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  1. HUH??? Do you know one? I´d a love recommendation. I could never be "Holier than THOU". So rest easy! I´ll give up on my quest.
  2. Looks like those concrete barriers are going to weed out some less than qualified drivers or at least after they run out of money for repairs.
  3. Of course, emergency vehicles mean emergency situations, and not routine patrolling or moving a vehicle from one location to another under normal circumstances. But since you brought it up, when do you think a fire, police, or ambulance has received a ticket for an illegal turn or any other traffic violation when not responding to emergency situations? Do you think unmarked cars with plain clothes FBI agents, or Russian Gestapo, or police in third world countries are being ticketed? They can do whatever they want, legal or not. The ticketors and the ticketees, all belong to the same brotherhood.
  4. What the H are you talking about? I didn´t say anything about moving without lights and sirens, that´s when they become "emergency vehicles" and not normal traffic vehicles. ¿Comprendes?
  5. You stated your opinion of how to do it, and I stated mine. Now what´s the problem? I don´t know anything about your family to insult them OTHER THAN what you said.
  6. Of course, emergency situation: I said emergency vehicles, not routine patrolling, but you can bet they will make a U-Turn in the middle of a busy street if they get that call or they see something suspicious or looks improper/illegal. They are not going to wait until the next green light and left turn arrow.
  7. No, but I´m fairly positive the new hospital in SAT can, as someone told me they had it done there.
  8. Nice bunch of relatives!! I would say that is a minority (Mexican) solution. Most pay the severance and there are governmental agencies that will help employees collect from patrones, who are that driven to avoid payment.
  9. Pappy you surely must know that government police, fire, and emergency vehicles are not governed by civilian traffic laws anywhere in the world that I know of, so they can legally do that. The ratio of police vehicles to civilian traffic is almost negligible
  10. Now I´ll really confuse you…………….SW corner of the Libramiento, NW corner of the Carretera.
  11. Food is a necessary substance alright, but you do need a location. In my next life, I´m going to get a new hobby.
  12. You can´t drive through the ones in the airports, well I´ll be damned??? LOL
  13. Is this new? I thought I just presented my pasaporte to Migra at the airport and they scanned it for veracity?
  14. When I visit my compadre in Acuitzio (half hour away), we often go into Morelia and I find it almost impossible to find a canadiense wearing shorts. If they are there, they are really well disguised…………...
  15. Love your post and the recognition. LOLOLOL
  16. Are you arguing with yourself? LOL
  17. Also anger, fear, financial problems, internalizing disorders, a lot of things that aren´t diet related. I try to stay being a happy camper when driving no matter the traffic, street construction. topes, pot holes or anything else.
  18. I can hardly believe they would charge you for your peso account. If they do. I would be looking for another bank,
  19. Well then it depends whether you are drawing from a peso account or changing some other currency from a foreign bank, as you didn´t mention that in your OP. I use the ATM´S at Multiva and Intercam all the time with no charge. What you receive is what is debited against your account, but of course, I´m talking pesos.
  20. And you don´t use salt, so there you go. A lot of other factors can be involved. I do try to stay (without a problem) at 80 kgs weight on a 1.90 frame (for you estadounidenses that´s 180 lbs and 6´3´´ height). I think extra weight contributes to HBP ,as well as genetics, and other issues, so who knows
  21. It is, that´s why I posted! Not for you, but for the non-believers.
  22. Same here, I like fresh salt on my food, as the salt cooked in or pre-applied loses it´s punch.
  23. 120/80 average consistently, octogenarian, and no matter how hard I try; I can´t get it up any higher. You have to remember that depending on the study(ies), salt only affects the blood pressure of the populace on a range of 10 to 25 per cent
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