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  1. What´s with all these establishments serving up Swiss enchiladas, trying to capture all the Swiss bearded ones and their germs. ! Proxiamente ¡ Belgian enchiladas in a restaurant that allows dogs and beards. Woe is me...…..When will someone put a McD´s franchise Lake Chapala and end all this silliness.
  2. Can´t imagine many places to eat being closed with the horde that will be descending upon us. Most restaurant owners will be licking their chops thinking about the $$$$ coming in. Well maybe the places that are always closed on Sundays, like Panino.
  3. You should hear what they say about Tapatios in the Big City.....made me quit going there. LOL Problem is.....is that they outnumber the small city folk 6 to 1...….and over there is where the power is. In US terms, GDL is CDMX´s Alabama.
  4. That´s why France decided to slice off Belgium and let them be their own country, a place for all the, dogs in restaurants lovers, could have a colony of their own.
  5. Patán y/o naco = hillbilly, mas o menos
  6. Wouldn´t the area where you are dining, be an area where food is received? Most back bars are in plain sight of the dining area and not in some obscure location on the premises. Why not take them (dogs) to movie theaters, churches, grocery stores, schools from kinder to university, and a lot of other places that are public venues. Just allow dogs anyplace and anywhere. Get real Rony and leave your dog at home or with a sitter along with other personal items from your home, you wouldn´t take to these places. Show a little consideration for other people who don´t want to dine with d
  7. Only if you know how to sort out the small amount of good advice from the large amount of basura.
  8. slainte39


    Correcto, Gilberto, the licorería and Leopoldo, Superlake and Francisco (Pancho), who worked at Superlake is a Paz also on his mama´s side, and Mario at Mario´s restaurant. They are all close, but all separate
  9. Since my post was the one immediately preceding yours…………... I wasn´t asking for anything, just telling.
  10. I am on my third set after two failures and getting pretty good results. The brand is Rexton, German made i believe.
  11. It´s a small market for small people on a small street in a small town. I know that when it is properly described you could find it blind folded…..even though you are a BIG CITY boy from Seattle. Have a good day, my friend LOL....
  12. Where is the Thurs. market?
  13. Which are the restaurants that you like but allow smoking? I haven´t had one of our preferred restaurants eliminated because of smokers or smoke from outside the restaurant and I have some of the most strident anti-smoking family members you can imagine. Sure not the same about dogs in the restaurant as some of our favorites are the worst offenders.
  14. Of course I boycott restaurants that allow smoking as many of my dining companions are very sensitive to smoke----- AND respect for anyone in the restaurant that is bothered by cigarette smoke. I see a whole lot less smokers, practically none at all, compared to dogs in restaurants. I know more smokers that don´t smoke in prohibited areas than dog owners that bring their dogs with the same prohibition. Introducing driving law infractions into the discussion as an excuse to tolerate dogs in restaurants, is a classic STRAW MAN argument. I don´t believe Vialidad invites foreigners int
  15. And neither have I. Had comida with the family today at El Italiano on Golfo de Cortez, place was packed and not a dog in sight, nor any of the other hundreds of times i have eaten in restaurants in GDL. This is a foreign import we can definitely do without. The only reason that i can see for a wall or closing the border. I have a large family of children and grandchildren that live GDL, and they cannot believe this business of old foreigners dragging their dogs into restaurants out here. It is appalling to them, especially on one occasion after I had taken them to comida here,
  16. Because it is against the law…...scofflaw….you know, like prohibited.
  17. And I´ll keep beating this horse death until people stop promoting restaurants that violate the law, i don´t care how good they are. How many laws can they violate before your ethical generator kicks on?
  18. I agree completely, comparing dogs in restaurants to children; human beings, our species progeny, is not only ludicrous, but completely ridiculous. I suppose that person would drive on by a dead child run over by a vehicle on the highway just like it was a dead dog that had been run over. WTF!!!!
  19. Ï "learned" enough from artsnob that i will never go there. Just particular who i dine with in public places. To each his own choice.
  20. Same here, SAT contributor and don't live there or go there
  21. Northeast corner…..for years it was one of those hamburguesa specialty places.
  22. Will dogs eat dog meat?......the dear little cannibals. Someone could start a business of breeding dogs that will eat the dogs that people take into restaurants....before they wipe their rear ends on chairs and cushions or lick the servers´ hands.
  23. "Seems like an odd question" For sure, why not throw in Vera Cruz, Cancun, and San Cristobal as well. If you lived somewhere north of Tepic it might make some sense, but even there I´m sure there are closer dentists.
  24. IF....they are blocking access to cocheras or car gates, I think Vialidad will have them towed, otherwise it´s probably a fruitless effort. Call Aguirre, the towing service company that does work for the Vialidad and they can probably give you a correct answer on what the procedure might be.
  25. Yes, the same Jaime who worked for Mario (BIL).
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