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  1. But only in Wyoming is it legal to hunt them.
  2. I think the Magnum ice cream bars are not dairy either, but vegetable oil.
  3. Are implying we might not be around to see it...LOL When "THE AUTHORITY" says it´s going to happen, I thought he meant by next year .
  4. I don´t care for those commercial ice creams made from vegetable oil and there are a lot of it in Mexico besides Hollanda. I think the Aurrera brand Walmart handled was vegetable oil also, plus others.
  5. The sponsor of this board and the Rojas family (Century 21) were in the real estate business long before A W Lloyd got into it. What Farmacia Guadalajara are you talking about? After they moved to Chapala from Jocotepec, they were located about a block north of the Presidencia, back then, on the west side of the street on Madero. Much later, they built the building in Ajijic, where Activer is now and before was the real estate office of the Russian lady, Lumila. So it is new by Ajjic standards.
  6. Did you consider that a serious question?? Definitely some kind of mental reflexive conditioning.
  7. Well you certainly fit the definition perfectly, so I can see why you are in the know about trolls. I just gave you the green light to tell me "screw you" and all the other insults you will be forthcoming with. 😀😀😀 HAVE FUN!!!
  8. Nothing confusing to me. Rick, it is called SA HOSPITAL because that is the name in big letters on the front of the part of the building that is the hospital. Quality care has their area and Maskaras has their area. All you need is three fingers or ask someone. 😃
  9. Just eat one and then your post will be "legal".
  10. That is correct, no proven connection to the El Fogon murder. Murder can happen anywhere, where is the place where you can get a guarantee of it not happening.
  11. Haha! Easy explanation for that....you just bring out the worst in some people, but I´m sure your time spent on self-examination doesn´t amount to much. It´s comforting to know you had a high opinion of me once but alas, times change. Hang in there as the whole world is out of step with your cadence but you never know, we might get back on track again. I know I can see my faults, the question is, can you see yours?
  12. Bisbee Gal has given you all the correct information. Quality Care and the SA Hospital do not have anything to do with the Maskaras staff on the west side so they wouldn´t know about their availability. I think regular patients of Dr. Garcia might still be able to get the flu shots if you are under some kind of treatment. I go there twice a week for shots (not flu) and Judith works for Dr. Garcia, just like she did at the old Maskaras Clinic in Riberas, not Quality Care and not the SA Hospital. So that is why Judith could tell you something different.
  13. You are certainly easily amazed.......LOL
  14. How many beds do you need? 😃 Yes, it is a fine hospital for our area and I know many friends and family that have used it, liked it, so the negativity is wasted on me.
  15. Talk to Judith in the Clinic (the old Maskaras) on the west side of the Hospital, not the Hospital reception area.
  16. When did they move to Ajijic, I just saw them earlier today still in SAT?
  17. Do you have a big following for your recommendations ?
  18. I would be dead after TWO types of flu, let alone four, so four or six would be a waste of money. I have never even had one type. 😀😀😀
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