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  1. In Ireland, in Irish pubs and chippers, fish and chips means fish and chips. Plenty of mushy peas too, but they are served with other meals, not fish and chips.
  2. Tabarka…….maybe…...used to have Spanish tapas. I suppose they have wine.
  3. In the 70´s when I travelled 54 between Saltillo and Zacatecas, there wasn´t one Pemex after you left Saltillo until the north side of Zacatecas. I used carry extra gasolina as I was always on "E", burning fumes when I got to Z.
  4. ¿Gustavo Maquez? He is a home builder and built many homes for Norris Price.
  5. You see, I do know something about Canada, as i was just leg pulling. It was even on the Mexican sports news as being such news worthy start.
  6. Are you talking about the restaurant in Piedra Barrenada with all the paper mache African animals or what? That is what lakeside 7 is referring to and not the location in SAT. It sits right on the water front and there isn´t any "down from their corner". I think location has everything to do with the difference in the amount of business by two restaurants with the same owner. I also heard the SAT location was a franchise operation and that could make a difference too, as they seem to have restaurants scattered over a wide area.
  7. Uhhhh…….Slainte mhaith Ta failte romhat Go raibh maith agat agus domsa uisce beatha. (Jameson )
  8. Thank you all for your replies. Thanks, I´m fully up to date on CNN- My question to you is…...Does Edmonton still have a hockey team and are they any good this year?
  9. What is the best Canadian News Channel for world and national Canadian news, not regional news, on the Shaw Satellite System?
  10. At least you called him "honorable" which I thought was nice……..LOL
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