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  1. You are guys are creating a tempest in a teapot. Either of the aforementioned names work and could be considered official. Even through La Floresta the carretera has several names including Carretera Chapala-Jocotepec Ote. and some Chinese name. In Chapala, the Riberas area it can be the Carretera blah, blah, blah, or Hidalgo and on and on If you travel to the big city, the name changes frequently from eje to eje. In Mexico, everyone likes to get in on the naming game, street names are a way of honoring and recognizing people, places, and events.------makes postal and delivery peo
  2. Find a lawyer who will draft a will, not all do, then take it to a Notario Publico for official registration and future enforcement/viability.
  3. I heard that at his new assignment, if you don´t grease the palm, you get a big smear of wet paint right in the face. LOL
  4. Hector delivered paint to El Gordo....now that´s laughable news. Probably painting stripes on the center lines of the Carretera by hand. Wait until he´s finished for your accolades and thank you note
  5. Good post traderspoc. I am always skeptical of these reported bank fraud activities. I´m sure some are correct but after dealing with Mexican main stream banking institutions for over 40 years without any problem, I just have the gut feeling that sometimes things might have a different spin than just the sensationalized media accounts of the situation, and there might be more of the story that is not included. I have never lost any money or sleep over any Mexican banking activity. Of course living in a peso economy and peso earnings, what it is in relation to the US dollar doesn´t conce
  6. Who cares?......other than the four above. LOL
  7. There is deposit insurance but you have to know where it is valid. Check out Ley de Protección al Ahorro Bancario.
  8. Couldn´t have said it better myself, and if I could, I wouldn´t. LOL
  9. No entiendes la "o " por lo redondo...…...
  10. I´ll say your housekeeper doesn´t know what she´s talking about. There are price control limits on certain staples but not on Coca Cola or any other refresco. Walmart, Soriana, or any other chain or individually owned tienda, restaurant, puesto, or whatever can charge whatever they want. Housekeepers are not always the best source of info for how sociedades anonimas run their business,
  11. I think you should qualify your post by saying "foreigners, no lucrativo"". Mexicans and foreigners engaged in any kind of business activity here have to have domestic bank accounts for accounting and tax reporting purposes. Even if you rent out a casita, a Mexican account is necessary, and why would any Mexican or even a foreigner risk sending their funds to the US? There are a lot of good banks and bankers in Mexico and the SMA situation, if it happened as reported, is a rare exception. I have never lost any sleep over it and put it in the same category of chance as the foreigners who
  12. Health care in Mexico is determined by Mexicans and Mexican needs, not foreigners. Basically it is…... SP for the poor IMSS for the working poor and lower middle class Private doctors and hospitals for the upper middle class and well off Just figure where you fit in if you are a foreign resident, it´s not that difficult gringal, I don´t believe the new SAT hospital is affiliated with the company offering US medicare recuperation of costs other than leasing them space. The payment/cashier caja at the hospital certainly isn´t offering them.
  13. LOL......better than "thank you…..good byeeee"
  14. For years, they sold it on the northwest corner of the Carretera and Colon in Ajijic. Don´t know if they still do.
  15. This gets my vote for "The most worthless thread of the month" award--------LOL...…(maybe the year)
  16. Maybe because he is persona non grata on Inside/Lakeside.
  17. I don´t know……. Less pollution to the environment by people travelling hither and yon seeking a better price? All the stores finding the bottom price for not going into a "going out of business" scenario? Price fixing? All owned by the same extended family? Who knows?....it is what it is.
  18. You have had a vivid imagination for as long as I have known you.
  19. In my case, it proves that those Irish nuns weren´t always successful with incorrigible miscreants.
  20. That only applies if you are paying minimum wage or have a contract with a sindicato detailing agreed upon negotiated annual wage increases.
  21. For their sake, I hope not.
  22. Almost the exact same experience with the "beef" ? burger-----won´t be going back.
  23. Probably the Public Sanitation Office on the east end of Ramon Corona in Chapala, behind the Cruz Roja facility.
  24. It should be described as a grilled cheese with a thin slice of hamburger on top, at no extra cost. LOL
  25. Today it was sliced mango on the hamburguesa de res, 1 cm. of meat, 2" of something that resembled manchego cheese, and 3" of bun ..………………Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! Made me wish for a Big Mac and I don´t even like them.
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