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  1. Thank you for your reply to a totally unwarranted post.
  2. Hard of hearing? Just get close to the speaker, English or Spanish, and look at and speak to them directly. If you have a sufficient vocabulary in Spanish there shouldn´t be any problem as Spanish pronunciation is much more rule regulated than English in relationship to spelling. Usually not comprehending means that a few words are the villains to get the meaning of the spoken dialogue. Improve your vocabulary and you will be surprised at how much your hearing improves. Advice from someone whose A/K/A is "El Sordo", even with the aids…...LOL Forgot to add that my other A/K/A is
  3. Try calling the Hotel Latino in Sahuayo, very nearby and they could probably tell you if there is a problem getting out there, which I doubt very much. Stayed there when we visited a couple of years ago. Their number is (353)-532-0444 (or it was)
  4. He´s referring to…...un burro y agua.
  5. No amount of "do gooding" gives anyone the privilege of scoffing the law that protects others.
  6. What about looking both ways before stepping into a lane of traffic (yes, even laterals) with moving vehicles before crossing it? I see too many people leaving Superlake with their heads down and carrying bags that never look left or right. That´s not to excuse hit and run. You can never assume you have the right away in Mexico, especially if your on foot competing with a machine that is bigger and more powerful. The old rule was,. sad to say, bigger equals right of way.
  7. So what? You didn´t lie to me. I´m older than you and proud of it!!!
  8. When did they stop calling it "jal"?
  9. OK here we go……. Top floor. always, techo encima la viga. ……….abajo la viga or between floors, cielo. Tepetate is barren land, nothing to do with construction or buildings.
  10. LOL....correct, this should have been a 2 post thread, but alas, it has turned into "potatoes".
  11. From Cd. Guzman to Manzanillo, clear sailing. Iffy from there into GDL.
  12. Well, in this case/thread, I´m referring to a techo, at least that´s what it is in the local vernacular.
  13. Most definitely, an underground, after hours, gay bar. Will be very difficult to locate and flush out.
  14. I confess to being a socialist attack rooster.....we can´t help ourselves. Palé is owned by two Spanish brothers, open 4 days a week, on the Carretera, lakeside, two blocks west of Colon (since you know where that is), in Ajijic.
  15. San Sebastian, if it makes any difference or any of you really care...……... Nos vemos a la misa
  16. Neither did witchcraft.....imo.
  17. Refusing to give directions is just another Socialist plot by the anarchists striving to gain control of the area!!!!!!!
  18. Having a large Mexican family, the last 3 posts are dead right. Foreign tipping norms do not apply to Mexicans.
  19. Couldn't resist my friend, is this what happens to you when you eat Mexican food?.....I should be dead.....LOL
  20. One who was very good, lost a lot of clientele after hitting them up for "loans".
  21. No 1/2 off for all Mexican citizens in the Municiipio of Chapala as there is a cap on tercer edad descuentos. In some cases the early payment discount is better and you can't have both.
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