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  1. Why do people keep asking about receiving a "second check" when the US Senate hasn´t even passed the legislation yet? The first, and only check, was 600 USD person, correct?
  2. Sometimes people just absolutely refuse to believe that 2 + 2 = 4
  3. YAWN!!! What a bunch of snooze material..............
  4. That´s too common sense to be understandable........LOL
  5. I don¨t believe the water quality of the lake make the fish unhealthy to consume. I, and thousands of others have been eating these fish for years.
  6. Ajijic Electronics will install it....376-766-1176 or 3371
  7. Don´t think you can string a bunch of $9,999.99 USD checks and get away with it either, there are laws prohibiting that too.
  8. Thank you Pete, sometimes the forum "Guru" just can´t control himself 😀
  9. What is going to change with this new revelation ??? My day will probably be the same tomorrow with either the Official or the UNAM numbers are correct. And I suspect it will be the same for most people. There might be a few more people looking for a cave up in the Sierra.
  10. And Portugués. Otherwise, it is Hispanic America. South America has English, Dutch, and French speaking countries as well. s
  11. Don´t you have to take it to Vialidad to be registered properly?
  12. Yes wrong....What possible problem??? There is NO problem with the amount, just that over a certain amount it has to reported. They take the mail to an unloading dock (I have been there) as there are 9 IShop stores in Jalisco, 2 Lakeside. 4 In Guadalajara, and 3 in P.V....PLUS small mail services around the country that use the IShop facility for US Mail delivery. You are really showing your ignorance about this issue as you have no idea how many packages, boxes, of art work and hundreds of other items that is shipped north to the US Mail and you say they are going to drop it into a "mai
  13. You can pay other bank credit cards at Multiva without a fee if you are a client. I pay my Banamex credit card there as well as the Multiva C.C., as it saves looking for a parking space at Banamex in Chapala.
  14. We went in on the Macro this week and it´s worth the 96., if you are in a hurry. Came back through El Molino and Joco for Joco helado. The Tlajomulco road has lots of traffic, topes, and traffic lights.
  15. Wrong........IShop will accept checks, AKA financial instruments, and only over a certain amount do they have to be reported. They also send their US mail more than once a week and they deliver directly to the P.O. in Laredo, not placed in a mailbox.
  16. They sure are More, and they were guajolotes before they became pavos. 😅
  17. In Mexico, and most of Latin America, officially there is only one continent, America. North America is just a region of that one continent.
  18. Rick, don´t you have it turned around? He is talking about driving out and flying back in.
  19. Never kick a Tom Turkey under the wing......a low blow.
  20. ¿ De dónde nacio en Mexico ?
  21. GO Lab also has a local across from Chula Vista as it is the same ownership as Farmacia Maskaras. Next to the sign shop and Lidia´s medical supply store.
  22. Now that is a statement that could easily be debated in another thread!!!!!!!
  23. That must be because you use it continuously...........😅
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