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  1. And all those "experts" are members posting on this forum……….
  2. You say that as if there isn´t all the road work going on through Riberas. SAT, and Ajijic, right up to the locksmith on calle Revolución in Ajijic plus a half dozen traffic lights. You say that as if there isn´t any road work going on through Riberas, SAT, and Ajijic all the way to the locksmith on calle Revolución in Ajijic, plus a half dozen traffic lights to slow you down. I would go to Chapala.
  3. Where is the locksmith on Madero? I think the locksmith on Morelos in Chapala would be closer to Riberas than Ajijic.
  4. Either way, the appointments run pretty close to schedule or just walk in and work your way up that line. Whichever way you do it, there will probably be a 30 minute to 1 hour wait before being attended to.
  5. This was just before Christmas, but when the person went back and got a different handler it was as you say, "all smiles".
  6. I have been told that there is one lady in the office who really dislikes naturalized foreigners getting a voting card and gives those people a hard time, always finding some little detail to scuttle the process. If that happens and you get sent away for something trivial, avoid her on your return even if you have to allow the person behind you on the number board to go ahead of you.
  7. Sorry John, posted at the same time.
  8. Haven´t looked lately, but just google INE, and they will give you a list of requirements. At least they do for Mexicans and I´m sure for naturalized foreigners as well. One thing that would be different is that Mexicans must have an "Acta de Nacimiento" or Mexican birth certificate which foreigners would not be able to supply. The rest is the usual......CURP letter, comprobante de domicilio ID´s , probably all your paperwork to become naturalized, etc. and a copy of everything. If you live in the Municipio of Chapala, you go to the INE office in Jocotepec.
  9. So, would that be "most gringo men" ??? LOLOLOL
  10. Opinions are one thing, facts are another. Where did you come up with this 180 million population? I think you had better go back and check that number, as it appears you are inflating it by about 50 million.
  11. She did love the early sunsets over that small mountain to the west, probably why she located her apartments there as well.
  12. You are right, the Carretera is east/west and a 90 degree left turn then puts you on the north/south Madero. Do you remember if the now non-existent cow was standing looking north or west? Very important for people using it as a landmark from memory.
  13. For having been around for a while, you should remember, that Madero is a north/south street and the south side of Madero would be in the lake.
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