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  1. We only need it for recipes but not for eating soup at home so thanks for all of these suggestions.
  2. Would be great for Dairy Queen. . Love those blizzards.
  3. Cream of cebolla soup we will look for.
  4. I have a recipe that calls for an envelope of Ranch Salad Dressing mix; does anyone know where I can buy it here at lakeside? Also, it calls for a small can of Cream of Onion soup – same question; does anyone know where I can buy it here?
  5. Plenty of hamburger meat at Walmart. No problem. Get your package and move on.
  6. So glad Jalisco is being proactive to protect us. I am proud of the Jalisco team and staying put per their requests.
  7. cell 3333944413 doubt he can service you until after March 24 as Governor of Jalisco has put out a directive to self quarantine until then depending on official decisions at that time. Have gotten several emails from businesses that have to close through March 24 per Governor directive.
  8. Where. I didn’t see it in the Guad Reporter.
  9. I wonder if there was an announcement some place.
  10. Yes. Subway was wiping down everything in and out of their counter. Also a guy wiping down all of the outside tables and chairs.
  11. Open Circle Suspends Its Programs The Open Circle Steering Committee has decided that until further notice we are suspending our weekly Sunday morning program at LCS. Even though there are few confirmed cases in Mexico, we feel it is not worth the risk of exposing our vulnerable audience to the coronavirus. More and more medical and scientific experts are advising to avoid large groups. Because our audience is one of the largest gatherings at Lakeside, we would rather err on the side of safety. In the meantime, are hoping to video the speakers and post the videos on our YouTube channel.
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