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  1. Two suggestions for refills where the hygiene is good: on the Carretera in Riberas west across the side street from Moms; and Katya on Juarez behind the Chapala Mercado.
  2. I am saying neither.
  3. I made enquiries for a friend and discovered that the big building on the corner of Ninos Heroes and Zaragoza is a wheel chair friendly and economical hotel. Sorry, can’t give you contact information.
  4. Ajijic Realty on Colon has some installed in the area at the back of their office. I suggest you ask them to find out who installed them.
  5. Pian has good fresh food.
  6. Axol quite functional but Greenhome’s installation incompetent and had to be re-done.
  7. Dr Varela can refer you to a neuropsychologist who is completely fluent in English
  8. I like the new(ish) optical shop on Hidalgo just a few paces west of the plaza. The optician is skilled & they have a large selection of frames. They also use the best brand of sunlight darkening lenses. As to price I can’t remember but they were a couple of thousand pesos less than my previous ones from Dr xxxxx who got both the prescription and fitting wrong. He also used the poorest quality darkening lenses which were both slow to change and didn’t darken enough.
  9. You might try the yellow truck that is in Chapala on Thursdays. Not sure of the corner: Degollado and Juarez(?)
  10. The branch on the Carretera heading north is also terrible.
  11. I can’t answer any of your specific questions but with a broken collarbone I found him very capable and I got an excellent result.
  12. I understand that UNDIMA’S machinery is outdated and produces fuzzy images.
  13. No JAKES, I know neither you nor BDMowers. I’m not a Newbie having been a member of this group for several years and a permanent resident for a lot longer than you have been. I own a lovely former street dog who, sadly, is beginning to fail. Please re-read my post in which I merely wrote that I had seen two women and their dogs and that they they should be avoided. There are a fair number of giddy gringos that I prefer to avoid. I promise that I will do my best to avoid you.
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