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  1. The mods have access to your email address.
  2. What restrictions are you talking about? People are flying into Mexico everyday from the US, and you are a legal resident of Mexico???
  3. I can´t comment on the authenticity of the map of Don Jose Maria Narváez, but there would be a lot of villages now, south and west of Zamora/Jacona that would have been under water then, that seem very old to me. Even a good part of the Rio Duero would have been under water. Interesting, maybe at the high water level at the end of the temporada de lluvias, there was flooding. Next time I´m over there I will be checking this out.
  4. I lived and worked in Zamora (Jacona) for Siasport in the 70´s and the lake never was that far east in the the last 200 years, and if it ever was it was way before recorded history. The famous géiser, northwest of La Rinconada (now dormant) would have been under water and families that I know that have lived there for hundreds of years never mentioned anything like that. The lake did definitely reach the mouth of the Lerma at the point where the highway now crosses over to Briseñas.
  5. No cartel violence but a lot of petty crime like pick pockets, purse snatchers, domestic help theft, etc., etc. Even entering the country, Aduana is legalized theft. And unlike Mexico where cartel crime doesn´t have much to do with tourists and foreigners, in CR, it´s all about tourists and foreigners. Not dangerous, but aggravating and time consuming, replacing passports, credit cards, and other vital items travelers carry. Never, never leave anything in a hotel room that you might have to replace. I had a friend that spent a couple of years there and came back fairly recently, and
  6. Just looking at you, they would easily surmise you wouldn´t be around in 12 more years. How are you making out on those Seahawks tickets? Russell Wilson is furnishing a lot of meals for unemployed people:
  7. What´s the address or location of where your paychecks come from? A lot US companies are legally domiciled in Mexico as well.
  8. That´s what I meant by saying it was different. I think the bland food comments are meant about San Jose and the tourist areas. Seafood is not bad all over the country but beef is mostly Brahmans and Cebus. Imagine the worst steak you ever ate in Mexico. When I lived there 40 years ago, the most popular restaurant was a Mexican restaurant on the main street in San Jose, and Mexicans were referred to as "Andales"
  9. Rick, you must be joking, as many times as I´m sure you have been on the west side of Guad/Zapopan on Vallarta coming or leaving town, you have noticed the signage directing you to the Air Force Academy.
  10. A lot of Ticos of African ancestry on the Caribbean side of the country, especially Puerto Limon. They migrated there from the Islands and their food is more that style.
  11. I haven´t been there since the 1970´s when we stayed up that torturous road up the steep mountain to the Holiday Inn. What I remember most was that mural showing Jose de la Borda grabbing the silver from the Indigenous slaves down in the mines and pushing it up towards the clouds, with the caption of something like... "What de la Borda steals from the poor, he gives to God". 50 years later it still haunts my memory because of the injustice in the name of God.
  12. Good memory for a 5 year old.
  13. The Angus ground beef at Walmart is the best, and if they don´t have it, I wait until they do. Their premium ground beef is OK if you have to have ground beef.
  14. I believe that is what Americans call "puffed rice" More Liana, she is looking for rice krispies. Maybe "arroz crujientes" ? I don´t know.
  15. It´s Etzatlán, not Ezatlan, between Magdalena and Ameca. I´m sure we can all come up with obscure places that no one would ever guess, I know I can. LOL
  16. Talked to Amador today, he only had 2 kilos left that wasn´t spoken for. I took one kilo, so I guess there is one kilo left, it will be ready by next Tues.
  17. And no where is it more developed than the Lake Chapala area. The ex-pat population has brought it up to rocket science standards.
  18. Sorry Pete, I don´t know any "third board" or what you are talking about. Is that the one next to the Western Union Telegraph office? I know Western Union is looking for "tech" help, maybe you could apply there.
  19. Why? when you already have a tech forum on TOB? Computer Guy is very helpful over there.
  20. No one giving good advice goes unpunished.
  21. I WOULD tell myself the same thing and not hide behind the "well you make mistakes too" tree. And since when are mistakes judged innocent or guilty…..by some jury? LOL. I don´t think there are guilty mistakes, the opposite becomes deliberate deception. For some people it´s just hard to be wrong.
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