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  1. Not good for sleeping on airplanes.
  2. Is this for Covid while you are sleeping?
  3. Well the US astronauts have to trust the Russians as they live on their space station and most are launched there from Russia. Russians for deep space, Swiss for watches......😃 Who knows about Covid vaccine.
  4. You were extorted getting a licencia de manejar ? There has to be more to THIS story.............
  5. I certainly didn´t say it was????? Just commenting on saying things fast. Now you can answer the question...
  6. Or this....Parangaricutirimicuaro...a very famous volcanic mountain (Michoacán) I can say it fast three times but then have to take a breath.......😃
  7. I have always had the best luck finding things, is at the HD in Plaza Cordillera
  8. When you say Ajijic Hospital, do you mean the hospital on the NW corner of the carretera and Javier Mina in Ajijic?
  9. Between 750 pesos and what?.....1800 pesos? Where did you get those numbers?
  10. You are still confused, the new HD is SOUTH of Costco, not north, on LM. The old HD just off the Periferico is still easy to get to. Just take the ITESO exit off the Periferico going westbound, stay straight, and take a left turn into HD. Nothing to it.
  11. In the EU, they will tie up/put a certain amount on hold, on your credit card if you don´t buy the extra insurance. That goes away when you return the vehicle.
  12. I´ll add my 2 cents. Have rented cars many times in the EU with Mexican DL, never a problem, never had to purchase additional insurance, more than what US licensees had.
  13. You certainly managed to convolute my post. The arrival of Walmart and other big stores forced the local abarrotes to change. How much of Walmart´s revenue in Mexico is generated by Mexican clientele and how much by foreigners? I rest my case.
  14. If you lived here 30/40 years ago, long before Walmart, you would WANT Walmart to put them out of business. Why do you keep excusing the bad marketing that was done here before Walmart and other big box stores arrived Mexicans don´t patronize the big stores because they hate local ownership and want to put them out of business. Wake up!!! Do you remember when you couldn´t even buy fresh, pasteurized milk that wasn´t already soured.
  15. You have to join and pay the fees to be a local CAR broker in the Chapala Muncipio.
  16. You are correct, that realtor business is a US rule, nothing to do with Mexico, and besides, it´s not a Spanish word. All tissue paper for noses is not kleenex, but they called that anyway. Agente de bienes raíces; Agente o corredor inmobilario
  17. San Antonio Hospital called a friend of mine today and told them they had the quadrivalent available..now.
  18. You´re right, everything you say and write, is perfectly correct, I don´t why I would even question it. Just blame it on alcohol, drugs, old age, and a very low IQ (compared to yours) ¡ Mil perdones, Señor !
  19. Was that implementation tried by the Mexican majority ownership and management here, or dictated from the US corporate home office in Arkansas? Most of these US corporations and franchisers that get a Mexican presence, usually wind up doing it differently than they do in the US....Mexican culture and tastes. The new Arby´s in GDL in somewhat different than the US. They get some leeway from the norms in other countries.
  20. What you say is so true. I drive the Mascota highway all the time and one week after, a few years ago, coming through there from PV, 15 police were killed at San Sebastian, but I still used it on my next trip down to PV. No one has crystal ball that can answer the question for every day.
  21. NO, I don´t "GOT IT", either. Your definitions are as confusing as you are.
  22. Same as the guys who help park cars and do car washes at Walmart, SuperLake, and many other locations on private commercial property.
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