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  1. He, himself, is not the best example of the Caucasian "white" race, either.
  2. Hasn´t this already been discussed in a previous thread that is exactly the same?
  3. If you are referring to Ajijic, there have been a lot on the east side, right up to SAT, as well, mainly the La Floresta and Bugambilias area
  4. Not these two, they will explore every option there is before surgery. I know this from the experience of a very close family member who was their patient, first the father and then the son.
  5. Well I support your post and I hope you keep it up:
  6. Victor used to work for Chopo when they were located in the Maskaras location, he now works at and for the SA Hospital Clinic.
  7. Between Javier Mina and Galeana.
  8. Why? They are really had to come by on this board.
  9. No, it´s not tough, just like it thick. You are right, rye bread is the problem. Going to try Emma´s.
  10. Is that because you don´t have any teeth??? I like chewing!!!
  11. Prepared ours tonight. WOW!!!.....Just EXCELLENT!.....Waaaay better than I expected. Did the same as you, simmered/boiled on low heat for 3 hours, then drained and let set for an hour before slicing. Sliced into 1 cm. strips for sandwiches. It was perfection. Be sure when you slice that you cut at a 90° angle to the grain of the meat for best results. I can truthfully say it was the best thing I have eaten this year.
  12. Complaining people do not like losing their incentives......thus not being able to function.
  13. Yeah, that is way over the top for his violations and sins!!!
  14. What you say is not nice, but it is the TRUTH. Some people are experts on everything.
  15. You have been inside of his condo????……..amazing, I didn´t think you two were that close.?
  16. It´s a slow day for the serious, first team complainers, so we will have to abide with the "second" team.
  17. Just happens all the time in that fantasy world but SA Hospital is in SAT. I have set in the parking lot at the Hospital for hours trying to get my car alarm to do that. How many alarms can the trucks set off at one time???....in the fantasy world.
  18. Everybody knows that, it´s part of the qualification to get a chofer´s license…..
  19. I will, but only if he pays me a commission for being the intermediary. Getting between you two is dangerous work…..and that´s a FACT.
  20. He has been very busy taking down his satellite dishes! LOL
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