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  1. It has to be the very worst "reliable source" that ever identified themselves as a "reliable source".
  2. The main store is still at the location by the old clinic, what you are describing is a second, smaller facility.
  3. No problem getting mine through Ishop, don´t know about all prescriptions, just have to go in and ask them if it can be shipped through their permit.
  4. Hate to say it my friend, but his hamburger buns are even better than your´s were. LOL
  5. Went today, absolutely the best hamburger I´ve had since my last one I had at your establishment.
  6. I am not responsible for or accountable for what "other sites" are reporting.
  7. slainte39


    East side or west side? West side would be Lilifher
  8. Not hit and run. Bicycle illegally crossing Carretera at a non intersection, struck by a taxi that remained and was detained by Vialidad. Victim was a caddy at the Chula Vista golf course.
  9. Thank you, my friend, you know I will be trying them out!
  10. There is a difference between car licensing (refrendo) and driver licensing. They have nothing to do with each other. Two different locations entirely, except the payment for both is/can be, at the same recaudadora
  11. Creo que el idea es crear un túnel con la copa frondosa sobre la carretera. Vamos a ver.
  12. Hoy, vi unos Tabachines seguro.
  13. Yo he visto cuatro o cinco variedades, pero no conozco los nombres.
  14. Some people can´t their minds out of the US.
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