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  1. You are so right about Red Lobster.....TERRIBLE. The only two with US names that I find good are The Cheesecake Factory in Galerias and Arby´s in the Gran Plaza. Not sure if it´s a US chain or not, but Carl´s Jr. is better than McD or BK.
  2. Is that anything like "incessant" (I believe that was the word used)....😀😀😀
  3. It sure wasn´t UNTIL YOU brought me into it with my dementia. You don´t have to do such a great job of keeping me on the "front page"....LOLOL
  4. I should have said, you inferred that I have dementia and then implied it in your post.
  5. Yeah, that´s my question too. I´m not the sharpest knife in the drawer and never had a problem figuring it out on either the first or second shot, whether it was in Ajijic or Chapala. Unless you were bed ridden, any handicapped person could have brought a walker or wheel chair, so I don´t understand why the reluctance to do so rather than wait for a non-existent home visit and miss the shots altogether. I KNEW where they were giving them and didn´t trust this home visit business was a certainty. In Mexico you have to go with what you can see and not in promises in the atmosphere.
  6. Sounds like a brocheta mignon. S
  7. I´m sorry that you are sorry. Just let me know what I owe you for your vocabulary consultancy services. As far as the disappointment, I imagine I will survive if I suck it up, and with lots of alcohol.
  8. No "special pull". I just took the letter that I had received from Dr. Alvaro Gonzalez to get my handicap sticker and was placed in the handicap line which was shorter by about half.
  9. Inferring that I have "dementia" is not a personal attack??? Not surprising, coming from you.
  10. No, but invite Xena next time so she doesn´t feel left out.
  11. The answer to both questions is, because I just want to. 😀😀😀
  12. Four copies (for me) Your ID, whatever it is, 1: INE card, Pasaporte, and IMN cards. 2: CURP. 3: copy of your initial registration. and 4: copy of your receipt for the first shot. Not just to see, but they keep them.
  13. Sorry Xena, but Pete and I have been making each "other´s business", our business for a long time, and I´m sure Pete would tell you the same thing. You should overhear some of the conversations we have, and have had over the past 20 some years we have known each other well. To me he is obligated to explain.....😀 LOL 😀
  14. No, I didn´t miss it. Only suggested, as it was the nearest that I know of. A 2 hour flight isn´t too bad for something as important as this.....IMHO. If I had missed the program here that would have been my next option. Some of my family members flew a greater distance but for various other reasons. But who knows, as unpredictable as things are here there might be other places in Mexico with excess vaccine. Or just be careful and wait it out to next November when you will be able to buy it at the farmacias or Dr.´s offices. edit: I remember you wanted a home visit, so if you ar
  15. Another true believer of "the season" I believe in....when it rains, things get wet, when it doesn´t, they stay dry.......anytime of the year.
  16. They certainly checked my paperwork, several times. (arrived at 8AM, out by 11:30, including 30 minute wait). The lady pulled out the the four copies she needed, stapled them together, and marked them with a yellow marker and said "you are good to go". Then it was just a question of keeping them dry in the rain....LOL
  17. Pete, I can´t believe that as long as you have lived here and speak Spanish reasonably well, that you needed anyone to help you get a driver´s license. You spent too long in Seattle my friend, or got the wrong vaccine while up there. 😀 LOL 😀
  18. A quick trip to McAllen with the new, cheap direct flight?
  19. It sure went well in Chapala today, arrived at 8AM, shots done and with 30 minute wait, out by 11:30. Did need a jacket and when not under a tent, an umbrella. Those gals giving the shots know how to run a military style efficient, get it done job operation. Hundreds if not in the thousands, in line. Great team, including the syringe carriers, swab carriers, refuse collector , and paper work checkers. There was no fooling around.
  20. I hope.....never. Can´t believe anyone would spend one second on such a nonsense waste of time. When will the first snow fall in Minneapolis or the first wildfire starts in California or the first frost in New Hampshire. They all happen every year and someone here will feel compelled to explain in great scientific detail why when it is raining, like today, it is not the "rainy season". How many snowfalls in Minneapolis is considered for the start of the "snowy season"?
  21. Yes, he does seem to have a determination and love for rehashing the past.....LOL Repeat and repeat until you are gas lighted in is his forte.
  22. Katz (cats) loses their dog...now we know for sure who holds the higher position in the animal kingdom.
  23. Yeah, I will. Tell me how much you want to wager and I will give a line. Either they do or they don´t, don´t care which side you want to bet on.
  24. With the feet on this lineman ?, he sure doesn´t need spikes. LOLOL but where is his safety belt? Being an old lineman, the most I ever weighed when I was climbing poles was 235 lbs. and I was the biggest guy in our division. He or she, sure tops that. Thanks for a good laugh.
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