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  1. I certainly didn´t say it was????? Just commenting on saying things fast. Now you can answer the question...
  2. Or this....Parangaricutirimicuaro...a very famous volcanic mountain (Michoacán) I can say it fast three times but then have to take a breath.......😃
  3. It depends on whether it is done with malicious intent or just friendly fire.
  4. I have always had the best luck finding things, is at the HD in Plaza Cordillera
  5. OMG...I would never have guessed that what it means, even if my grand children´s lives would have depended on it. I thought those funny noises are what people make when they are SNORKELING. What noises do they make when they are SNORING?
  6. When you say Ajijic Hospital, do you mean the hospital on the NW corner of the carretera and Javier Mina in Ajijic?
  7. SNORKING??? I don´t like having my head under water, that´s OK for fish.
  8. Between 750 pesos and what?.....1800 pesos? Where did you get those numbers?
  9. You got the so-called "gringo price" (because of your name). We Mexicans have to pay the full, normal price. It pays to be a "guest". 😃😃😃
  10. You are still confused, the new HD is SOUTH of Costco, not north, on LM. The old HD just off the Periferico is still easy to get to. Just take the ITESO exit off the Periferico going westbound, stay straight, and take a left turn into HD. Nothing to it.
  11. In the EU, they will tie up/put a certain amount on hold, on your credit card if you don´t buy the extra insurance. That goes away when you return the vehicle.
  12. I´ll add my 2 cents. Have rented cars many times in the EU with Mexican DL, never a problem, never had to purchase additional insurance, more than what US licensees had.
  13. You certainly managed to convolute my post. The arrival of Walmart and other big stores forced the local abarrotes to change. How much of Walmart´s revenue in Mexico is generated by Mexican clientele and how much by foreigners? I rest my case.
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