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  1. A lot of the money for the bench project came from people who do not live in Ajijic. I was one who coughed up 1000 pesos and I never go to the Malecon. I live in Riberas which you constantly trash even while trying to sell your house there.
  2. I emailed Spencer & this is his reply: "yes 5.8.6 applies best, skipped that one." As I've said, I don't care if somebody brings a dog to a restaurant or not. But one thing I do care about is the constant b*tching, complaining & whining about the littllest thing & I'm not talking about dogs in restaurants. There is so much negativity, preaching & foot-stomping that goes on on all the forums here that I took a break & I think I'll do so again. Luckily I paid no attention to it before I came here or I would have moved elsewhere. Luckily, the people I made friends with here in real life don't spend their time doing this. You don't have to be Pollyanna but for God's sake, you're on the right side of the ground, the sun is shining, it's a beautiful day & there are people going through terrible tragedies as I type this. I'm grateful I'm not & hope that all will have a great holiday season. Bye.
  3. I'm shocked at the experiences others have had with animals. In over 5 years of eating out a lot here, I ran into a Schnauzer that barked. That's it. As I said, I don't bring pets to restaurants & don't care one way or the other. But I could write volumes of the disgusting behavior by the two-legged variety. Unbathed, drunk, loud & one even hiked his feet up on a chair & picked his toenails. Take it up with Spencer who gave me the law & since I've not heard from him since, I guess there's no difference locally or state. Maybe you can start a class action suit.
  4. It depends as Travis says, on whether the state or municipio hasn't added on to the federal law or not. I'll post when Spencer finds that out.
  5. It took an hour to get the Federal law which States & Municipios have to follow. The State & Municipal regulations will follow later when Spencer emails them to me. Norma Oficial Mexicana Nom-251-SSA1-2009, Practicas de Higiene Para El Proceso de Alimentos, Bebidas O Suplementos Alimenticios. 5.10.2 No se debe permitir la presencia de animales dom├ęsticos, ni mascotas dentro de las areas de produccion o elaboracion de los productos. In other words, per Spencer, the Federal law states animals can't be where food is prepared. More to come.
  6. Spencer's office just called & cancelled. Appointment has been changed to tomorrow at 11:00.
  7. Here's a list of pet friendly restaurants in Guadalajara, at least on the terraces. http://www.adopta.mx/2011/05/cafeterias-y-restaurantes-que-aceptan-perros-pet-friendly/
  8. Is someone else going to Spencer this AM? Why didn't they say so & I could have cancelled the appointment I have with him on Monday?
  9. A few years back, at a CASA meeting at Min Wah, there was a chicken wandering around the dining area where presentations were being made. Oddly enough, the main dish category was "Chicken" so possibly she was just saying farewell to some old friends. If the law doesn't state that dogs aren't allowed ANYWHERE in a restaurant, I would hope that nobody would report a restaurant, causing a heavy fine & rather just have a word with the restaurateur. A 50,000 peso fine could be the straw that broke the camel's back. Also, I think it's odd that if the restaurant IS breaking the law, what an opportunity for the government to make a lot of money and why aren't they taking advantage of it? They obviously knew about Rick allowing dogs at Early Bird because he told them & no punishment was meted out. We should know Monday, one way or the other.
  10. I have an appointment Monday at 11:00 with Spencer if everyone can hold off until then.
  11. Because since I'm paying, I'll get the info the way I want it.
  12. Well, I live in that slum Riberas & you live "where the money is" but next week, I will go to Spencer & pay him to give me the Spanish as well as an English translation. Consider it a gift. Edited to add: I've emailed for an appointment with Spencer for Friday or Monday or whatever is available.
  13. I don't have a dog in this fight (ahem) as I don't bring any of my dogs to restaurants other than taking 1 to see Rick at Early Bird right after I rescued him a few years ago. I don't care one way or another but if I wanted a copy of the law, I'd pay a few pesos & see a lawyer to get the straight scoop rather than possible misinformation here.
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