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  1. Beyond Meat is the brand. Two vegetarian members of my family love them as well as the carnivores. Costco always has them, so suppose the local grocers that supply from Costco might have them. The several local restaurants that prioritize vegetarian/vegan fare is where I would start looking. mudgirl has promised not to "wise up" Wendy´s......😀
  2. And their namesakes don´t seem to have changed much....LOL
  3. Well me, for one!!! I would rather be with the 50% of Brazilians it helped than the 0% it helped, of the people waiting for whatever. It´s like they overheard one Covid virus talking to another, and saying, "don´t stop here because they are waiting for a different vaccine". Bisbee Gal probably wouldn´t take Pfizer if it was produced in China just because it´s Chinese. Her denigration of the Chinese far outweighs her concern of the vaccines. China is there, they have their form of government, like it or not, and that is not going to change.
  4. Is this in Chapala? I´m not familiar with Galeana street in Chapala, only Ajijic.
  5. Well, at least there was truth in this toilet thread.......LOL
  6. Sometimes people just go overboard trying to impress, mostly themselves, and anybody else who will listen, about all their knowledge and wisdom on just about any topic. In this case.....Its all the time.
  7. OK...........but that doesn´t answer my question.
  8. He is her son and I will bet you any amount of money you want to bet that he is!
  9. That´s easy. I´m assuming he is a direct descendant of the original Jim Bowie and you know what the Mexicans did to him (deservedly so ). It´s called "trying to get even".
  10. Why do the good steak houses use fire (wood, charcoal, or gas) instead of electric then? Much less hassle to cook the meat.
  11. You are correct Pete, Ivan, the son, manages the Riberas store and mom, Lulu, is at the SAT location. In many years here, I have never met a better or more knowledgeable farmacĂŠutica than Lulu, except for Hector Marquez, who is long gone.
  12. It is so painfully obvious, what you say, that it is hard to read the complaining about Harry.
  13. The owner of Farmacia Maskaras, Lulu, is usually at the store in SAT, a half block west of the SA Hospital. She knows everything.
  14. Ajijic Electronics......376 766 1171 or 376 766 3371 Las Flores # 2-A Ajijic
  15. Yes, at the Centro Laguna mall. It was never called Interlago mall, so I don´t know what is meant by "still".
  16. Isn´t the Telcel store in the Centro Laguna mall and NOT the Interlago mall???
  17. Ain´t that the truth. In this case make your "defense", throw in a "sheesh" and play moderator back to "regularly scheduled squabbles" A double SHEESH....😀
  18. You didn´t have to drive all the way, because the dry lake bed is between Chapala and Colima, not the opposite direction where you were coming from. Just curious....What is high profile vehicle in a dust/wind storm ?
  19. How does Colima get on a trip from Vera Cruz to Chapala unless you were doing a circuitous route of traveling for other reasons?
  20. You might be able to pay for a government well to be drilled, with permission, on your property, if you lived kilometers from a source, but certainly no where along the north shore towns.
  21. I thought there was a push in the US by some to use the DST year round.
  22. Does that mean that God lives in Greenwich and he doesn´t like people fooling around with HIS time. That´s British, not French.
  23. Isn´t he still above water in his popularity numbers? Daylight savings time won´t hurt the country but stopping the new airport in Cd. de Mexico, was a bad move, IMO.
  24. I´m telling you, it´s the vaccine!!!
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