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  1. I think you can it turn it over to Mx government but need advice how to do that. I know of people that donated the car but make sure your donated car is out of your name.
  2. I think they are still there despite the landlord putting the other businesses out including Brisis restaurant. 😖
  3. If someone is going to fly it has to be tested 72 hours or less. Do make sure test will be ready before flying.
  4. Building outside Soriana. Pay inside Soriana. I think PCR is ready next day. Cost 2000+ pesos. Open 8-4 Monday through Friday. Get there early. Other test sites 4000+ pesos.
  5. Oops. Meant Ivan will help you mentioned above.
  6. We had a western union several years ago to cash in pesos at banamex bank in Chapala. It was sent western union there I think. It has been years ago.
  7. Rubin 331-254-9660. He can help you. Perfect English.
  8. We dumped Shaw because more and more channels we liked said this channel is no longer available so after losing channels daily we switched to Dish.
  9. Many channels are going to a third satellite that México can’t access. We gave up Shaw and went to Dish. Love it.
  10. I would assume showing proof of your vaccines would pass to fly. Wonder why you would need an antigen test when you have been vaccinated??
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