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  1. There must be some connection to The Forest Grill, right next door, as the blackboard menu of TFG, in the front, has the same exotic meats listed on their menu as La Ceiba. Also strange is that the signage (TFG) says open on Mondays but was locked up today. That´s on the eastside. On the westside, the old Pepe and Aurora´s, there is signage that says Los Bandidos Mariscos, but it also was all locked up. Someone posted that Peter´s Mariscos next to La Huerta event center was moving there but they are still open, as of today anyway, at the old location. It´s like a Rubics Cube, and the m
  2. Probably San Antonio, TX...….makes sense………...
  3. When I read your first post I thought you were having a party and didn´t invite me. Guess not, so WE are still friends……...
  4. Sounds like a break in or intruder vandalism of some kind. An animal?
  5. Pete, I got my first Mexican license 40 years ago and the toughest part of the test was how attach the singletree to the harness and then to the "coche", and I wasn´t hauling turistas around in a calandria either. LOL
  6. There are at least o dozen nice sit down restaurants in Plaza Andares. I have eaten many times in most of them and never once encountered a dog inside the restaurants. That includes La Vaca Argentina, El Almacen, Vincent, PF Changs, The Outback, La Italiana, and several others. Maybe they are allowed outside in the walkways or passage in front of the stores but I have not seen them inside where people are dining. I would be very surprised if they are and I am going to start inquiring to see if what you say is true. This thread is about dogs in restaurants, not dogs just anywhere.
  7. Ajijic Tango has a Greek salad and I know I have seen it several other places, including Gosha´s, as gringal said, I´ll keep an eye out and let you know Ferret.
  8. La Ceiba It´s a big tree but I don´t remember seeing any around their location. Will have to take a look. i used to see a lot of them in Costa Rica but at the lower elevations.
  9. I think the facilitator usually drives. In this case, a driving test might be in order, for all concerned, as age is bad enough without other detriments to your driving abilities.
  10. Which explains all the confused and repetitious posts, and the helpful advice when given, can´t seemed to be absorbed. I recommended she get a facilitator from the get go, it would be money well spent in this case.
  11. I too, don´t like backless because sometimes I forget, lean back and almost take the reverse somersault. I don´t have any back problems but that could sure cause it.
  12. That doesn´t apply to any police or Vialidad vehicles in the course of their on patrol time. They can, and will cross, unauthorized crossings on medians and go the wrong way on any street or lane. You won´t get them reprimanded for that by any policing agency, photos or not.
  13. Those chairs have backs. They look pretty standard to me.
  14. You mean it hasn´t been burning for a year, I was just ready to say WOW !!!!
  15. A lot of people have drowned in the lake over the last 40 years I have lived here, so walking out is not guaranteed, and lot of those drownings happened when the lake was a lot lower.
  16. Farmacia Guadalajara is one for sure, and they handle a large and varied inventory of products. It would be nice if Lidia would move her medical supply store from Ajijic to the hospital.
  17. All of the new Congress that comes from minority ethnicities, religions, racial makeups, seem to read, write, and understand English, as well as the laws, good or bad. So what is your problem about all this assimilation? Oh I see, they should be white. blue eyed Christians (preferably non-Catholic) A total red herring argument. Attrition of your point of view is more important to me than your idea of assimilation.
  18. Get a facilitator, this board just seems to be confusing you.
  19. You are absolutely correct Ferret.
  20. I didn´t quote you so I don´t know why you are responding. Yes, I understood which hospital you were talking about.
  21. Rest easy! There is a brand new cleaning and janitorial staff at the new hospital and the cleaning lady at Maskaras Clinic is still there until the end of May, at least.
  22. Which hospital are you talking about? The new hospital in SAT is Hospital San Antonio. There is a Hospital San Francisco in GDL. If the GR can´t get the name right, well there is always the rest of the story for accuracy.
  23. Jonny predicted that in his autobituary.
  24. Went last week, steaks, ribeye and New York are thinner cuts but flavor OK, as grilled outside on wood. Not exactly carne asada thickness but less than any good steak house that serves Argentine or US style of thickness. Salad and some kind of roasted potatoes comes with it, neither one special as salad was a little limp and they only had chipotle and horse radish??? salad dressing, couldn´t even come up with vinegar and oil. For a few pesos more there are several places locally that can and do, do better.
  25. Every day is different, how can you predict the future of such a volatile exercise. Just go and take your chances.
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