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  1. Bandol

    Microwave door

    There is a bottom hinged one in Tio Sam’s. Forget the brand. Claudia in the store is very helpful. She may be able to find a R-H hinged one for you in her catalogues.
  2. Bandol

    tinaco lid

    The lids alone can be hard to find.
  3. Bandol

    Insurance Agent / Broker

    Parker’s service has always been outstanding for me.
  4. Bandol

    Need a bookeeper

    A partial addition to traderspoc’s information is that his name is Alberto.......he has a sign projecting from his office door. Telephone is 3317094137.
  5. Bandol

    Spinal care

    Quite right Gringal. Jorge Ulloa was recommended to me by my surgeon with whom he closely worked.
  6. Bandol

    Spinal care

    Chilllin: I would describe him in his late 40s. From my perspective he is indeed “youngish”. He is a big, strong man who had no trouble in tossing my dead weight around. I have no idea as to whether or not he boxes. If I remember correctly he is also from Spain.
  7. Bandol

    Spinal care

    In your situation, and I have been, I would consult the physiotherapist Jorge Ullua (across the side street from Mom’s). He made it possible for me to walk again and return to a mostly normal life.
  8. Bandol

    El Ancla

    I had a wretched breakfast there earlier this week. On that day their cook was unable to cook a medium poached egg properly and the egg itself was stale and nauseating. I won’t be back.
  9. What this woman did is obviously horrible. But it is equally horrible to read the comments of the mob baying for her blood. Several of the comments above are disgraceful.
  10. Try asking Rony, the Belgian chocolatier.
  11. Bandol

    Mexican Bank Account Questions

    Multiva in Ajijic has at least three excellent English speakers on staff.
  12. Bandol

    New "Limited" US-Mexico Trade Agreement

    All good patriotic thoughts CG and might even come to pass. I haven’t been able to afford to live in Canada for years and am happy that US/Mex will enter into a mutually beneficial trade agreement.
  13. Bandol

    New "Limited" US-Mexico Trade Agreement

    But CG that presumes that Americans will continue to buy the more expensive CDN goods when the tariff is imposed.
  14. Bandol

    Plastic Bags

    Sorry Cedros, I’m not wrong. Guess we used different chains.
  15. Bandol

    Plastic Bags

    My recollection from 15 years ago is that the big chains in B.C. would give you either paper or plastic depending on your choice. Both were free.