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  1. I cannot connect wi fi today May 24.
  2. Cell phone won't connect to wi fi today. Just keeps grinding and grinding. Is Telcel wifi out?
  3. I started an online chat with Epson and in order to get an answer they wanted to charge me $10 on my credit card for them to give me an answer. Then I got a guy on the phone that said he didn’t know if you could use different series of ink bottle numbers are not just try a different number bottle and see what happens so that didn’t seem too good. I called back and got a different person and he understood my question and indicated that the appropriate number ink should be used with the appropriate printer because if a different numbered series bottle ink would be used it would affect the Quality of the print on the paper. I want to get one of the eco tank printers as the ink last much longer and my old printer I have now I can no longer get the cartridges.
  4. Need something with a little more English in it.
  5. I am looking into buying an Epson printer with the fallible ink wells. However, some places sell a printer that uses a 500 series ink and others use a 600 series ink. WalMart today had a 500 series printer but only 600 series ink bottles. My question: Can you use 500 series ink in a 600 printer and vice versa, 600 ink in a 500 printer. The ink all comes in the same color bottles.
  6. sm1mex

    La Ceiba

    I had the whole avocado, sliced in half filled full of shrimp salad and a lovely fresh salad surrounding the avocado. It was delicious for 69 pesos. They also offer chicken or tuna salad.
  7. sm1mex

    Juice not nectar!

    The fresh pineapple guy has moved a little east of where they were near the ice cream place, but before Paninos.
  8. Quality Care put in a stair chair for their cardiac rehab service which is located upstairs in their rehab office. You could stop by QC and ask where Dr. Briseño purchased the chair.
  9. Found the corer slicer at Super lake. Gracias.
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