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  1. As I stated when this came up before, I received the stimulus check in my Bancomer account where I have had my SS direct deposited for almost 10 years. Someone else on that thread posted that they called the SS person at the Guadalajara consulate who told him the checks would be direct deposited just as the SS is. I did file taxes in 2018 and 2019 though I haven’t had a refund or had to pay taxes in the 10 years I have been here. I don’t know what’s going on or why there is so much odd information on this other than it’s government and they make everything as complicated and difficult as possible.
  2. As I said earlier, I have my SS deposited in my Bancomer account here but I looked at my tax return and it shows my Handy Mail address in Laredo, TX. Since you get yours direct deposited as well, you should also get the check the same way.
  3. I got mine deposited in my Bancomer account this week. I have filed taxes for 2019 and 2018. Not sure which form is 1099.
  4. A lot of the money for the bench project came from people who do not live in Ajijic. I was one who coughed up 1000 pesos and I never go to the Malecon. I live in Riberas which you constantly trash even while trying to sell your house there.
  5. Down here, if you're a single male you don't have to worry about it - they'll find you.
  6. He painted a table & 8 chairs I have. He's very talented. It's amazing how he can turn old furniture into great pieces.
  7. I'm sure I've seen it at Super Lake a while back & if it's not there now, ask Pancho if he can get it again.
  8. I paid 290 pesos at the new medical center by Tio Sam's. No side effects but I wouldn't have gotten it if my doctor hadn't ordered me to.
  9. I don't know about that but I live in Riberas & have the 599 peso package & get this:
  10. No, this is for the list of banned items bought on Ebay & delivered through Estafeta.
  11. Yes, you were lucky but solar at this time isn't for me since my CFE bills are around 500 pesos every 2 months. If that changes a lot, I'll look into solar.
  12. Pete, that was just a private joke between Hensley & me. I'm on flat land so if the power goes, so does the water but luckily, I don't have many power outages. Sounds like you have the best of both.
  13. Almost 4 years of direct deposit to Bancomer from SS & not one problem. I applied for SS from here.
  14. I'm truly sorry for your loss & thank you for sharing what she was like.
  15. I thought the same thing! By the way, Winky received 6 stuffed toys & he's in heaven but the house is a mess.
  16. Uh-oh, the Doxie is looking a little bossy. Hope the owner sees this.
  17. It counteracts the saltiness of the brine as far as flavor.
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