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  1. Ain´t that the truth. In this case make your "defense", throw in a "sheesh" and play moderator back to "regularly scheduled squabbles" A double SHEESH....😀
  2. You didn´t have to drive all the way, because the dry lake bed is between Chapala and Colima, not the opposite direction where you were coming from. Just curious....What is high profile vehicle in a dust/wind storm ?
  3. How does Colima get on a trip from Vera Cruz to Chapala unless you were doing a circuitous route of traveling for other reasons?
  4. You might be able to pay for a government well to be drilled, with permission, on your property, if you lived kilometers from a source, but certainly no where along the north shore towns.
  5. I thought there was a push in the US by some to use the DST year round.
  6. Does that mean that God lives in Greenwich and he doesn´t like people fooling around with HIS time. That´s British, not French.
  7. Isn´t he still above water in his popularity numbers? Daylight savings time won´t hurt the country but stopping the new airport in Cd. de Mexico, was a bad move, IMO.
  8. I´m telling you, it´s the vaccine!!!
  9. This is bad news for all of our "house" engineers and traffic light specialists and experts. They may have to look for a new line work. 😀
  10. If they are democratically elected, should they be allowed to serve, or removed because they are liars and stupid. Democracy sucks!!!.....unless it is only participated in by the intelligent, educated, and moral elite. It seems a lot of people are unhappy with the present system.
  11. Do they sell the Chinese vaccine, Sinovac?
  12. Sure there is Andy, been there a long time, just a few steps northeast of the British Petroleum gasolinera, buy coffee there many mornings. At least their address on the sales tickets say they are there. LOL s
  13. I gave you ALL the benefits of doubt......😀
  14. Basically you are correct and it can be done that way. I usually circle the glorietas to get headed back and you can NEVER make a left hand turn from a glorieta in Mexico. In Ireland, you can never make a right hand turn from a round about.
  15. And the howling continues.............I guess challenges aren´t much fun for some people. The life of a queen bee, would be even more fun than driving the Carretera...correct???
  16. As I said it´s "the end of the world/civilization" for some.
  17. I have never seen cardinals in the wild around here and I walked the mountains a lot.
  18. I´ve boycotted bird sellers for over 8 decades......hasn´t helped a lick.
  19. I know!!!!!..............That´s why I love you.........💓💓💓
  20. A tepetate is probably the very worst place on the planet to find mariscos, or anything to eat, period. Can´t figure out how they came up with that name for a restaurant. Probably why very few Mexicans would go there....LOL
  21. Even the businesses selling chili dogs??? Indeed a grief stricken situation, maybe now Biden will see that they get SBA assistance .
  22. I could not agree more, in fact I wish I had said it.......in fact I will......folks go back up and read Xena´s post again. And that goes for all the so-called traffic engineers and traffic light systems designers on here that can´t even give their irrefutable expertise away, let alone sell it, to anyone that would listen or make a difference. I try to engineer my own solutions to problems as I can control that and it beats howling at the moon with no results.
  23. It may not be essential but people sure are trying to make it a lot more stressful than needed....."if I can´t turn at that traffic light, I´m going to have a nervous breakdown and the world is coming to an end" 😨
  24. I might add, how many times a day are YOU PEOPLE going to Walmart? If I only spend 10 minutes a day doing something that is totally legal and not dangerous.....well then I do.... They could have located Walmart in Ixtlahuacan and that would have required even more time for the north shore residents...LOL
  25. When coming from the east and I want to enter Walmart, I go to the first entrance to the lateral in La Floresta, go to the glorieta with the traffic light and circle the glorieta and be headed in the right direction for easy entrance to Walmart. Sooner at the non traffic lighted glorietas if traffic is not heavy. Leaving Walmart and wanting to travel west I go to San Jose, get on the lateral to Jesus Garcia with the light and make a left turn onto the Carretera going west. It ranges from 5 to 10 minutes extra time but it sure beats pounding your head into a brick wall which seems to be
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