the Governor.
  6. Yes. Ajijic Electronics with service from Mike Merryman. Satisfactory over many of years. We have Dish tv through him. If we need anything he is there the same day.
  7. And also cover mouth AND nose with a mask. Nasal droplets can spread Covid.
  8. Education over Mexican social media, tv to Mexico residents (all of us) can help to wear mask wash hands watch your distance. I’m glad businesses are not to blame for a possible dead lockdown down.
  9. It could be the beetle that kills the palm trees.
  10. Yes I will certainly choose a local Mexican driver. Gracias.
  11. Need a bilingual reliable driver and car to drive a person to Jan Javier Hospital Monday through Friday for 4 to 5 weeks for a medical treatment soon. Will know the details after initial evaluation by Dr. at San Javier.
  12. A lot of cameras on periferico. WAZE will show and announce the cameras also.
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