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  1. Who is Kurt?.....or are you replying to Ken?
  2. Same here, can´t say enough good about it.
  3. There isn´t any IShop store in Ajijic, only in San Antonio T. and San Juan Cosalá. Also 3 stores in Guad.
  4. They previously were in SAT, near the Oxxo there, on the Carretera, near the corner with Calle del Parque Sur. They have NOW moved to Riberas, on the Carretera, just west of the Container restaurant on the lake side, as someone pointed out before. Same people, same products and service available as before. Don´t know of any other lighting stores near the 2 Oxxos in Riberas that you might be thinking of.
  5. A lot of people consider Jicama the Mexican Rutabaga.
  6. It sounds like he would say……."hecho en casa"...….
  7. I have had the same teléfono number for 40 years, well at least the last five digits. Over the years they keep adding numbers on the front end and I´m up to 10 digits now. More years on the age, more numbers to remember……..ain´t good...
  8. The local Ajijic Telmex office is closed, you have to call for the line procurement service. Don´t have the number, but somebody will.
  9. I have not heard of anyone not being able get a phone line in the 376 area code.
  10. LOL.....Under the threat of "permanent suspension", what would be my status if I tried using these insults. Thou telleth me!
  11. Well you may not be the "businessman" of the par excellence of other posters on this forum but you are certainly a "patron excelente". I know if I were a gardener which one I would prefer working for. ! Saludos !
  12. Got it! The one to the east is the Garden Center, the one to the west about a block is Vida Verde. You didn´t mention Riberas in your first post, just wanted to make sure.
  13. I know there is the Garden Center, a couple of doors EAST of the 7-11 in Riberas del Pilar. Is there a garden shop to the west or are you talking about a different 7-11?
  14. Edited by moderator to remove personal insult. Did you not learn from your last suspension? Your next one will be permanent!
  15. Yeah, don´t wear a seat belt, exceed the speed limits, run through the red lights, and ignore all those other things that the government forces you to do, or in your case doesn´t. Get real!!!
  16. Same here, smoked and cooked is just a different way of preparing it. Boiling is OK too.
  17. Now you are talking like normal people. The same, two states above you, Nebraska. I don´t even want to know where the place is, that ham hocks make people throw up? Very sad!
  18. IMHO, you are wrong, as we ordered two and they were EXCELLENT. Very nice smoked flavor with a lot of meat. They really go well in bean soup. He gets his hocks from Costco, same as the brisket. This is first time in my lifetime that I have ever heard someone say that pork hocks makes them want to throw up? They were considered a delicacy in the mid west USA when I lived there, so this is a surprising statement, to me, to say the least.
  19. Since that was his first experience with corned beef, he still doesn´t have the confidence yet that he has it mastered. I told him he was light years ahead of most people that get into doing that process at first.
  20. Pedro, or any body else that´s interested, Amador is going to do another batch of corned beef to be ready by the 14 of August. Stop by the Smoke House, Pancho´s on Sat, or call him, to get your order in. I ordered 2 kilos today.
  21. As mudgirl said, the IVA you pay when you make a purchase does not all go to the government. The seller gets to deduct the IVA he paid when purchasing from the distributor that supplied him. If you purchase something for 1,000. pesos, the most the government will receive is 160. pesos, no matter how many hands it may have passed through.
  22. The SAT or the collectors of the taxes aren´t the problem, it all goes to the federal government for budget distribution. It´s when it gets distributed back to the states and local governments is when and where the mismanagement, waste, and corruption becomes the problem.
  23. Impuesto al Valor Agregado (IVA) is a VAT or sales tax Impuesto Sobre la Renta (ISR) is an income tax. Both are collected by the SAT which is the equivalent of the IRS in the US.
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