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  1. Never kick a Tom Turkey under the wing......a low blow.
  2. ¿ De dónde nacio en Mexico ?
  3. GO Lab also has a local across from Chula Vista as it is the same ownership as Farmacia Maskaras. Next to the sign shop and Lidia´s medical supply store.
  4. Now that is a statement that could easily be debated in another thread!!!!!!!
  5. That must be because you use it continuously...........😅
  6. Dead right!!! They used to sell the chickens on the west side where it became a sit down area and the kitchen was behind the poultry counter. Joe later moved the fresh poultry counter to the middle area of the building.
  7. And even more, before and after........😳
  8. I think you are trying to get TWO 3 day weekends.......😀
  9. OK, I will. There wasn´t any problem between Paul and Mae, other than he wanted to retire (just like a lot of older folks). Joe wasn´t interested in the restaurant/deli side of the business and just wanted to concentrate on selling poultry and supplemental supplies. Yes, a couple of the restaurant employees went with her as she and they were not needed for or wanted to cut up chickens. Just a simple case of people splitting up and going separate ways, not that anyone thought anyone was better than the other. Just a case of doing what you are comfortable with.
  10. You are right. Paul, who started Puritan Poultry where Bellon is now in SAT with his understudy Jose (Joe), then moved to the present location of Puritan Poultry in Riberas. Paul then expanded the business to fried chicken and other items and Mae Collins was an employee of his. When Paul retired, is when the mother and daughter Collins moved to their first location in the strip of locales adjacent to the Maskaras Clinic.
  11. Isn´t the Tues. market in Rancho del Oro, West Ajijic?
  12. I bought a Shaw remote from Ajijic Electronics, as they did have them for sale.
  13. And yet you can call her "A JERK" previous to her post. A little hypocritical, don´t you think???
  14. But "WE" are all so interested in how you, do or don´t pay your bills......LOL
  15. You are telling ME!!!.......who was raised on mother´s milk and was never weaned.....called GUINNESS??? I will have to CHECK that out..........CZECH......😀😀😀
  16. I always mixed it with first hand smoke and it was great, just like the hamburguesas. 👍👍
  17. What´s even worse is acting like Portland OR, is the Mecca for chili dogs, like does anybody really care.
  18. Discount for MEXICAN CITIZENS of TERCER EDAD was all I have ever heard of, and that has a top limit that it only applies to. 15% discount for anyone paying before the 1 de marzo.
  19. Any farmacia, next to the high blood pressure meds.
  20. I guess some people will argue over whether a blue sky is really blue....LOL It helps pass the time until they die.
  21. One in the SA Hospital complex and another a half block west of the Hospital next door to Farmacia Maskaras on the Carretera, lakeside in SAT.
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