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  1. When did they move to Ajijic, I just saw them earlier today still in SAT?
  2. Do you have a big following for your recommendations ?
  3. I would be dead after TWO types of flu, let alone four, so four or six would be a waste of money. I have never even had one type. 😀😀😀
  4. They have opened another local in Ajijic on the Carretera between M. C. and Colon.
  5. Why is it confusing? The parking spaces are clearly marked and anyone driving should be able to read "arrows". I know, people go the wrong direction on one way streets all over the area.
  6. Received the flue shot free at the Centro de Salud in SAT around the 1 de dic. No wait, took all of 10 minutes. I just don´t understand why some people are having such a hard time getting it.
  7. It is much shorter and quicker to walk through the hospital from their back parking lot than to circle all the way around the west wing of the building.
  8. Calm down...check you blood pressure!!! You need to get out of your Armageddon mood.
  9. Sorry, I don´t understand you....speak a little softer.....LOL 😀😀😀
  10. My, my, what bitterness you spew. Maybe it´s just something that comes along with old age for some one like you.. You probably used to be "very smart"? Oh, I´m sorry to plagiarize your insults to me, but I certainly couldn´t come up with ones that are any better. ¡ Muchas Gracias, Amigo/a !
  11. Would you please repeat that! I don´t think everyone heard you. 😀 (youself) You are beginning to write and sound more like "bennie" all the time.
  12. I´ll make it short........! YEP ! 😀
  13. Don´t think you are being singled out. I have been hauled in to face the "judge" in this particular court. Everyone is guilty until proven innocent.
  14. I am what I am, but your logic on analogies escapes me and you can keep it. The ludicrous thing, is comparing the work a mechanic is asked to do on a vehicle to an informal conversation on a web board. One is money and essential, the other, exchanging ideas. And I don´t know how I insulted you anymore than you insult others with your comments. Please respond so that I can have the last word.....LOLOL
  15. I get you gringal, and all I was saying is.....someone wants a salad dressing they haven´t had in 20 years but want it to be in Ajijic already prepared, or they want an A/C specialist in Chapala and some one says " I know of one in GDL", what´s the harm? People do that all the time in normal face to face conversations. It´s just some people try to grade these informal conversations like they are some kind of college entrance exams. I would hate to sit down to any kind of dinner conversation with some people on this board as every word would have to be weighed. The penalty for digressing w
  16. Reality check! What one wants and one gets can be entirely different. Besides, neither one are moderators. I doubt either one will go to the MP and file a denuncia as someone else may use the verboten information that offends the virgin eyes of a few. What about your many opinions??? No one is clamoring for them.
  17. How much money, using your financial mathematical skills, do you think is spent here by MEXICANS, that receive remittances, pensions, and other sources from NOB? A lot of fathers, brothers, sisters, sons, and daughters are contributing to family support in this area, just like they do all over Mexico. It´s the number 3 earner of USD in Mexico after petroleum, and tourism and we don´t produce much petroleum here.
  18. But I wasn´t protesting the "correctors", so don´t include me in your club. I wasn´t addressing you or your post. Check the post´s author that I commented on.
  19. Isn´t that the Walmart in house brand? I see it all the time at Walmart. And what´s wrong with giving a recipe as an alternative solution? Talk about walking with blinders on and looking straight ahead .😃
  20. And yet you pour more fuel on the fire by telling all......."Look here!! Look here!!"
  21. What do you mean by politicized? Government politics? Management politics? Or as a figure of speech?
  22. The Ajijic Delegación stretches from La Floresta to the Jocotepec Municipio line near La Crisrina, and S. to N. from the Lake to Ixtlahuacán Municipio line. SAT is a separate delegación and Riberas is just a fraccionamiento within the Delegación of Chapala. All these delegaciones, plus others, are part of the Municipio of Chapala. I don´t think all the delegaciones (6) of the Municipio are included in the Pueblo Mágico.
  23. Are you asking about the local a half block west of SA Hospital, next to Farmacia Maskaras? If so, that is also owned and operated by Lydia whose other store is in Ajijic, on the Carretera, near Aquiles Serdan.
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