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  1. "goat milk has 300% more iron" Must be all those tin cans they eat. LOL Love goat's milk products....!te deseo un gran exito!
  2. That "crunch" is the pits.....(double-entendre)
  3. Salads at Paninos are even more expensive.
  4. That has to be one the best answers ever, to a serious, intelligent, and academic question. ROTFLMAO
  5. I have never agreed with you or anyone else more than your last post. Is that civil enough for you.....good show!!
  6. What happened to the old tradition when families mainly dined at home.....of second helpings.
  7. Yes, you are correct, Antonio is second in command,
  8. Ditto here..... but isn't the bank manager Antonio Medina and the investment division, and over all manager, Erika Torres.
  9. What we would we do, if didn't have Big Brother from NOB telling us what is good for us? Sometimes we (Mexicans) just don't know our place.
  10. I had emissions tested in Chapala (Zaragosa 375) in Nov. as plate number ended in zero. Dec. is a non testing month. Don't know if they tested in Jan. or not, but they were until the end of Nov.
  11. If you can get the poster on this board named "my home sweet home", who also lives in Chapala Haciendas, to come a take a look, and is convinced, then I will buy in also.
  12. Couldn't agree more, the best at lakeside.
  13. You are correct. You do not have to change it until the old one expires. For residents of the Municipio of Chapala, you have to renew your card at the INE office in Jocotepec.
  14. This is building up to the crescendo of zombie movies and wheelbarrows. I can feel the excitement in the air. . It will be a race to see who makes the first contact, Maybe milk and cookies for bait? My Nan used to leave a jug of poitin (whiskey) on the front step at night to draw in the leprechauns, and it worked because the jug was always empty the next morning when she did it. Only in Chapala.........
  15. IFE card...Yep, but once they have it, you don't have to keep bringing it as they keep it (copy) on file....at least they did mine. 50% reduction up to a certain ceiling for tercer edad.
  16. Is that why you go over to Vancouver Island?.....looking for aliens? LOL. BTW....Sasquatches are not aliens on that island.
  17. Why would any "reputable" facilitator accept a vehicle without proper title get involved in nationalization? Would they be more reputable than the so-called owner? Could it be, they had a little greed for the fee collected? Any facilitator that lacks the intelligence of knowing that, probably shouldn't be in business anyway. A rather weak excuse for accepting the "irreputable" clients money.
  18. 100% solid advice Spencer. Reputable people on this end is only one half of the quotient. A lot of people are skating on thin ice....let's hope it doesn't get too warm... like later an audit.
  19. Sunshine Day.... Does the cloro Simapa adds to the water supply negate the action of yeast or Ridex in the so called septic systems that anyone might have?
  20. I thought Santorini was owned by Pepsi...Bonafont too?
  21. Maybe you are getting the "animalito" discount.
  22. When my kids were that age? University students and later, while single and before marriage, they almost always went to Guad. to "socialize"--discos, concerts, friends, etc., except for the private get togethers they might have at lakeside. Rarely did they hang out in the bars or restaurants lakeside. Probably, if you are into the "bar scene", El Barco, on the carretera in Ajijic, would have the youngest of the old crowd--could be others.
  23. has not set their status

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