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  1. I don´t read or rely on the Chinese government for MY news, ever......and that´s not the topic here, vaccine is. But I will take their vaccine as that is being used in many countries and you can monitor the Chinese news. How many articles or products have you bought that was labelled "MADE IN CHINA" that would make you an authority on the vaccine as being not useful.
  2. If you know anyone in the motorcycle club "Los Guerros", they all went down 80 to San Patricio a week ago Monday, for the week.. Talked to one, and he said the road was in good shape, and if you know cyclists, you know they don´t appreciate bad roads. They hang out around the Iron Horse if you don´t know any personally, but believe me, they pay attention to road conditions..
  3. And they still have PESOS and CATHOLICISM...... 😃
  4. And my comment to you is the same as the other thread.
  5. So does that mean they are not correct in this particular article? You have, and continue to, spread a lot of doubt about this vaccine as though you are on a crusade. Just don´t take it and allow all of us that has, suffer the consequences.
  6. I was speaking about over the years since they were granted independence from US colonial rule.
  7. The volume of traffic between the US and the Philippines is significant so it is important what they accept and use.
  8. Anybody that didn´t figure out how to get the first shot probably won´t do any better getting the second one......LOL Most people will probably ? remember getting the first shot so just go there and tell them that you are there for your second shot, show them your paperwork and I´m sure you will get it.
  9. So you would get a single second shot as your first shot without any real hope of a second shot? How many people will be doing that? I suppose a few (head shaking).
  10. There is no problem, just return to the same location where you received the first shot and they will have the record and paperwork there. It would be very hard to prove you DIDN´T get a shot since THEY didn´t provide you a receipt. All the vaccines were Sinovac, so no mystery there and why would you want a second shot if you hadn´t received the first?
  11. You definitely are in a very, very small minority. Hundreds of people received their injections just like they were supposed to. You had an unusual situation but the vast majority is not in your position of condemning the government for what was a very daunting task for all the people there trying to make things work for a once in a lifetime disaster/problem. My "hat¨s off" to all the government employees and volunteers who got the job done.
  12. Alan you criticizing someone who HAS BEEN here a long time, just not on this board, and he is dealing with someone who thinks they are never wrong even when they fabricate the garbage they put out there. So don´t include me with your "US".
  13. It is known, but still highly classified information. Supposedly 28 days but you have to have had the first shot in order to get the second.
  14. Oh please, I think we can manage without another one, like your candidate. 😃
  15. Riberas del Pilar is not part of the SAT Delegación, but part of the Chapala Delegación, I don´t care what that map shows.
  16. It´s the same couple of chronic complainers that show up everywhere they can, to complain. Must be a real joy to be around and hear the never ending whining about the Mexican government and how things are done here. Of course, I realize they have been sentenced and have to serve their sentence here. AlanMexicali just can´t abide by anything AMLO does,even if he does it right. The other one should be President of Mexico, because has the answers for all the problems, but isn´t Mexican enough to be El Presidente, very sad for a struggling nation to be deprived of all that expertise.
  17. Not exactly....I didn´t go near the place on Tuesday but was vaccinated by 11AM today as well as several other people I know who weren´t there on Tues. either.
  18. I would say that today´s group in Ajijic , as me, were majority older Mexicans. Most younger Mexicans respect age, even if it´s foreigners, so I don´t think they perceive it as a problem.
  19. My experience today in Ajijic is somewhat different than others here. If you are interested, I posted a full review of what happened to me today in Ajijic, on TOB. I
  20. I posted a full review of what happened to me today in Ajijic on TOB.
  21. It was super good, all the vegetables cooked to perfection and love his Costco brisket corned beef.
  22. That sounds more believable to me than the title of this thread, which I am highly skeptical of, is accurate.
  23. "just imagine".....yeah, that seems what you are doing a lot of.....just my opinion.
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