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  1. Jorge Ulloa. Ground floor office across the side street from Mom´s.
  2. Good Dog Greta now has a well-recommended walker who starts Monday.
  3. Thank you for your recommendation. Sorry to say a little too gold-plated for me.
  4. Good dog Greta needs a reliable dog walker because her owner´s knees are shot. Greta is a medium/large leash-trained German Shepherd mix.
  5. I think the rules and expectations are changing everywhere. Canada does not provide the stability that it once did.
  6. Reading the label contents can help.
  7. I have been her well satisfied customer for many years. Yes she is well stocked with products for European hair which is weaker and thinner than that of Mexican ladies. I have seen many Mexican ladies there. We have frequent discussions about many people and she is the last person I would describe as discriminatory. The products that you say are freely available in Guadalajara and are intended for ladies of all races are, I suggest to you, usually intended for the better-off ladies of Spanish descent. Spanish is, as I described above, European.
  8. She did not quote you a high price to discourage you. Those are her regular prices.
  9. A friend had one finger released by Dr Martinez at Quality Care. He seems very happy with the results.
  10. Dr Moreno who is at Quality Care on Wednesdays is outstanding. Other days he can be found at Santa Teresita Chapalita Hospital. Lety will have his contact details
  11. Excellent chairs and worth the money. I bought a couple about ten years ago. No sign of wear. Their store was within a couple of blocks of San Javier Hospital on the corner of a large intersection. Sorry can’t remember more than that
  12. I had this problem recently. Banco Azteca is the only possibility for amounts grazing the limit. In the end I had to ask for two separate amounts.
  13. The electrical store (not the hardware store) has moved to RIberas lake side. First 2 storey building going east after Mirasol. Illumina y Decora. The hardware store is further into RIberas mountain side although they have a material yard across the street
  14. Jorge Ulloa is very very skilled. 33 23686570. His office is on the side road across from Moms.
  15. If you have an emergency you can phone dr briseno ( hector) and he will send someone to organize treatment/ transportation. Did it for me.
  16. Is this other seamstress on Ocampo a couple of blocks east of Seis Esquinas?
  17. The Tepuhua charity shop supports a medical clinic in their poor neighbourhood. I give them old glasses and unneeded medicine.
  18. I too go frequently to Quality Care. 100% masks have been worn by everybody every time.
  19. I think there is one on Pepe Guizar in Las Redes. Sorry no more information.
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