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  1. Never ate it, never heard of it, but it says long grain and wild rice. What´s so bad about that? And why would they add chemicals to rice?
  2. La Barca is much smaller than Guadalajara and you don´t have to go anywhere near the big city.
  3. As usual.........Mexico....WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! Mexico.......WOLF! WOLF! WOLF! To the ad nauseam .........When will your Grandpa Jim let you have some rest? Will he ever be placated? ?
  4. Finally, a piece of sense in a thread of total nonsense. Same here, never needed a reservation and they have excellent molcajetes. A lot of people want to make the thread about Peter, besides himself.
  5. ldrews???.......He´s the LAST person you want to make a bet with...HAHAHA
  6. Pete, no problem here for me either, but as you know, I have "inside" help. 😀 😀 😀
  7. No he doesn´t ........... Both 54 and 80 are free roads and 80 is faster. done them both a 100 times. 54D is a toll road and is faster and has only been there for the last 20 years or so. 54 is still there in some fashion or the other.
  8. It´s worse than pathetic, this person promoting the idea that Covid 19 is a nothing burger. A blind ostrich with their head in the sand. I think a lot of this nay saying has to do with people putting their financial health ahead of their, or anybody else´s physical health. But carryon as your reduced activity will help keep your physical health stay in line with your financial health. You don´t have to die to suffer the effects of the virus, a lot of people have lived through it and their quality of life is a lot less for quite some time. The effects linger on for it seems, forever.
  9. There are always the toilet paper buyers with any bad news from tsunamis to beef prices to Santa Claus doesn´t really exist. Now I have to get rid of some toilet paper to make space for the beef.
  10. So true, and I think most people know which glove they wear, not so much what the other person is wearing.
  11. At least 6 that I knew and they knew me, one who was associated with the company that owns this forum sight. At least two of them were foreign born. Probably more, just can´t remember them all. Why do you ask and what will you do with the information, even if it is totally reliable?
  12. Hey Kiddo, was my sarcasm that well concealed? LOL
  13. I´m glad you did too, and that is really helpful news and advice for all the people that got their first shot in Ajijic or Chapala. Of course, you never were concerned or asked questions about getting the vaccine on this board or any other before you casually dropped into the Pfizer shots.
  14. Will there be a second shot in those pueblos??? Maybe in two weeks if it is going to happen.
  15. Not a Cuevas family, just one particular Cuevas....Ferrnando Cuevas. One Cuevas family from SJC are my consuegros.
  16. I am having trouble translating some of your words.
  17. We´ll end the discussion about the locations as that has been fairly well answered here. In Chapala, it was the first 3 locales on Madero, east side, at the corner with Morelos where the furniture store and Chinese resturant and something else is. In Ajijic, it was where Farmacia Guad. is, and Amutio was, the entire building. The Actinver building is very recent and was built by AWLLOYD. Keep trying on the name of the stores and the owner.
  18. No that is a newer building built by the Serna family to be a grocery store but failed and became an event center. Serna had a very successful grocery store on the corner of Ocampo and Morelos in Ajijic where everyone shopped but it was small. Where some kind of hamburger place is now.
  19. Not many......Most everyone that I knew that were adults then, are dead and gone. The children yes, they are still around. A lot of people have passed through this area, lived here a short while and then moved on. I am speaking of the extranjeros. Old Mexican families are still here and in tact.
  20. No not the Soriana/Gigante or whatever it was, location. The rest of your answer is correct. There was a tragic incident involving son, not sure what you mean by father and son. Two of my children were very close to the son and they would go to his house and he would come to ours.
  21. The first answer is correct, the second answer, no. The store where Santander is now, was mainly a carnicería operated by Gus Sanchez with a nice selection of other groceries, but small. The two stores I mentioned had the same owner and I´ll give you a clue.....he lived just east of the old Maskaras Clinic in the brick building LOL....a whole lot of people liked to sell "black market goods" before NAFTA.
  22. No, nothing to do with that construction/location, as it is all newer.
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