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  1. You are correct. They are Palestinian/Mexicans, descendants of a family from Bethleham. Palestine. Wael is an Egyptian by birth.
  2. Someone told me that you can get Uber from the airport or maybe Guadalajara to Chapala for 190. MN. They didn't know about going the other way, but it might be worth checking out for people using public transportation.
  3. It might not fly in Bangkok, but it is very popular here. Maybe it should be labeled Mexican/Thai fusion.
  4. I thought the question was....how many vehicles (quota) would be allowed on the highway (cuota), at any one time. LOL
  5. Of course the Mexicans will be exempt from these automatic fines or avoid them because they have outdated plates. ...........according to some. ...........and foreigners with Canadian plates can pay their fines in Canada and Americans in South Dakota.
  6. ----------------------------- It is still a disgusting premise. I would be willing to bet my life that the pct. of tickets or warnings given for emission standards in Mexico is at the same pct. as or even less for foreigners than for Mexicans based the total population of both groups. "and of course the transitos NEVER pull them over" What a bunch of racist, prejudicial crap. Obviously you are a foreigner.....You should apply for naturalization and then apply for employment at Vialidad.
  7. What do you mean? I'm not exempt and all the members of my MEXICAN family are not exempt. Exempt from what?....paying, the sticker...???
  8. Even banks don't want USD (cash or checks) and make it difficult to exchange them. As RV says, bring cards...ATM, debit, credit, and you won't have any problem. Many convenience stores, such as OXXO have ATM machines.
  9. Oh yeah......?Que onda maje?........!pura vida! ...y toda la pata hasta yo estiro la pata. ...y !que lastima!...no hay tuanis en Mexico, solo buena onda, buena vida.
  10. ---------------------------------------- I learned the hard way the difference between coger in Mexico and Colombia. LOL Chris did the Ticos ever call you an "andale" because of your Spanish. They sure did me, and even worse, a "gringo andale".LOL
  11. In your case, I thought it was when you won your first argument with your wife.....in Spanish. LOL
  12. I've been eating ceviche in Mexico for 40 years, enough to sink a battleship, and it hasn't brought me down yet. If ceviche was that dangerous, public opinion would have sabotaged it long ago. Mexicans do not look for food or enjoy same, if it makes them sick. "sanitary conditions are largely unknown" ?????????? (just shaking my head)
  13. I think the original/first Tabarka is somewhere in Guad., if David is still operating it.
  14. I'd love to, but.......for a second meal you would have to guarantee me that we could find a real good carne en su jugo, chiles en nogada, or decent tamales, as man cannot live on sushi alone.
  15. "Let's" gringal, I love the way you so subtly try to get all of us/everyone on the same page for some of your highly thought out schemes. The perfect sushi problem solution......
  16. If you want expensive, there are several places within a couple of hours south of PV that would be more qualified, like Carreyes, where I think homes start out at around a million USD. PV seems to have an entry level for lower economic situations.
  17. I suppose he means the intersection with Colon/Morelos, where Ocampo becomes Constitucion, going east.
  18. Salads at Paninos are even more expensive.
  19. I have never agreed with you or anyone else more than your last post. Is that civil enough for you.....good show!!
  20. I had emissions tested in Chapala (Zaragosa 375) in Nov. as plate number ended in zero. Dec. is a non testing month. Don't know if they tested in Jan. or not, but they were until the end of Nov.
  21. If you can get the poster on this board named "my home sweet home", who also lives in Chapala Haciendas, to come a take a look, and is convinced, then I will buy in also.
  22. You are correct. You do not have to change it until the old one expires. For residents of the Municipio of Chapala, you have to renew your card at the INE office in Jocotepec.
  23. This is building up to the crescendo of zombie movies and wheelbarrows. I can feel the excitement in the air. . It will be a race to see who makes the first contact, Maybe milk and cookies for bait? My Nan used to leave a jug of poitin (whiskey) on the front step at night to draw in the leprechauns, and it worked because the jug was always empty the next morning when she did it. Only in Chapala.........
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