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  1. That 5% will probably regain their senses when this subsides and Trump will be where he´s always been. No one wants this effort to fail and Trump is getting overall approval for what a lot of people are doing to combat this crisis.
  2. No, I´m not going to have a great "socialistic meal" by eating my pet cat.
  3. Someone posted a link about the handling of the crisis in Venezuela, you responded by severely chastising them for doing so. I simply responded saying I was not surprised, that I had NO love for Maduro, but IF he did something right, so be it. You immediately launched into a political diatribe with WWIII, life or death, political fight and a lot of personal opinions about me, my thinking, and whole lot of other superfluous comments. Now you want to shift the blame (sound familiar) elsewhere. I know you are a "moderator", but that is not moderating. Maybe you are upset with me for starting a post about the Texas Lt. Governor and then one of your Texas cronies went off the deep end for insulting someone and the whole thread was deleted. I don´t expect this to be one of those "rare occasions" where you agree with me, and I´m very relaxed and I´ll leave the credible references up to you.
  4. Maybe you don´t know the definition?...……..ideologue=adherent of an ideology. If you had called me a left wing ideologue instead of a "nut", I wouldn´t have felt insulted at all. And I certainly don´t have to admit to anything so stop ordering me about. A Pravda reader? Now you´re working overtime……..Take a rest!
  5. That was a personal insult? I thought you would wear it with a mantle of pride, so I guess I have to apologize if you took it as an insult. I apologize! I would have been insulted, but you and I are different. Now calling me a "NUT" comes a little closer to insulting than being called an ideologue. My opinions are mine and dealing you a hand of citations would be a wasted effort so I will continue in my own manner. Unlike you, I don´t need back ups, like you do, to support my beliefs
  6. That must be correct…...the "month" being the pay period and not the length of the time they will be paying her, as being determined "month by month".
  7. Not surprising you would say that being a right wing ideologue. I´m no fan of Maduro either, but if they are doing something right, so be it.
  8. Where are you from? Yes, a lot in Ireland, but it means the Leprechauns, and they have power and pots of gold……..
  9. That´s 300 pesos an hour, almost the same as minimum wage in Washington State, US. Nice if you can afford it, but not in most people´s budget. If all house keepers were to demand 300 pesos an hour, there would be a lot less working.
  10. Yes, 9 to 6 weekdays; 9 to 2 Sat.
  11. A whole thread gets removed because one jerk can´t control his big mouth?......or they didn´t like the topic of the thread? even though it was factual?
  12. I believe they did remove the entire thread about the Texas Lt. Governor where you or someone was described in gutter language.
  13. Well said Ferret, and don´t let them push you around or intimidate you! (no more reactions vote)
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