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  1. We’ll at least we can park at the one now. Perhaps he will expand again in time. Need to support this new location. It is a bigger deli. Tables outside for sandwiches he will make. Beer and wine available.
  2. There is plenty of parking facing the carretera. I think it is attached to the Waffle House building. If you pass the Waffle House you have missed the deli. You have to pull in before the deli due to the bicycle wall in front of the store.
  3. The one on Colon is Lilifer (sp?) parking!!
  4. The small deli just south of the Ajijic plaza a few doors down on Colon on the west side has opened a new place WITH PARKING immediately east of the Waffle House. I think it is attached to the Waffle House. They don’t have a sign yet but a picture of a sausage at their entrance. Have rye bread loaf 50 pesos. Whole wheat 46 pesos. All kinds of meats and cheeses. And liverwurst. Many pastries and other goodies. Reasonable prices. Check it out. You can also order a sandwich to enjoy at their outside tables. Fernando is the Owner.
  5. Who can assist in setting up new iPad and moving info from an iPhone to the iPad?
  6. Hospitals at Chapala don’t admit covid. Anyone testing positive at arrival are referred to covid hospitals in Guadalajara.
  7. Got an email that on Chapala Health Talk vaccines will be given soon for 18+ years including Chapala. Watch for dates and times.
  8. I don’t have any flowers in my yard. Replaced everything with cactus because of cutter ants. The only h-birds I have are gray/silver breast and dark on top. Wish I had them like in the picture above. Beautiful.
  9. They are not coming to my feeder now.
  10. What time does it open and what day is it closed?
  11. What restaurant. Help the rest of us who may use a cc.
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