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  1. I was told by the Delegado the last night will be the 17th, they were given one extra night complete with the castillo-
  2. True, but then you would wind up in your old age like happyjillin.
  3. If you can´t count the change, how could you count the initial payment in small money either?
  4. I agree with Rick, a foreigner buying a Mexican plated car in Texas is not a standard everyday occurrence, so everyone is guessing. I would almost bet if you asked three different officials at Aduana, you would probably get three different answers also.
  5. Are you kidding, I¨ve been living and dying and living every game the Raptors have played since the the World Series of basketball began (no longer just USA) and I´m not a citizen of either country. How ironic is it that the Stanley Cup will be in the US and the O´Brien cup could be in Canada?
  6. They have a third option when jerks take too much change that they don´t deserve, and that is, make it up on a future short change. So accepting too much change could cause a problem that human nature dictates a solution.
  7. Not paid or simply wanting more. This controversy has been going on for years. It´s as consistent as the coming of las lluvias.
  8. Yes, corruption in Mexico is much more acceptable at the public/government level than in the private sector.
  9. One man´s trash is another man´s treasure….. One country´s corruption is another country´s way of earning a living and getting ahead. Same practice worldwide…...different perspective
  10. How would you buy a Mexican car in Texas when you need to officially transfer the factura at a recaudadora in the state where it is plated. I don´t think your ownership would be valid as several things have to be done to qualify to own a Mexican plated car as a foreigner. You could probably drive it but how would you explain ownership at Aduana when it wouldn´t even be in your name.
  11. There are foreigners that have lived here for years and never leave the "gringo world" or mentality, others that assimilate rapidly. Some that have lived here a long time still refer to where they came from, as "back home". Hardly the nomenclature of a local.
  12. Not a happy one time patron here. Ordered fish and chips and was told by owner lady it was definitely sea bass.….. NOT¡¡¡¡…..turned out as she confessed it was "basa"; Vietnamese catfish. After receiving food, two separate parties arrived with dogs and given tables, one right next to us. Won´t be returning. Don´t care how nice the owners are or how cheap their prices.
  13. Well I took it personal heading up a large family of "locals" in an obvious put down that didn´t assume a whole lot except that which was written. In any event, I gotcha chief, and I will try to control my assumptions, or get sent to Siberia.
  14. And yet you allow derisive and insulting remarks about "locals" who I assume are Mexicans.
  15. Telmex is on the Carretera in Ajijic. I think you are confusing it with the Telcel main store which is in the Centro Laguna Mall on the Libramiento in SAT.
  16. Where is Telmex on the Libramiento? Carretera maybe?
  17. Maybe they were just looking for traffic law violations…….. People get upset when they don´t enforce and people get upset when they do enforce and other people think they pick on me and let the offenders go unchecked. Strange world!!!
  18. The ferretería next to (east) of Handy Mail in SAT. I think it is Hernandez.
  19. There are the writers of the law and the enforcers of the law…….two different universes.
  20. Get a letter from your Dr. stating your handicap, then to DIF for approval, and then to Vialidad for registration as an incapacitado.
  21. Did you hand her several 500 notes or how was this accomplished? When a purchase is a large amount in cash, i always count out the 500´s to the person, or any bills if more than a couple.
  22. You must be related to Mod 2, as he is waiting for real rain.... Let me assure you, this rain is wet, soaks into ground, and runs down the street, so I would not call it a "false" rain. The "start" or beginning has already happened. Maybe you mean the continuation of the rainy season. Or is it like a meal doesn´t start with an appetizer but when you are slogging down the entree at full speed…..LOL
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