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  1. Can someone send me directions to the place where they renew Mx Drivers Licenses in Ocotlan? Mine is expired, but hope they will renew without having to take Drivers Test.
  2. If you order from Costco.com.mx, they will deliver.
  3. I need to go to renew my Mx Driver's License before November 2nd. Would anyone out there want to share a taxi (or agree to drive) any time before that date? I do not drive in Guad. Any time good for me except October 1 thru 11. Please PM me if interested.
  4. CalGal

    Zeb, is your friend the house sitter available for sept. 24 thru ?  May be 3 weeks, but I doubt it.  I will pay.  San Antonio, 1 dog, big yard.

    Karen  766-4544

  5. Forgot to give you my phone 776-4544.


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