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  1. Was the old Posada here in 1970? I have a fleeting memory of standing with my back to the Lake and pushing open a blue painted door.
  2. Happyjillin's doors are wonderful.
  3. Bandol

    Sour cream

    San Marcos at Walmart. Blue containwer. Excellent flavour and consistency
  4. Doess anyone know of a manufacturer of very strong tempered glass suitable for stairs?
  5. I like Dra. Daniela at Quality Care. She is coming from GDL every second week.
  6. Taxation status is an important consideration.
  7. I agree with Xena. Veiled, unfounded assumptions and threats that landlords do not pay taxes are just nasty-mindedness. If it bothers such posters so much all you have to do is ask for owner/operators' tax number. You can see mine anytime.
  8. Dr Moreno is a nephrologist. Very pleasant and skilled person. Speaks good English. Brings his own very capable nurse.
  9. The San Antonio branch of Farmacia Maskaras. Maybe the Riberas branch too.
  10. Just so you know I support approximately 70 people. And Paloma you have very nasty manners.
  11. Kimanjone, I think you are being completely reasonable.
  12. Luis has amalgamated the lighting store with his furniture and fan store. Go east just past Mirasol, lakeside, same name: Lumina y Decora
  13. Anyone? Need treatment soon.
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