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  1. Get a facilitator, this board just seems to be confusing you.
  2. You are absolutely correct Ferret.
  3. I didn´t quote you so I don´t know why you are responding. Yes, I understood which hospital you were talking about.
  4. Rest easy! There is a brand new cleaning and janitorial staff at the new hospital and the cleaning lady at Maskaras Clinic is still there until the end of May, at least.
  5. Which hospital are you talking about? The new hospital in SAT is Hospital San Antonio. There is a Hospital San Francisco in GDL. If the GR can´t get the name right, well there is always the rest of the story for accuracy.
  6. Jonny predicted that in his autobituary.
  7. Went last week, steaks, ribeye and New York are thinner cuts but flavor OK, as grilled outside on wood. Not exactly carne asada thickness but less than any good steak house that serves Argentine or US style of thickness. Salad and some kind of roasted potatoes comes with it, neither one special as salad was a little limp and they only had chipotle and horse radish??? salad dressing, couldn´t even come up with vinegar and oil. For a few pesos more there are several places locally that can and do, do better.
  8. Every day is different, how can you predict the future of such a volatile exercise. Just go and take your chances.
  9. Maybe he´s from New Yawk…..not important there.
  10. Pete, read the whole thread. The hospital and Dr.´s office are open and used by two people posting on this thread, including moi. In fact, I posted that in the post directly before yours.
  11. Took a patient to the emergency facility tonight and was taken care of promptly and efficiently, no problems. Yo1, the security guard told me they will have small craft to ferry folks from the parking lot lo the hospital entrance and inclined planks over the sandbags at the front door for sillas de rueda. And what about that arroyo directly west of the hospital when it overflows it´s banks. Problems, problems, problems……..
  12. This is not the place to be getting this kind of complicated and sensitive information for the processes you are asking about. Talk to the trust department of the bank issuing the fideocomiso, an attorney, or a notario. for expert advice.
  13. Gringal and jonny are acting like a couple cannibals from the same tribe trying to eat each other when there is plenty of game out there in the forest. How two people that probably are philosophically very close could be carrying on like this is amazing when the enemy is just as close as over their shoulder. Both of them should quit wasting their time on each other and wake up to who is the REAL threat. AND mod 5, quit picking on jonny, he is no worse than the rest.
  14. How did Jonny insert an extra line into your post when he quoted you?????
  15. I didn´t/don´t care and you did just fine...…...don´t be intimidated!!!!
  16. Can´t speak with authority as I´m not much of a shrimp buyer and little memory of it, BUT..... price gouging is certainly not unheard of and alive and well in Mexico when there is an opportunity……..like Año Nuevo in PV...…..
  17. Good news...………….. I was in Mom's Restaurant Deli in Riberas del Pilar this morning and a lady walked in with her dog. She was asked to leave because of the dog and she took the dog to her vehicle (I suppose), because she returned sin perro. A small victory, but nonetheless……………………….
  18. You posted earlier that you have a card from the SAT that has your RFC and CURP # on it, so that means they already have your info and would not need it again. New residents of foreign nationalities are not ensconced in the system and have to enter it, hence the card as proof. There were a lot of generic numbers used at one time for first time users that are of no avail now.
  19. I wondered about those pet elephants in India. Maybe when they are babies and fit under the table...er... I mean under the roof. Talk about discrimination, I wonder if the pet shelters around the area allow humans to dine inside of kennels, cages, or carriers.
  20. "share on an outdoor patio" Does the dog sit at the table or does the owner get down on the floor on all fours? Do they get separate plates and who divides the meal, dog or owner?
  21. Bought shrimp at Walmart Wed. and it was the same price as a month ago. Maybe there wasn´t as much demand this year or the supply is more plentiful. One restaurant owner, Panino, said her supplier of shrimp hadn´t raised the price lately either.
  22. Those "in charge" are all pretty good people and most of them have "gone fishin´", right now.
  23. Who is bubba? Some sort of Texas redneck, hillbilly vernacular meaning what? "No one" is a lot of people. Or is "no one" related to bubba?
  24. Lot´s of lying SOB´s (and DOB´s) in the White House?
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