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  1. NO, I don´t "GOT IT", either. Your definitions are as confusing as you are.
  2. Same as the guys who help park cars and do car washes at Walmart, SuperLake, and many other locations on private commercial property.
  3. I know one of the carniceros at Walmart and he will get triple pay and can´t wait to go to work......lol Yeah, they will pay it and enough employees know the law that could cost Walmart far more than the holiday pay.
  4. They purchase products from several importadores, The products are supposed to be properly labeled in Spanish if the origin language is something different. Many sources in China and elsewhere around the world, already have the Spanish version in place, at the source.
  5. Whatever happened to those 20 peso coins they were advertising that was coming right away? w
  6. Your´s is a classic case of obsession. One would almost conclude you had purchased a unit there.
  7. You are paying a toll to get to GDL? Must be using the Macro, as there isn´t any legitimate toll booths via the airport.
  8. They just finished a 4 story elevator shaft, so if they are dead in the water, what is the purpose of an expensive elevator?
  9. I cast my vote in favor of "crime" and another one for conspiracy (dogs in a restaurant).
  10. Centro Laguna Mall in San Antonio T......north end, across from Wings Army restaurant. Lot of parking if you are driving.
  11. Yeah, I don´t see all these people that are "forgiving" mentally ill people for murder. I think it´s the other way around....mentally ill people being executed or locked up in a prison or a facility for the mentally ill, never to be seen again.
  12. I certainly wasn´t "worked up", just confused by the comparison logic. I have no love for dogs and/or to be around them, but I don´t want to see this outrageous activity of poisoning.
  13. Pappy, I thanked her for her post because I don´t understand comparing humans to animals....apples and oranges IMO. I don´t care if you are political or religious or whatever, they are totally different unless it´s a "sacred cow".
  14. Probably, only because I had too much time on my hands with nothing better to do.
  15. Sure, accidents happen, that´s why I said drive careful and be patient. Accidents happen in even the most highly regulated traffic conditions, so what is your point, other than just wanting to disagree. I guess in relation to the OP, you are saying with traffic lights there won´t be any or less accidents? The self assuredness one gets with a green light.... LOL I don´t find traffic lights anywhere in the area that effective in stopping bad or negligent drivers. Drive defensively
  16. None........if you drive careful and be patient. Doesn´t bother me.
  17. A round trip via Mascota costs me 700 pesos less in savings on tolls and gasoline.
  18. Same here, no contest. Have been using the Mascota highway the last 5 or 6 years.
  19. Its private land, then Federal Zone with no permanent structures, but can be "leased" from the CNA, and finally beach area, which everyone has access rights to, for normal beach activities. Can´t remember the exact dimensions but think it is 30 meters for beach from high tide and 50 meters for Federal Zone.
  20. Mostlylost has become Reallylost, as I can´t even find him now on this thread. 😃😃😃
  21. So true, I should have said I was being satirical. I either agree with him, which I do frequently, or just pass on by. What´s to be gained by argumentation?.....other than verbal pollution? s
  22. A philosophical question..... Why is it so easy for some people to be able to engage Pedro in a charming, tit for tat, discussion/argument, and others, like me, can´t seem to get out of the starting blocks, like their feet are planted in concrete ? I should have taken debate in school when I had a chance.......
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