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  1. 9:00 AM opening, not sure about closing. Probably 3/4 PM.
  2. Are you referring to me??? Glad you have an opinion of someone you DON´T know....I´ll save mine of you. 😅
  3. I usually take mine up to 85 and have never had a problem.
  4. I can´t top 1913 but I know a Canadian lady who has lived here 46 years and has never went back to Canada to renew her passport AND she has a current, valid one.
  5. Yes gringal, they have always been closed on Tuesdays´, but if you call or stop by on Mon. or before and give them your order and set an appt., they will meet you there on Tuesday.
  6. Thanks for your reply, I was trying not to be TOO critical. 🙂
  7. As much as I like most all of your posts mudgirl, you really can´t speak for "other forum posters" like some kind of moderator. I enjoy seeing his lifestyle and it doesn´t damage me at all. Just block him! And we are not family and friends, either.
  8. Don´t know as we have only spoken Spanish between us, and he has only come to my house. Call him and give him an English quiz, you will find out quickly.
  9. Carlos Ramirez, expert on all kinds of chimeneas/fireplaces in Chapala. 376-765-5597 or 333-903-5891
  10. Probably processing, shipping. and cold storage has risen in cost.. Like what ranchers face when the price of beef on the hoof drops, but the "middle" people don´t come down on their prices, prices then to the consumer don´t reflect it.
  11. HUH??? Do your own "regulating".
  12. Oh so many you cant count them all......but their degrees, or lack of, is questionable. 😳
  13. Says you, in exile hibernation in the land of the Seahawks!!!!
  14. They are hunted mainly for trophy heads, not so much for the meat. The antelope part is the lesser ingredient on the meat side.
  15. OK, the water is dirty, the beach is dirty, and there is crime everywhere. This hurts because I want to sell and get the hell out of there.
  16. It would seem some people are only interested in free parking.
  17. Beautiful crystal clear water beaches around Chacala, north of Guayabitos and accessed by Las Varas.
  18. But only in Wyoming is it legal to hunt them.
  19. I think the Magnum ice cream bars are not dairy either, but vegetable oil.
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