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  1. Another 1.5 trillion of new debt under DT?...….great economists! At least, it is setting new highs……. Yeah, I suppose Mexico could spend and do quite well with that amount of someone else´s money.
  2. Tailorbird´s nest? I don´t know but you see them all over Mexico
  3. Also in San Antonio Tlayacapan. I don´t know of any planned facilities for the above mentioned medical services in Ajijic or Chapala town.
  4. So people could continue posting on this subject, on this forum, long after all other possibilities have been exhausted.
  5. More typically, 15% of monthly rental or 60 USD, per month, for unoccupied management.
  6. We just had teeth cleaned this week so it is a very short pause in services. Place was busy as hell at 11:30 in the AM.
  7. Another recommendation for Costco.
  8. They just spend a lot of money at Trump establishments.
  9. Speculation and innuendo about her age and condition will only stop on an individual by individual decision and not something mandated as a group order by another member. It has always been that way on these forums. That aside, the facts we do know are indisputable, such as where the vehicle started and where it ended up. We also know that this is entirely outside the norm for how one should leave a parking area in front of Pancho´s Deli. We know that there can´t be hardly any good or legitimate reasons for doing same. Most people have given the benefit of the doubt and said it was not deliberate but unintended, which is the softer approach. Even if you take the softest, kindest, gentler approach, you still have to question the driver´s ability, to be driving. Of the millions of drivers in Jalisco, Mexican and foreigners, how many drive through store fronts for any reason, or no reason?...….not many. To treat it as a non-event and just another "all in a normal day" of traffic mishaps, and feel sorry for the poor lady, is really putting your head in the sand. The punishment shouldn´t be greater than the crime but ignoring it or playing it down because I´ll get you when you have accident, escapes my reasoning.
  10. Never a problem in Europe with Mexican DL, but age sure is.
  11. Is this the only time the word "confused" is used in this thread? I don´t know if she was confused or not, but I do know there is a difference on gear identification between R and D, and not being able to handle that minor aspect of driving would have to be poor eyesight, confusion, or possibly a medical condition, all or any of which, should preclude one from driving.
  12. What more facts? you have seen the photos of where the vehicle wound up, the knocked down steel pipe in concrete, the shattered to a million pieces plate glass store front. I suppose we will get a confession from the Caterpillar operator who shoved her through the obstacles.
  13. Exactly, saying she had an "accident" and not be held accountable or that´s somehow acceptable doesn´t cut it with me. Aging should not be an excuse for poor driving ability for senior or any other citizens. Most of these driving through store fronts in this area over the last few years has been older drivers who should not be driving. It´s like. "Oh I only drove through one or two and it was an "accident". Give me a break......there comes a time when people just don´t have the physical reflexes or become mentally "confused", AND SHOULD NOT BE DRIVING.
  14. Her brakes repeatedly failed? Looks more like she repeatedly failed to apply the brakes properly until the last moment before the fruit stand. In any event, it sure does indicate some very slow reflexes to a problem that she could have reacted to a whole lot quicker. Coming from a dead stop parked to where it wound up through the glass would be understandable if she was moving down the Carretera and lost control and wound up where she did. And who would have "planted" skid marks later?.....Pancho?.....Bomberos?.....the lady herself? Talk about conspiracy theories.
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