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  1. Soriana denied someone today. Wear a cap and face mask.
  2. I’ll go Sunday morning and let the board know. TOB said there were seniors in WM this morning.
  3. My previous post. Can you pay Telmex at telcel as stated above.
  4. We tried a 500 months ago and a lady from Telmex came out to help us and got exact change from the office to pay at the Caja. No change then.
  5. I didn’t know you could pay Telmex at telcell.
  6. Don’t know. A lady at the door asked what we wanted and when we said pay our bill she pointed at the outside Caja. We never got inside the building. Perhaps someone who has gotten inside can let us know.
  7. You cannot pay your Bill inside and the outside Caja will not take a 500 peso bill.
  8. Glad to hear. Residents need their service.
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