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  1. Did anyone ever claim the dishes?
  2. No JAKES, I know neither you nor BDMowers. I’m not a Newbie having been a member of this group for several years and a permanent resident for a lot longer than you have been. I own a lovely former street dog who, sadly, is beginning to fail. Please re-read my post in which I merely wrote that I had seen two women and their dogs and that they they should be avoided. There are a fair number of giddy gringos that I prefer to avoid. I promise that I will do my best to avoid you.
  3. I saw those two women and their dogs walking along Degollado towards the park. Best to give them a wide berth.
  4. —. No gas on the libramiento — No gas on Carretera opposite entrance to libramiento — told their early morning delivery did not arrive — Very long line-up in Ajijic. It didn’t appear to moving. One pump that appeared open was not.
  5. Bandol

    Gerry Fuller

    Thank you for the suggestion, I’ve phoned them.
  6. Bandol

    Gerry Fuller

    Does anyone know this retired Marine? He is a little confused and may have a broken ankle. He has been given a little food and drink and has taken a taxi to “the end of the Libramento”. He seems in need of some help.
  7. Bandol

    Pian, Hidalgo 35, Ajijic

    Of course tastes differ but having eaten several times at Tepatate I find the filling in their vegetable rolls to be slimy and distasteful. Pian’s are crispy and fresh.
  8. I think that store closed after a break in. There may be one on Juarez on the west side just north of Lopez Cotilla in Chapala.
  9. They are sold in bulk at a new-ish store (can’t remember its name) on Pepe Guizar in Chapala. The store is wide open at the front and sells deli stuff, dried food etc. but has a big bin full of diapers. The store is on the east side of Pepe Guizar, getting close to the lake and very close to the corner with Los Patos.
  10. Bandol

    Pian, Hidalgo 35, Ajijic

    Best Thai restaurant in Lakeside. Really delicious dinner tonight (and every time): Crispy Duck, and Crispy Shrimp in Tamarind Sauce. Both outstanding. Pian and his staff always friendly.
  11. Bandol


    What does the lease say?
  12. Bandol


    Jorge Ulloa’s office is opposite Mom’s on the side street. 376-108-1532. Great P/T.
  13. Bandol

    Contact El Belgicano

  14. Bandol

    Older style roof tiles

    I need some too. Thank you for any information.