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  1. PLEASE don't inject yourself or have a non professional inject you. You can inject a nerve and have damage.
  2. We have only seen leg of lamb at Walmart once. A while ago.
  3. Have you ever tried it and was it leg of lamb. Could you chew it.
  4. Boric acid will get rid of the inside vermin. Called Acido borico.
  5. My agent Bellon haD to pay 2,700 pesos for the thermometer and it was hard to find one. He also had to get all of the other stuff per my recent post here.
  6. Bellon Insurance was inspected and certified by the municipality of Chapala to be safe to be open complying with covid safety protocols which included a disinfectant mat at the door for shoes, temperature check, gel and mask/shields. Stay safe. :-))
  7. We had such a hard time finding HP ink, we finally gave up and bought an Epson Ecotank that you fill the ink tanks with ink bottles. We love it.
  8. We are here. Not going back NOB. Have our end of life card and Mexican will so when it’s time to say adios we are prepared.
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