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  1. An interesting approach Oregon but, bluntly put, neither my dog nor I like walking in or around excreta. YMMV.
  2. Mud and Bisbee Gals — no white tip. Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I need more!
  3. PM — yes a well-respected exterminator has taken a look, poked around, removed tiles and had no explanation. WS — hadn’t thought of that and will keep a look-out. Thing is that our few geckos are on the back wall a long way away. The quantity of droppings — dozens — suggests quite a big population. However they are a possibility.
  4. I’m stumped! We have a large, covered terrace open on three sides. The roof has large beams and tepate between them and all of it underneath a tiled roof. Every morning we have to sweep up dozens of small mouse-like droppings most of them in a specific swathe underneath one of the beams. Not bats. We have sprayed the roof all over with anti-insect chemicals; we have groped underneath the beams, we have had the roof tiles removed to give clear access to the back of the beams. No sign of anything living up there and no clues at all about the origin of the droppings. Grateful for any suggestions.
  5. I would like to sell a big wooden closet approx. 5’ wide, 3’ deep and 7’ high. It is divided horizontally into two pieces and the upper part is wired for electricity for, say, a TV set. Or it just stores a lot of stuff. $mxn 1,000.00 and you pick up in Chapala. I’ll try to post a photo if anyone is interested.
  6. Is it possible to get a bucket of water over the wall?
  7. Bdmowers: I’ve seen it at the lavanderia in SAT. Down the road by I-Mail.
  8. Two suggestions for refills where the hygiene is good: on the Carretera in Riberas west across the side street from Moms; and Katya on Juarez behind the Chapala Mercado.
  9. I am saying neither.
  10. I made enquiries for a friend and discovered that the big building on the corner of Ninos Heroes and Zaragoza is a wheel chair friendly and economical hotel. Sorry, can’t give you contact information.
  11. Ajijic Realty on Colon has some installed in the area at the back of their office. I suggest you ask them to find out who installed them.
  12. Pian has good fresh food.
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