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  1. When does Buen fin start and for how long.
  2. They still had it Friday. Their truck delivery comes on Wed.
  3. What was the Spanish name of the fish?
  4. Happyjillin: sent you a pm.
  5. Check with Ivan. Maskaras Farmacia by the old closed Maskaras clinic. 376-765-5827.
  6. No big deal. There is a big BBVA sign in Chapala near the municipal publico. I only thought that was the only BBVA at lakeside.
  7. Huh. I thought they had Bancomer on their entrance ??
  8. He drew up documents according to Florida law. They will be notarized and executed in Florida. he was aware of the Florida law requirements and drew up the documents using their law. he is not a notary but drew up the documents per Florida regulations. He just did the legal paperwork and did an excellent job.
  9. Licensed attorney in California and also licensed to practice law in the US federal courts.
  10. Randy Warren is a U.S. attorney that lives at lakeside. We needed some comprehensive U.S legal documents drawn up and Randy did a great job. He is very knowledgeable. If you need such a service you can reach him at expatlaw@yahoo.com. Mx # 376-766-2863. U.S. # 415-225-3258. He does not assist with Mexican law.
  11. Private hospitals in Guadalajara are taking covid cases.
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