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  1. If you continue to think and act with this typically Kansas City area mentality, moving to and living in Mexico is going to be a "piece of cake" for you. ! Bienvenidos y Mucha Suerte !
  2. Better yet, there are some politicians who are world famous for this activity.
  3. That is true if you factor in the exchange rate with the US dollar, but for people who live here full time and not involved the with the US dollar, then the only thing you are concerned with is the local inflation rate, which hovers around 3% and makes investing at 7% profitable. Same could be said comparing the US dollar to the Swiss franc.
  4. Has anyone established his value? Appraisals seem to vary significantly around here locally.
  5. Pete, we know you are smarter than that, better get out and get some fresh air.
  6. You have your own fax machine?
  7. Like the Municipio de Chapala......LOL
  8. You are right Xena. Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterey, and other large cities are not agrarian economy based.
  9. Did you insert 450 pesos into the pay slot? Probably you paid a little advance payment and will have a 61 peso credit on the next billing.
  10. At the risk of being called "snippy", Gabby has nothing to do with Farmacia Maskaras in either location.
  11. But they all don´t give the same discounts to certain customers.
  12. I was IN the SAT local saturday morning and have a half dozen witnesses to prove it.
  13. I know that, but after office business hours, the ATM is not that busy into the night.
  14. And it certainly wasn´t any way to gain sympathy. I don´t care how much adversity a person has, there is a way to conduct yourself properly.
  15. There is always a line there during open hours using the ATM.
  16. The Farmacia Maskaras in SAT (half block west of SA Hospital) was open Fri and Sat, the one in Riberas was closed. Lulu, the owner, is usually at the SAT local.
  17. Both locations? I think the one in SAT was open today, don´t know about Riberas.
  18. There must be easier tasks to perform than trying to fill this order.
  19. If you have a salitre problem, you probably need an albañil.
  20. Who is Kurt?.....or are you replying to Ken?
  21. Same here, can´t say enough good about it.
  22. There isn´t any IShop store in Ajijic, only in San Antonio T. and San Juan Cosalá. Also 3 stores in Guad.
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