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  1. Just the facts, ma´am, just the facts!!!!!
  2. A double like for this post, another rumor that can only be harmful. WHY? WHY? WHY? The post was negative enough without Facebook rumors.
  3. Good on you as it takes a million to make a decent burrito.
  4. Insects without a home or job....love to ride freight trains.
  5. No, the goal of this thread is to see who can make the dumbest post. I was trying!
  6. "THE THREAD" of the 21st Century????
  7. My question is, why would you pick a thread with a hundred topics being discussed, to advertise your ineffectiveness??? Now when you lived in CA, did you ever eat wild game that was slow roasted by natural forest fires that occur so often. You have to get there while the ground is still smoldering but not to hot to walk on and before it cools off completely. Never once saw a Cuban.
  8. Well then, just don´t Google it…………... as the previous post says, "pretty simple". Stick with the sandwich and forget about the "lectures". You just don´t get it.
  9. I don´t have that problem with my "body design".
  10. The offender doesn´t have a clue about personal sniping (without making a personal comment of my own) "Why should I Google it?"...…..either do or don´t without going into a diatribe about it!!!
  11. Don´t you know?....some people know everything…..
  12. How much longer, on top of my 80 some years do I have to wait for this phenomenon to happen? Many days, I eat only meat, and today was one of them. Oh well, I guess if I live long enough there might be a chance...…...
  13. Not everyone is bothered, some are, some aren´t. It´s always the same ones.
  14. Same here, no wait at all at the SP facility on Flavio Romero in Chapala.
  15. Which is closer, 1/2 kilometer or 500 meters?
  16. Learning is easier when you are younger because you don´t have to "unlearn"
  17. That´s up to 40.00 USD per kilo, can´t wait for you to tell me where you get that kind of a price. LOL Does it come with a bottle of wine?
  18. Tingting could you explain this a little further. Who charges 100 pesos and for what?
  19. Just his personality is worth that! He is a breath of fresh spring air.
  20. Who is that guy about ready to throw the football?...Patrick?
  21. Of course there isn´t, I should have said the tomahawk as compared to a boneless cut.
  22. I think you are correct and surely there isn´t one person living here as a permanente that doesn´t have at least, $250,000 USD, in a Merrill Lynch account.
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