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  1. Creo que el idea es crear un túnel con la copa frondosa sobre la carretera. Vamos a ver.
  2. Hoy, vi unos Tabachines seguro.
  3. Yo he visto cuatro o cinco variedades, pero no conozco los nombres.
  4. Some people can´t their minds out of the US.
  5. I would believe there are more Mexicans renting from Mexicans than from foreigners, and there are many Mexicans renting in the Chapala/Jocotepec Municipios.
  6. I´m talking about the original developers, not the whole clan.
  7. So did/do I, what´s left of them , and……….. ???
  8. Couldn´t you say that about anything AN INDIVIDUAL disagreed with a poster on…...it´s a lecture? Either agree, get in step, or else send a PM???
  9. Of course there is a delegado in SAT, always has been. Office is on the northwest corner of the plaza. There are 6 delegaciones in the Municipio of Chapala. Coming from the west, the first is Ajijic. then SAT, then Chapala, and the other 3 are east of Chapala (the delegación, not municipio). Simapa is not the local government, it´s the water distribution. Voting locations are a federal responsibility, nothing to do with local governments. Google maps are not necessarily the absolute authority on anything, especially in this case, and they certainly don´t over ride the local government structure. Does your recibo de predial say San Antonio Tlayacapan or Chapala? I´m almost willing to bet money that Riberas del Pilar is in the Chapala Delegación and not SAT, and I don´t gamble. I have lived in SAT for 40 years and have known all the delegados in that time and never once did they mention that Riberas was part of their responsibility. Now Chula Vista and the fracs. along the west end of the Libramiento are a different matter, they are part of the SAT delegación. You need more proof than a Google map to convince me....show me your Riberas escritura or predial recibo stating SAT. I have to go to Jocotepec to renew my INE card, does that make SAT delegación part of Jocotepec?
  10. I heard on the US news tonight that Elizabeth Warren´s brother, Don Herring, passed away due to the Coronavirus. Long time residents here might remember him as he lived in this area quite a few years in the 80´s and 90´s. I knew him well when he was here but he moved back to the US and I had lost contact with him. QDEP Don.
  11. That is true about the LL is no longer a letter, but the pronunciation hasn´t changed so just the letter count. As far as K, only in the metric system, with the exception of those muchachos named Enrique. Difficult to teach them Quico instead of Kiko. I would love to see "oñon be used in English.
  12. Anyone else have an opinion? I will ask the delegado in SAT when this area became his responsibility ? Could be???
  13. No, y in spanish is most often pronounced like y in the English word, year. Infrequently, it will be pronounced like the Spanish i latina. i griega in Spanish has the same sound as the Spanish ll or eye (a yay) as in calle (street) or cayo (he fell). El cayó en la calle. In apodos you will get the e sound like with Tony (Toni) or Lety (Leti) or between two consonants i......i latina y......i griega ll = y
  14. She was referring to the "20 peso notes" which are bills and not coins.
  15. Ellos no pueden a obtener los productos importados, nada mas.
  16. Are you talking about HERE? or THERE?
  17. The "Artful Dodger"...…...LOLOL
  18. I wish I could take this board so seriously that it would create any kind of emotion in me. Nothing more tiring than extended bouts of feigned happiness, anger, or sorrow. Entertaining???...….at times...….YES!
  19. Ad far as I´m concerned……..it´s neither here nor there……...SO THERE!!!!
  20. Are you sure of this? I thought I saw some high numbers yesterday for NY state.
  21. I have been told by a friend of a friend that if you are jailed and over 60, you will be fed. No age discrimination at the local "cárcel"...... So take your chances breaking the law and getting away with it, or let the government feed you.
  22. "I left my heart in Valentine" I know you will get that one………..
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