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  1. Jorge Ulloa is very very skilled. 33 23686570. His office is on the side road across from Moms.
  2. If you have an emergency you can phone dr briseno ( hector) and he will send someone to organize treatment/ transportation. Did it for me.
  3. Is this other seamstress on Ocampo a couple of blocks east of Seis Esquinas?
  4. The Tepuhua charity shop supports a medical clinic in their poor neighbourhood. I give them old glasses and unneeded medicine.
  5. I too go frequently to Quality Care. 100% masks have been worn by everybody every time.
  6. I think there is one on Pepe Guizar in Las Redes. Sorry no more information.
  7. Multiva will treat you very well. Not as crowded as Intercam because their charges are higher. And you get a chair to sit on while you wait.
  8. 3 or 4 plants outside Panchos yesterday.
  9. If continuing appointments are a problem, and depending on your treatment, he will give you at-home exercises for your particular situation. These cost nothing.
  10. Will you name the Chapala dentist? TIA
  11. Just to add to non-answers, I was sent one after I signed my worker up for IMSS a while ago but I have no idea when it should be used as I have never been asked for it,
  12. I'm not sure Cedros what you wish me to tell you. I do know a couple of names but they are not mine to disclose.
  13. I know of people who Jorge has been able to help walk again following strokes. He will do house calls if necessary. He is the best.
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