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  1. Gilberto Paz is the owner (actually his daughter, if you check the facturas) of Paz Licorería and Leopoldo Paz is the owner of SuperLake, brothers but not business partners on those two particular enterprises. It´s not complicated .
  2. I think the silly part was that you offered the possibility that it might be a "new policy" when anyone would know that is not a possibility at Walmart and that it was some sort of a technical problem. Whether that is what is meant by "silly gringo rumors", I have no idea, and couldn´t care less if you are a gringo or born in Botswana.
  3. Definitely worth repeating…………..
  4. How many times a day or even in a week do you enter from SuperLake. I have to enter at least 6 times a day, picking up people and other errands, shopping , work related, etc., You must do a lot of shopping at SL if you´re in that category
  5. The community between La Floresta (Ajijic) and most of Riberas del Pilar (Chapala)
  6. I can´t believe it but you are absolutely correct and we agree on something.. I also live on Jesus Garcia and getting on the Carretera is impossible without the lights. Many cars funnel to the lights just to get on the Carretera. Both lights essential in my humble opinion also. I think most residents of SAT would gladly petition against any act of the traffic lights removal.
  7. Don´t know about now but at 2PM they were not able to access approval of credit cards because of a problem with their internet connection. Nothing to do with a new policy or no electricity, just a computer glitch of some sort. The powers that be were aware and trying to figure out what happened and get it corrected. Some one told me they were able to get cash from the ATM in Walmart, as it is a different system. I didn´t check it out as I had enough cash with me to pay for purchases
  8. No, the Go Lab is still at the old location in Riberas. They will take the muestras at the new store in SAT and carry them to Riberas for the lab work.
  9. Does something have to be up? I think it is just a matter of timing and chance that make a difference. I don´t believe they have increased the number locally in the last year.
  10. Or just to get on the Carretera if you live in SAT. Definitely needed.
  11. Have you noticed how one person can be out of step with the platoon, but his take is, " I´m in step, the rest of you are out of step".
  12. I know 5 Iteso graduates, all Mexican, that are now working legally in Seattle in the US, at Microsoft and Google.
  13. kam, mudgirl did not post the comment you are referring too. Somehow, you show it was her comment, when it wasn´t.
  14. My grand daughters attend Thomas Jefferson in Guadalajara as we think it is the best. One is in the 7th grade and they certainly have the latest for tech education. It is a bi-lingual school (Spanish/English) if that is a necessity, with two campuses, one south and one north, in the west side of Guadalajara. Many students there from different countries and most, even the Mexican students, speak English. I think it is as good as the American School, but less expensive if you are a foreigner.
  15. They are very organized and helpful at the renewal locations, especially for people of tercer edad (senior citizens). The paperwork needed is ordinary items that everyone living in Mexico. citizen and foreigner, will have.
  16. Not necessarily, chamba is slang, and can be any be any kind of work, essential or make work, as you call it.
  17. Pancho was never more than an employee as he never owned any part of the business. He may have done his job well but all final decisions were made by Leopoldo, who was there most of the time in the office upstairs, whereas Pancho was much more visible in the public area of the store. You could find Leopoldo, his brother Gilberto from the licorería, and Pancho discussing what was going on and the days happenings in the front of Superlake around closing time. Superlake was quite well stocked until the pandemic, and Polo just kind of gave up. Pancho has been gone a year or so and still his
  18. If you cough, sneeze, or just breathing, near items that someone else might pick up, buy, and take home.
  19. Leopoldo Paz has always owned Superlake , before and after, Pancho his nephew, worked there.
  20. It has to be the very worst "reliable source" that ever identified themselves as a "reliable source".
  21. The main store is still at the location by the old clinic, what you are describing is a second, smaller facility.
  22. No problem getting mine through Ishop, don´t know about all prescriptions, just have to go in and ask them if it can be shipped through their permit.
  23. Hate to say it my friend, but his hamburger buns are even better than your´s were. LOL
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