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  1. I have had Armando do numerous paint jobs around our house as well as outside. Cupboards, walls, ceiling, crack repairs, etc. Armando does excellent work! He speaks excellent English and has more than 20 years experience, here and elsewhere. His phone is still 33214472452. Terry
  2. I have a one year mailbox (Laredo address , TX) coming due for renewal this month. Shared cost is 1,700 pesos per year. Thanks, PM Terry
  3. I am a Canadian living in Mexico with a permanente resident status. This past summer I drove my Mexican plated car to Canada and was able to cross into the USA and Canada without incident. I was in Canada for slightly less than 4 months. I wish to point out that it is very important in my view that everyone driving to Canada make certain they have sufficient and actual liability insurance coverage before traveling. By that I mean be very careful when buying coverage, since in my province a minimum 3rd person liability coverage of $300,000 is required. Also be careful to read the fine print. One insurance company will sell you insurance for up to 365 days, however you must not be outside of Mexico for more than 28 consecutive days! Furthermore the company your decide to purchase insurance from must be registered with Canadian insurance authority. Companies who are registered to provide coverage in Canada issue you what is called a "Yellow Card", which you may be asked produce by traffic authorities (aka police) to confirm the company is legitimate, and complies with Canadian insurance rules and regulations, and of course is financially solvent. At this time I am actively seeking quotations for such coverage from different providers, as I felt the premium I paid last year was somewhat excessive, compared with what I had paid in the previous year.
  4. Not sure I follow the logic (get the least?? WHY) given that the US is one of the most litigated countries in the world. Are liability insurance claims not generously settled? In any case I am planning a trip to Canada AND LEAVING SHORTLY. I plan to be gone from Mexico for 4 months. I'm a permanent resident of Mexico. I've used Segurogringo in the past. How do or might you compete with them and National Unity? Thanks Terry
  5. Just wanted to say Hi.

    My name is Randy Martyn.

    In my previous life, I owned Wheatland Fireplace in Regina but have been living in San Antonio (Vista Alegre) since retiring 6 years ago.

    I was happy to hear you were able to enter Canada with a Mexican plated car as I had called Transport Canada a couple of years ago and they told me a Canadian citizen could NOT bring a Mexican car into Canada.   Seemed a little strange to me so I called several times and always the same answer.

    Maybe things have changed since then.  Oh well.

    Go Riders ! 


  6. I drove thru the USA up to Canada this past summer and discovered a couple of interesting points I'll share. My first point is that getting adequate insurance is a somewhat complicated procedure, and a little tricky. I say adequate because on checking I didn't feel the liability coverage that was included in the add-on I already had from Qualitas was anywhere even close to the coverage I wanted. I ended up with 300,000 USD, plus 2,000 medical per person and up to 10,000 medical per accident. I needed it for 90 days and although the premium was 120.00 with add-on fees and taxes it came to 149.00. Next point and I don't recall the detail but I needed to tick something in the online application making this the only coverage. I asked why and it seems it would lead to double coverage (so who would pay if there were too insurers?) and potentially a denial of coverage from both, since having two companies involved was some how NOT allowed. Next, in searching out out various providers as others have described here, I found there were very few providers, or few that seemed to know what I was wanting in terms of coverage (travel to the US and Canada). I ended up with Seguro Gringo and a chap there called Fernando Salazar. They are online. I used him because he explained that I needed something called a "Yellow Card" to show to police in Canada if and when one was involved in an accident. I confirmed independently it is required by law in Canada. I also found in reading their application carefully that you had to sear that one had to have a premanente status to qualify. My fellow driver was not, so the agent had to re-issue the policy without a second named driver. I did everything via internet and phone except in addition to emailing me the policy and a temporary scanned copy of the yellow card, Fernando snail mailed me the yellow card up in Canada. I also believe I might have spotted a Seguro Gringo office just along the highway as we were leaving Mexico, although it might have been a different provider. Perhaps one could ask Fernando if they have offices you can go into prior to departing Mexico, rather than doing it the way I did. Finally, although the insurance was sold to me by Seguro Gringo the actual insurance company named in the policy was National Unity Insurance Company out of San Antonio, Texas. I as others have stated I found people and police (and immigration folks) in both Canada and the USA very friendly and helpful. Hopefully I haven't confused anyone.
  7. I am seeking 2 persons to share a 12 month rental on sharing of a "small" box at iShop Mail. Cost at iShop Mail is 399 per year with 2 months free so 133 per year if you are interested. The small box means a small amount of mail per month I understand. I am renting this week, so please email me quickly if you wish to join in! Thanks Terry
  8. Sigh! Sigh! Fee! No fee! 1%... 2%... ATM fees.... Local fee at your institution etc! I worked for CUETS (Credit Union Electronic Transaction Services) which provided Master Card card Services to and on behalf of owner credit unions across Canada, as the Director of Card Services. As such I worked with the folks from MasterCard and Visa. I was the Canadian Credit Representative on technical advisory committee for card services across Canada. Did I say credit unions were the first in Canada to ffer online banking as well as debit card services! We were! Admittedly that is now well more than 10 years ago. Here is what I can tell you for certain! Banks (and in some few cases unwise credit unions) make a piss pot full of money on foreign transactions. I know, because my staff and I used to set the rates and fees involved! Currently, for most institutions there is NO disclosure involved! Scotia bank at least gives you the option to proceed once they tell you the exchange rate involved. That was cool! Today Visa and MasterCard (and to a slight degree American Express and others... all take say (this is not exact) 1/10 of the total of what you pay pay for cr and dr transactions) using set the procedures and parameters involved. Credit fees are calculated and handled diffidently than debit fees) They leave it to local partner banks and credit unions to set local fees. Here is the bottom line... banks and others in the games play with exchange rates and fees. Some will have a great exchange rate... but high fees for each atm transaction, You may have seen "No Fee" advertisement at airports! Sigh! You hand them your card or your cash... and without knowing it... YOU probably have just lost anywhere from 10% to 25% of the value of your total translocation.... fee or no fee, becuae the manipulate the foreign currency exchange. Mexico is worse than many countries in this regard. Check out Oanda.com for reasonable rates from ATMs. .
  9. Thanks Chillin.... great suggestion. I know just the person ... she is a nurse called Rosa and she attends our church, so I will speak with her the next time I see her. Also I very rarely run into folks from SK living here. Can't think of any that I know off hand anyway, but txs for the info. Terry
  10. I see in the Google translation that one must cover the fees involved. I'm unclear what the fees / or costs of Seguro Popular are if any. Can someone familiar with S.P. please explain what costs are or are not covered? Also has anyone received treatment under S.P. who might share their experience in obtaining health care services from S.P. Thanks, Terry
  11. I'm in east end of San Antonio Tlayacapan. My TelMex speeds are always 2.99 - 3.11 down and .28-.32 up. This is unchanged from last year and unchanged after the TelMex upgrade. I pay 389, and was told paying for a more expensive package would not result in any change. Ricardo at TelMex tells me there isn't anything else they can offer. Big Sigh!!!! East end of San Antonio must have a lot of users or be just too far from the server to get anything faster. Regardless I am looking to try something else... specifcally at buying either TP Link Tl-R470t+ router or Ubiquiti EdgeMax EdgeRouter Lite 3-port GbE and having TelMex install a second line so I can try pairing / bonding or at least balancing the speed / bandwidth I need to use over Skype and VSee. I'm not sure if I can config the TelMex modem I have to bridge mode (seems necessary for bonding) but I intend to try. At least in theory one of these boxes, plus a second TelMex line and modem should give me close to double what I have now for at least some things. My VPN service look like they could become history if I go with one of these boxes and a second line. Anyone else know of how to go about getting more speed out of TelMex? I was also with TeleCable for about 6 months - but just could never depend on their service as their speeds were all over the map and also kept repeatedly dropping my connection... so they are out of the question at least in my case. Thanks for doing the survey ComputerGuy, Terry
  12. It would be two ways, unless another person is interested. I pay for six months at a time, just because YOU NEVER KNOW.

    I have been very satisfied with the service.

    I don't know what the letters mean that you asked about.

    I think that my last six months payment was $1700 pesos.

    I usually order books for under a dollar. Sol y luna charges 60 pesos per book.

  13. Hi MCSquared,

    RE: Sol Y Luna Box Sharing,

    Txs for message. Are you sharing 2 ways or 3 ways? Also for 6 months or for 12? Also how many NMPs please? Txs! Terry

  14. Yes, I still have a box and willing to share.

    My car is not working, so I don't go there too often only when I need to pick something up.

    Ilive in central Ajijic and could meet you there. I usually take a bus.

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