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  1. Just so you know I support approximately 70 people. And Paloma you have very nasty manners.
  2. Kimanjone, I think you are being completely reasonable.
  3. Luis has amalgamated the lighting store with his furniture and fan store. Go east just past Mirasol, lakeside, same name: Lumina y Decora
  4. Anyone? Need treatment soon.
  5. Can anyone recommend a Jin Shin practitioner Lakeside? TIA
  6. For heaven’s sake ficklepie! Barcelonaman is completely up-front and everyone who has dealt with him knows it.
  7. Several weeks ago I was driving on the spaghetti on ramps en route for home in Ajijic. At two of those intersections were small groups of Nicaraguans (they were holding identification signs). Each group was composed of the same sex. The state police were detaining the men for assaults. The state police then detained the women for theft. My spanish was good enough to understand. I presume I was told the truth. I do not donate.
  8. I suggest that it would be unwise to attempt to bring any in. You can buy it here from reputable sources.
  9. I don’t know anything about Moslem indigenous Mexicans in Chiapas present before mestizos or foreigners. Please tell me.
  10. An interesting approach Oregon but, bluntly put, neither my dog nor I like walking in or around excreta. YMMV.
  11. Mud and Bisbee Gals — no white tip. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I need more!
  12. PM — yes a well-respected exterminator has taken a look, poked around, removed tiles and had no explanation. WS — hadn’t thought of that and will keep a look-out. Thing is that our few geckos are on the back wall a long way away. The quantity of droppings — dozens — suggests quite a big population. However they are a possibility.
  13. I’m stumped! We have a large, covered terrace open on three sides. The roof has large beams and tepate between them and all of it underneath a tiled roof. Every morning we have to sweep up dozens of small mouse-like droppings most of them in a specific swathe underneath one of the beams. Not bats. We have sprayed the roof all over with anti-insect chemicals; we have groped underneath the beams, we have had the roof tiles removed to give clear access to the back of the beams. No sign of anything living up there and no clues at all about the origin of the droppings. Grateful for any suggestions.
  14. Is it possible to get a bucket of water over the wall?
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