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  1. Not so sure about China, greatest economic growth in the last 40 years. Doubt their system would work anywhere else though, but who knows.
  2. A street check is needed, not a spell check.
  3. Life for me has been very difficult without a "real" Thai restaurant. …...but I am surviving.
  4. Yep…...some people just can´t drive between the lines and wonder why they get smashed into.
  5. You would have had to put her down in order to get to Allyn, that´s how protective she was of him. Allyn and I shared a similar passion (called cornhuskitis) that was unique to probably just us two, but even then most of our conversation went through Beverly or my son, who had unlimited access to Allyn, for professional reasons. I was with him the night he had the bar room brawl with Adam Fisher in the early 80´s at the restaurant where Telares is now and we kind of tore things up. LOL That´s when I knew he was "my man". Good Ol Days………..
  6. Neither one are in good enough shape to be bothered by anything, now.
  7. The best and most accurate post you have ever authored!!!!!!!!!
  8. Apology accepted! Just remember there are many, many Mexicans who read this board but don´t post because they don´t feel their command of the English language is good enough. I am one of the few exceptions except for a few naturalized citizens like bmh. Even more difficult is for them to understand your attempt at humor that comes across as flat as a pancake. Mexicans who have a fair comprehension of English love reading these boards to get a better understanding (sometimes curiosity driven) of all these foreigners who have relocated here and to learn about them. Paternalistic or "bett
  9. i¨ve done it so many times, I wear a blindfold, so I hope things haven´t changed when I coudn´t see. LOLOL
  10. Absolutely, it´s the only way for me now if I take the cuotas/200 to PV. I would say about 60 kilómetros + o - The entire Macro from Tequila to Zapotlanejo is around 110k If I go the Mascota route then i go through Joco and don´t use the Macro
  11. Forgot to mention, the sign at the turnoff exit onto the Macro, will say Zapotlanejo, but don´t let that bother you. Also, you can get off on 54D, the Colima highway and come in through Joco.
  12. Just past Tequila, first exit to your right. Can´t miss it, just keep looking for it on your right, takes you right over to the Chapala highway about 1k south of the Ocotlán/La Barca turnoff intersection. Watch out for the monkeys crossing the road,,,,,,,they are slow, carrying lots of cocos.
  13. I was fine with the bra thing and protesting, bashing Walmart, but then it turned to the logic for the same, was that Mexico is just brim full of lawbreakers of every stripe and this was the logic for objecting to not being able to try on a bra, whether it be store policy or law. Personally, I don´t care about the OP topic but I do care when I think someone is bashing the country and the people I am a part of. You don´t go to someone´s house and start running down their family.
  14. We are such a miserable country of miscreants, aren´t we. A lot of us (Mexicans) stand in line for hours at 5 different locations in Guadalajara to get or keep our driver´s license or stand in line to pay the predial every year. I don´t know hardly anyone who isn´t Mexican and I don´t have many friends or relatives that fit your descriptive mode. Many Mexican property owners don´t know what predial is???...…..hard to believe!!!! "they run them while the gringos stop"...…...Boy!!!....what did we do to deserve this angelic wave of immigration?
  15. I thought Michael was from the UK and Sean was from Boston, both married to Mexicans and with permanent (ciudadano o permanente) status in Mexico owning a MEXICAN S.A.
  16. I thought food stamps, school lunches, and student loans have been cut in some instances. Don´t know about rent subsidies but unemployment is at all time low levels so that can´t be a big issue now. Which welfare should they cut? Ag businesses just got a 16 billion dollar bump in welfare so I suppose they could start there.
  17. Are you kidding, I´ve had Mexican bank accounts for 45 years. Never had a USD account so wasn´t forced into anything. Back in the days before ´94 when a devaluation against the USD came along, you just left your money in sky high yielding fixed income securities that the rates went through the roof on and buy pesos on the futures market at sometimes a 50% discount to where it finally settled down. Never lost anything even if I figured it USD terms, Also, the other big plus was, that was the time to buy anything and everything because it took some time before inflation caught up with deval
  18. It depends on what you are emitting. What are you emitting? If you don´t mind admitting it.
  19. What is a Libtard? Is that supposed to be something bad? I get the feeling (in this thread) that it is kind of meant to be an insult whereas I thought that the poster was very cognitive about the problem of travel to another country which hadn´t existed before and had nothing to do with elections or politics. Does travelling to Cuba make you political? I´m sure both Republicans and Democrats have made that trip as tourists, so either could be Libtsrds.
  20. The last two posts definitely describe carnivore traits. LOLOL
  21. I´m also looking for an alternative to food…….hard to find.
  22. To where??? Go west to Joco, some good restaurants there…..birria in the plaza, tacos at Don Emilio´s, the bbq pit out on hiway 15, and a lot I know by sight but not by name.
  23. Mainecoons, since you decided that June i3 is the official start date, does that mean this is the REAL rainy season and real rain? I´ll sleep a lot better tonight knowing that my imaginary world of rain since May 31 is over and I have regained my sanity.LOL I kept saying the "start" and I guess you just wanted a running start. We have different definitions of start.
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