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  1. I suppose anyone trying to gain entrance to Walmart THIS Saturday or Sunday..... could be considered....MOSTLY LOST .........😂
  2. Cedros likes "to worry" in the public domain.......😀
  3. Confusing, as to whom made the OP and who made the mask warning. Seems to be reversed from what I see???
  4. Trevor Armstrong is correct His wife Cassie works at Fenix Real Estate in SAT and is there every day, Mon. thru Fri., from 9AM on. Stop by there or call her her at 376-766-1776, or call 331-038-4129, their cell #, as she usually has the cel phone. No land line. He is usually also there in mornings from 9 to 10.
  5. It ain´t the real estate agents....it´s the seller/ lister. Real estate agencies will take a listing in pesos just as fast as they would in US dollars. Sellers know that there isn´t any law saying it can´t be priced in dollars of any country.
  6. You must mean "seriously silly", right? The rest of the time, it´s just practice?
  7. Nothing!!! How did you manage getting that last second victory last night??? Stay away from banana peels, as your luck can´t always be THAT good.
  8. Beware of Carlos Slim, he is very wealthy, has lots of "small banks".....
  9. Beware of getting out of bed in the morning, you never know what terrible fate awaits you. Beware of even being born, and having to deal with "small banks" Just be beware, and not aware, of everything.
  10. Don´t be so quick to be "BEWARE" The manager of this new banking affiliate to this area is a former Intercam executive, she has high qualifications.
  11. Doctors and hospitals certainly do not give pricing to Mexicans in USD. Don´t you tell them you live here???
  12. I think that applies to foreign currencies other than the US dollar.
  13. He does do it right, and then some!!!
  14. Who delivered the tests???.....Sol y Luna???......😀
  15. You can quit "wondering" as they are most definitely still in business.
  16. Just the facts, ma´am, just the facts!!!!!
  17. A double like for this post, another rumor that can only be harmful. WHY? WHY? WHY? The post was negative enough without Facebook rumors.
  18. Good on you as it takes a million to make a decent burrito.
  19. Insects without a home or job....love to ride freight trains.
  20. No, the goal of this thread is to see who can make the dumbest post. I was trying!
  21. "THE THREAD" of the 21st Century????
  22. My question is, why would you pick a thread with a hundred topics being discussed, to advertise your ineffectiveness??? Now when you lived in CA, did you ever eat wild game that was slow roasted by natural forest fires that occur so often. You have to get there while the ground is still smoldering but not to hot to walk on and before it cools off completely. Never once saw a Cuban.
  23. Well then, just don´t Google it…………... as the previous post says, "pretty simple". Stick with the sandwich and forget about the "lectures". You just don´t get it.
  24. I don´t have that problem with my "body design".
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