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  1. Oh I am for sure…...just recently escaped and the twitching just wont stop. But don´t worry, my family has hidden all the sharp instruments.
  2. Are you still stalking me or do you work for Migración? Send me a PM with your contact information so we can meet and I will bring my Acta de Nacimiento, Tarjeta de INE, and Pasaporte. Tu llevas un poco de dinero, porque si quieres jugar tienes que pagar:
  3. Because they will work for "gringo" wages?????
  4. I NEVER do to the foreign community for anything that the price is negotiable. If you are looking for something and I saw it at Costco.... OK.
  5. Sure do, the director used to live in this area. Last saw them perform at the ethnic festival in Querétaro.
  6. Sorry, you just made the water clearer……..that´s not allowed here. . Another question…...Is it gluten free? s
  7. So a few foreigners are going to spend enough money to put Mexico into the top tier of wage earner salaries? What a laugh, they are one grain of sand on a big beach. You see Pappy that´s why I would rather have the government collect and disburse money rather than individuals. Oh, I know the argument you´ll put up about corruption…..but….. You can correct dishonesty but not stupidity.
  8. Smoke House in Rancho del Oro, Ajijic The best Thanksgiving dinner I have had at a restaurant here after many years and 10´s of TG dinners out.
  9. As you well know, very few people, if any, get paid in any other currency besides pesos here, so why all this talk about US minimum wage.
  10. When I drive, I watch the scenery, which makes the passengers watch the road……..LOLOLOL
  11. They said "outskirts" so it must the Pemex on the east end of town just as you are leaving or arriving. We like stopping and eating in San Sebastian, as we have friends that own a restaurant there. Can´t remember what they call it, but it´s a couple of blocks east, past the plaza.
  12. You are correct, just paid a friends bill in Chula Vista who is out of town.
  13. Really?? This is how these silly board arguments get started that take these threads down the rabbit hole.
  14. Si no habla español, no digas tu lengua, como no la sabrá la diferencia.
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