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  1. Katz (cats) loses their dog...now we know for sure who holds the higher position in the animal kingdom.
  2. Yeah, I will. Tell me how much you want to wager and I will give a line. Either they do or they don´t, don´t care which side you want to bet on.
  3. With the feet on this lineman ?, he sure doesn´t need spikes. LOLOL but where is his safety belt? Being an old lineman, the most I ever weighed when I was climbing poles was 235 lbs. and I was the biggest guy in our division. He or she, sure tops that. Thanks for a good laugh.
  4. You will have to ask Henry Albrecton, the developer of Chula Vista, what it meant in 1950 Mexican Spanish. I know for sure he wasn´t cubano.
  5. Ferret, there isn´t any "Upper" Chula Vista and "Lower" Chula Vista except in the geographical location sense. All just one Chula Vista and one well and one water system. Don´t know where you got the idea it is two separate fraccionamientos. All 4 water storage facility reservoirs are on high ground. I was the water commissioner there for 8 years as well as President and Vice President in the 1980´s and 90´s. Chula Vista began in the 1950´s and Chula Vista Norte many, many years later. They are not connected legally, geographically, or in any other fashion. Chula Vista i.e. "beaut
  6. I think the Mexicans use TWO last names and the foreigners usually ONE last name. Some Brits will have two hyphenated last names. Just about everybody will have a first and middle name.
  7. Yeah, I know what it meant 50 years ago. A lot of things are developing in the US, the last few years as well
  8. Who and where is this "third world" ? It must someplace so unique that people living there or travelling there are so different that you can´t believe your eyes if you are from the "first" or "second" worlds. Maybe just a lot more people make it a "third" world ?
  9. Yes ferret, why do you indulge this imbecile in any fashion whatsoever. Quit giving him mouth to mouth resuscitation!
  10. Do you mean güeros? Never heard light skinned Mexicans called "blancos", (and I got a lot of them). Some prietos too.
  11. Besides Mexico, Sinovac is the primary vaccine in Chile, Brazil, Turkey, and a bunch of SE Asian countries, including Singapore and Hong Kong, which are not so called third world countries. Are you saying people from these countries can not travel to countries that don´t offer Sinovac?
  12. It may be a "puente" for a lot of businesses and individuals in Santa Cruz de la Soledad, just east of Chapala pueblo.
  13. mudgirl, I read all your posts and agree with most of them....BUT If you have any faults or errors, which most of us have to one degree or the other, it is.......... Making mountains out of mole hills....IMHO
  14. Very good summary and advice gimpychimp- I had one daughter that attended the Chapala Prepa and went on to achieve the highest grade average at ITESO for her carrera at graduation. Another grand daughter, attneded Cervantes, a top private prepa in GDL with top grades but couldn´t make it into U de G Medical school. Go figure!!!............Just goes to show you....nothing is certain.
  15. And preferably attended a U de G prepa. Even the very best private prepas don´t carry as much weight as the U prepas if all other factors are equal, or even a little bit less than the private schools.
  16. Your lawyer is definitely wrong and I would bet my life on it. Don´t think I would use him for employee compensation matters.....LOL
  17. Of course they can buy in USD, done all the time. The dollars are wire transferred from one bank to another and could be to any country, anywhere. The buy/sell contract in USD and the exchange is in USD. Many Mexicans have dollar accounts NOB, besides the foreigners that are sellers too. They want dollars and they get them. Sure the ISR, R.E. commissions, IVA, and Notarial fees are in pesos, but the proceeds of the sale can, and usually is, kept in dollars.I
  18. When I got my line there weren´t enough phones in Chapala to make a half block line. Most everyone was still using the "casetas" and there, there would be a long line.
  19. Don´t you know some people were born with the inalienable "right" of never being wrong, and somehow wound up posting on this obscure forum.
  20. The difference mainly was getting a line when the government owned it. You had to buy it from someone who was leaving and would sell and then the bidding war started. The payment went to the previous owner of the line and Telmex didn´t get anything except the service charge for changing address and ownership of the line. I waited 5 years to get a line that wasn´t terribly overpriced and still wound up paying about 4,000 USD for it through the "Black Widow". I´m sure you newer residents have probably heard all the stories about her, and no I wasn´t one of her major victims (Graciás a Dios),
  21. NOPE!!!! You are allowed to have an opinion and make comments about "yourself"....LOL
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