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  1. You´re late, it´s been raining since 31 de mayo...…..
  2. Totally agree, a very simple solution to an overblown problem, even if only for peace of mind, for the very skeptical. It´s like……. ¡ Enséñame los partes reemplazado, mecánico !
  3. We had "real rain" last night in the Raquet Club, at least it was a wet rain. Don´t know if that makes it real or not. I guess there are places where people dream of rain.
  4. Just go to or call the Ayuntamiento in the Palacio Municipal and ask for the office "encargado de alumbrado publico". It usually takes a while, but you never know.
  5. No Rick, I think he is in Ajijic, but I´ll stick to my recommendation of Costco.
  6. Most all races start from a stop position, so this was the start. Who is saying that one rain is the "rainy season". We can discuss that in oct/nov. I think most folks are just glad to see the start.
  7. Did it ever, there was water standing everywhere in Chapala this morning, especially down by Cristiania Park.
  8. I´m with you on this one. Tried Polo twice, with different aids, without much success as his test results and aids didn´t get the job done. Went to the Costco out on Lopez Mateos, dealt with the audiologist named Gustavo for testing and aids, and totally better results. It´s further to go, but in my case, worth it. I´m now a happy camper who can hear a whole lot better.
  9. Probably better to spell it out a little more, like… ¿Tiene parches de tela se puede planchar sobre la tela rota para arreglarla? Hierro is iron alright….different kind….LOL
  10. I would think fastening you seat belt would be good practice anytime you are moving in a vehicle in Mexico. I know the Transito policía think that way, they think it is a "must" also……..LOL
  11. By the way you reported it, it should be hearing aids. LOL
  12. The definition of "organic" is much different in Mexico than the US...….LOL
  13. Oh yeah, blame it on the Mexican belief system. I often wonder how so many foreigners know what Mexicans believe. Most Mexicans wouldn´t be sharing their real innermost thoughts with foreigners or caring about how much money they have. It´s just business and what your product is worth. You should see the price of real estate or rentals in the upper scale neighborhoods of Zapopan and the west side of GDL, where no foreigner ever set foot. I blame it on the ex-pats who don´t go there. LOL
  14. Tobolandia is in SAT, so what you saying is not correct. All locations on the Libramiento, either side on the west end are in SAT.
  15. ¿ realmente ? Y los ciudadanos mexicanos, también Este foro contesta muchas cosas de la comunidad extranjera.
  16. Another hopeless case, searching for that "right" answer. He´ll know it when it finally arrives.
  17. i agree that is probably the only and the best way to do it, swift # to swift #, but he doesn´t want to use a bank.
  18. Well you got one person to agree with you about cutting the time to arrive before departure so that should be your consensus for doing what you want.
  19. Happyjillin is it safe to tippytoe through this board or do I have fear a strike from you? Come on folks, his penetration of anyones´s psyche is about as deep as a thimble full of water. If he bothers you, you should probably stay out of the sun too.
  20. Where´s happyjillin when we really need him?????...…..to take the heat off all these innocent bystanders???
  21. "now we check the balance every week or two" That´s what you have to do or even oftener now with online banking systems. I wouldn´t go away and leave my house unlocked and ask someone to check it once a month. Heavily used credit cards are like unlocked houses.
  22. Absolutely, and the xxxx-in-chief, or one of his xenophobic stooges, has indicated they would like to stop that flow of funds, altogether. Sorry, my American friends on the board, for taking such a Mexican point of view opinion. but that´s just who I am.
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