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  1. So Russian and Chinese diplomats, business travelers, and tourists are not allowed into Europe? Russia is Europe!!! Doesn´t sound right to me.
  2. Boy!!! Are you ever qualified to post about swimming!!!
  3. A really good post Rick, and I agree with EVERYTHING you say. Chillin lives in a world alone and the other is approaching troll like characteristics.
  4. I spent 15,000 there 10 years ago when Fernando Frances, my cousin, was still the owner of the business, to entirely repaint my van, and thought it was a good price for the quality of his work.
  5. You have posted infinite times that you are "BUSINESS MAN". Well, I for one am glad I have no need to do "business" with you. 😃
  6. Yes, party of 4. Masks have to come off when you are eating.
  7. Except that one place where we walked on top of the water, it was running uphill. Hope to see you at the corned beef and cabbage affair next week as I have a lot of late "blarney" releases. It starts at 2PM and they are ready, said you were booked for sure.
  8. Yes, just in my lifetime here from in the mid 70´s, when you had to drive through 20 to 30 cm. of water covering Ramon Corona in Chapala and !6 de sep/Independencua in Ajijic to the water being so far out that you needed binoculars to see it from the malecones. Nobody wants a basement near the laguna when the water is high.....😀
  9. Yeah, it is so bad here that no one, Mexican or foreigner, should consider moving here, and everyone living here should be getting out. Just unbearable!!!!!!!
  10. Who were these "politicians" before they were elected? You speak as though they are imported from some distant planet. And how do they manage to do so well in getting elected in a democracy of native citizens? Are superior intellectual people incapable of being politicians or getting elected?
  11. OK then, no complaints about complainers, and I´ll just say the traffic don´t bother me and I live in SAT. I don´t know if patience is a virtue but it´s certainly less stressful when driving in heavy traffic.
  12. The only thing that has gotten heavier than the traffic is the number of constant complainers about it.
  13. Correct!!! I know others say it´s not the dish size but I have it on good authority that it is. I have a large dish and NO problem. Of course it has to be adjusted properly for direction.
  14. Israel just bought a lot of the Russian vaccine and they are not known for buying bad merchandise.
  15. Of the "usual" quality..............LOL
  16. You weren´t offended by that comment ? LOL
  17. Please credit Oscar Wilde....................
  18. Great!!! I, and some others, hope you get "less optimistic" very quickly. 😀😀😀
  19. Are you ever correct, this poster is the king of blah, blah, blah!!!!!
  20. You are absolutely correct Pete, it´s the dish size. Like you, I have the large dish and no problems at any time, get everything that Shaw offers.
  21. Totally agree and the cardamon muffins are just as bad or worse....ugh!!! Bagels are great if you have a hacksaw at home to cut them with.
  22. Stop if the semáforo is red as you approach the intersection and go through if it is green. s
  23. Gosh, I sure like your posts Rick S!!! Hope I don´t get into trouble for being so personal with you. 🧡🧡🧡
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