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  1. Has anyone found Monk Fruit sweetener?? I don't like the aftertaste of Stevia and read thaqt Monk Fruit is also natural but with less aftertaste. I can buy thru Mercadolibre but is very expensive, or order from US cheaply but have it take a long time to arrive. Any help appreciated.
  2. I have had the same experience with Wal-Mart chicken and ribs and eggs, all smelling spoiled when just purchased. Their produce is often nasty also. I still go there but only for a few things I cannot get elsewhere.
  3. Just sent you a message, SGMike. Thanks.
  4. Does anyone know of a Mexican company that tests for toxic mold and micotoxins in houses to isolate whether they are there and identify the type?? These businesses exist north of the border, and kits can be ordered to sample and send to labs, but I am wondering if there is anything like that here. Thanks for any help.
  5. No one mentioned the Pollito Deli 9 across the street from 7-11 (just south of the Pemex) in Chapala. We think their fried chicken is better than Tony's. Haven't tried Josy's though...and want to!! We do love fried chicken.
  6. We are big fans of great burgers AND Daniel Cordero. We'll be there. Thanks for posting.
  7. I hear you have live entertainment too. Can you tell us the lineup??
  8. Oh! Just answered my own question. I just found a July 2015 article in the GDL Reporter entitled "Phony fumigators on the prowl". I knew I'd read something!! Everyone, be wary of this.
  9. We have a friend who apparently opened his house recently to some people saying they were with some free government program to spray their house and yard. He seemed very impressed with how thorough they were, even asking if he had any more rooms or closets. I was alarmed and suspicious when I heard this because I seem to remember reading something somewhere about this being a scam. I found a post from 2011 like this, but cannot find anything more recent than that. Has anyone heard of this scam, or this "free" program which I am leary of?
  10. FYI, there is ALSO an authorized Emissions Testing Center in Los Cedros, about 5 minutes north of Ixtlahuacan, or 15-20 minutes north of Chapala ... much closer than Guadalajara. Cost is $250 pesos. We got a sticker there just today. It is called AutoServicio Martinez -Techmart. Tel (376) 762-1676. Good mechanics, large covered and well equipped shop, also with computer analysis.
  11. One of their site's "Successful Projects" is Los Faros of Panama. According to Wikipedia, "The project was paralyzed by financial problems and has now been cancelled. It is extremely unlikely that this project will ever get constructed. Had it been constructed though, it was likely that the Central Tower would have been the tallest building on Latin America. It is currently undergoing debt liquidation." I can find no affiliation between Grupo Naimar (founded in 2008, they say) with any of the other "Success Projects" they claim on their site. Their website and their building in GDL are new, wi
  12. I have milk kefir (called bulgaros here) and water kefir (called tibicos here). Both are super high in good things, but they multiply and I periodically get too much. If the OP has trouble finding healthy seeds, I can split mine.
  13. If you are wanting something unique, I can highly recommend Federico Enciso, who goes by Fede. He does incredible work in stone mosaics and is the one that designed the new Ajijic plaza walkways, etc. If you go to http://www.federicoofajijic.com/ he has a couple of walls that he has done. Just click on on "Art Wall" (think he means Wall Art). He does speak English pretty well and is a super nice guy. Worth taking a look and while there be sure to check out his furniture, mouldings, floors, decorative items and architectural accents for a WOW moment. Yes, I am a client AND undeniably a fan!!
  14. Have you already gotten rid of your egg poacher? We used to use ours all the time, but somehow in the move, some of the little cups got lost. If you still have it, how much did you want for it?? Thanks!

  15. In my experience, and one of the things I love about Lakeside, is that there is little separation among the generations. I personally know a number of people whose 30-something "kids" live with them and they all frequently go places together. I know of no particular place where younger people gather. A VERY young crowd (like 15 to 25) seems to hang out at Wings Army some nights. I am in my 30s, and except for special one-time events such as concerts, etc., I know of no such place. It is all pretty much a mix. Oh, there used to be a Young Women's Club for those under 40...or maybe it was 50 (??
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