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  1. slainte39

    Looking for Judge Robert Lee

    Sent you a PM with his contact information.
  2. slainte39

    Major Problems in Next State

    "There are pros and cons on both sides of the issue" Having been involved in the education of children and grandchildren over the years, I can not see where there is any "pros" for the teachers' union. Mainecoons is exactly correct in my personal view....... and their (the union) actions are contemptible.
  3. slainte39

    Cuaresma and restaurants

    Haha.....no cenizas de mota?
  4. slainte39


    A lot of stores on Federalismo, just north of Vallarta.
  5. slainte39

    Cuaresma and restaurants

    Chris, my family observes no meat Fridays as well....usually fish or just vegetarian dishes. No big deal or hardship, just tradition.
  6. That's not hard to figure out...... It probably wasn't intended to garner any sympathy, so they don't care, but only to attract attention to their cause or grievance.
  7. slainte39

    Automobile prices

    The auto mart/auction on Gonzalez Gallo, Guadalajara. Classifieds in El Informador newspaper.
  8. Doesn't La Floresta have or use their own or private service and are not picked up by the Ayuntamiento?
  9. slainte39

    Kamellos Tacos Arabe

    You are correct. They are Palestinian/Mexicans, descendants of a family from Bethleham. Palestine. Wael is an Egyptian by birth.
  10. slainte39

    Careful where you park.

    Diesel Nacional
  11. slainte39

    ETN and buses at Tonala Station

    Someone told me that you can get Uber from the airport or maybe Guadalajara to Chapala for 190. MN. They didn't know about going the other way, but it might be worth checking out for people using public transportation.
  12. slainte39

    Rental available in Nuevo Vallarta

    You forgot to mention the bed time chocolates every night LOL
  13. The Chapala llantera Olmesa (previously) location is now a carniceria....has been for a long time, several years, ever since the kidnapping.
  14. slainte39

    Columbia Bridge crossing

    So with a permit to carry, you would have a shoot out with traffic police over a ticket or are you just saying that if they see or know you are carrying they will let you go?