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  1. On my particular model I press down and hold the "alt gr" key immediately to the right of the space bar and then press the "2".
  2. On my particular model I press the "alt gr" key immediately to the right of the space bar and at the same time the "2".
  3. Truly remarkable, considering that New York City and Philadelphia were the national capitals during Washington's administration and construction had not even begun on the White House. It sounds like you have a confused recollection from reading something about the Whiskey Rebellion.
  4. True, but the U. S. Mint has done it more than once in recent years with their various dollar coins.
  5. The election turned out just as had been predicted for many months. I imagine that any effect on the exchange rate has taken place gradually over that time.
  6. I see it was not higher (or lower, depending on how you look at it) than right now, but above 19 most of the month.
  7. The peso has been quoted lower than that as much as two weeks ago on XE (almost 20/1), this is not a sudden occurrence.
  8. The link below, from a year ago and before the latest minimum wage increase, said that up to seven million workers in Mexico make the minimum wage, which at that time was 1,726 pesos per month or roughly $96 U. S. at that time. This would be for a six day work week, eight hours per day if a day shift. http://www.excelsior.com.mx/nacional/2016/11/25/1130448
  9. I assumed the post was from the emperor needing repairs for his new clothes.
  10. In the past the most calamitous drops have been followed by a short and slight rebound, which was probably why you were advised to buy at 22/1.
  11. Down, as it has done since 1976. The dollar itself is down at the moment against other major currencies, which conceals some of the peso's slide.
  12. The peso has charted a sawtooth downward curve against the dollar since about 1976 and I think it is a safe prediction it will continue that way over the long term.
  13. The more usual situation in Mexico is that there are "aviadores" who appear on the payroll but not on the job, only landing to collect their pay.
  14. If that is the context then it indeed means that the parents were not married. I'm surprised that nearly all births were so listed, though.
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