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  1. Thanks everyone - I ordered some from Mercado Lebre - delivery in 3 days!!!!! They have a lot!!
  2. Are there any medical gloves available Lakeside? Even Amazon is out - unless you want to wait a month for delivery.
  3. Question: Does Telmex string the cable directly to your house, or is it just strung in the neighborhood. The lady at Telmex just the other day, said that the fibre optic cable is not strung to individual houses, just down your street - which is true on my street. But I have seen no improvement in my internet speed. Thanks!
  4. My internet is up AT THIS VERY MOMENT. But mine is on and off on a normal day. Going to Telmex today to see if I can connect to their fiber optic - I know they strung cable on my street a couple of months ago.
  5. Oh, woopeeeeeeee! What will I ever do with all that money!!!!!
  6. Diatomaceous earth is available at the Garden Center in Riberas. Just East a few doors from the 7/11.
  7. I use the Ajijic Post Office, but may take awhile to arrive at the destination. Much cheaper than any other way.
  8. Is Doglandia (across street from Sunrise Cafe in SAT) still in operation? I believe her name is Pat. Thanks!
  9. Hello, I am going to need a dog/house sitter in San Antonio Tlay. for the dates of Nov. 1 thru 4. I have a old, loving dog and house near Superlake. If interested, please post here or PM me. Thank you!!!!
  10. I need a house and dog sitter for the dates of November 1 thru 4. I live in San Antonio Tlay. and have one sweet old dog. Will pay a little more than the going rate because of the holiday. Thanks!
  11. I am still looking for a house/dog sitter for the dates of November 1 thru 4, 2019. I live in San Antonio and have an old, loving, spoiled dog. Please PM me if interested. Thanks!!!!!
  12. I received a photo infraction ticket in the mail last Friday. It was for speeding on April 11 in Tonala. Where do I pay this in Chapala? What street name? Thanks!!!
  13. For the first time EVER, Tio Domingos is not having their Chilies en Nogada on Sept. 16th 😪 Does anyone know of another restaurant that is serving them on Sept 16th - Independence Day????
  14. Just found out that Tio Domingo's is not having their Chilies en Nogada on Sept. 16th, as they have always done. Does anyone know another restaurant that is serving them on Sept. 16th???
  15. Does anyone have Tio Domingo's telephone number? Thanks!
  16. Thanks all! I have Google Translate but had no idea it had Voice. I am now anxious to try it out.
  17. I have been looking online at the Pocket Voice Translators and am totally confused. There are so many to choose from, and I am not very good at understanding "Tech Talk". I would like some advice from those of you who have one; Best brand, most simple (I don't want a lot of functions, just voice translate), etc. Your experiences with these devices would be appreciated. Thanks!!! Oh, and I will be using this for English to Spanish, and vice versa.
  18. I, too, live in SAT. I saw what was happening with Telmex and decided to cancel my iLox subscription (not yet installed). Easy peasy - no questions, they just cancelled my order and told me my refund would be credited to my charge account in about 2 months. Just sayin.......
  19. Gringohombre: I went into the iLox store in Ajijic last week and canceled my subscription to phone and internet. Whole process took 5 minutes and she said my credit card would show my refund in 2-3 weeks. Easy peasy!!!!!
  20. I know I have read about this subject here, but cannot find anything in a Search. I intend to travel to the U.S. soon and would like to get temporary health insurance. Where is a good company to get this from? I will be gone 2 weeks.
  21. I see that on Weather.com for San Antonio Tlay. that there is an 80% chance of rain starting June 3........DARE we hope!!!!!
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